August 1, 2021

Kamala Harris says she is with Biden ‘1,000 percent’ on refusing to commit to SCOTUS expansion

Vice presidential candidate Kamala Harris is done with the speculation about whether or not the Biden/Harris administration plans to attempt to pack the Supreme Court if they win in November. 

Harris ended the attempts to get her to commit to a position on packing the court, saying during a Monday interview that she is “with Biden 1,000%” on refusing to answer questions about plans to expand the court.

MSNBC Host Lawrence O’Donnell asked Harris: “If Judge Barrett is confirmed and the Democrats have control of the Senate next year and the White House and the House of Representatives, should the Supreme Court be expanded?”

Harris deflected:

Joe’s been very clear that he is going to pay attention to the fact — and I’m with him on this 1,000% — pay attention to the fact that right now, Lawrence, people are voting. They’re voting. This is not — some can debate about, election year, should a sitting president be allowed or able to nominate someone to the United States Supreme Court for a lifetime appointment.

This is not even an election year. This is like — we’re actually in the election. People started voting. People have been voting. Almost a million Americans have voted. People will be voting next week. People will be voting up until Election Day, and they have a right, in an election, to elect their next president, who then will make the decision about who will be the nominee.

Biden refused to confirm or deny whether he will attempt to pack the court if he wins in November, saying last week that he won’t “answer the question” because it will “shift all the focus” from the “the issue at hand.”

Biden has previously repudiated suggestions to expand the court, but with Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s death and Amy Coney Barrett’s subsequent nomination to the court, Democrats have escalated calls for retaliation.

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46 Responses

    1. yes, but this isn’t even a retaliation! the constitution is clear; if the same party holds the majority in the Senate and the White House, the President is obligated to fill the seat!
      There is no stipulation about how much longer the President is the President! Ginsburg even said it herself,
      We elected Trump partly because we want him to fill the seats that become vacant on the Supreme Court during his presidency, This being an election year has nothing to do with it. The dems are crooked to the core and are like spoiled brats, throw a tantrum every time they don’t get their way! There is no retaliation in this case because the law is clear. When the dems were in the White House, the Republicans had the majority in the Senate! Therefore it is not the same! These idiots in the democratic party need to READ THE CONSTITUTION! President Trump is the best President in my lifetime, and and I am 73! Fortunately, in my school days we were taught about government, unlike the schooling today!

      1. Your response is spot on and is explained in a way that even the Dumbo-crats should be able to understand. The fact that they don’t or won’t is proof that they intend to do every crooked scheme they can come up with in order to steal this election. Why do they need to STEAL the election? Because they could not find even one person out of the first 30 or 40 that threw their hat in the ring that could win a contest in a spelling bee where all they had to do was to spell their own name correctly. They wanted to have a campaign that would scare President Trump into cowering away, giving them full reign to steal the Presidency. What happened? The Democrats sent the best they had to offered. They selected the four D’s. Dumb, Dumber, Dumbest & Demented. Who did they pick? The one & only Joe Biden that meets the criteria to qualify as all 4.

  1. HARRIS will never be VP or POTUS since she is NOT eligible as she is NOT a NATURAL BORN CITIZEN, A requirement of our Constitution as defined in Vattel’s Law of Nations since both her parents were NOT US Citizens at the time of her birth. GOODBYE HARRIS!

    1. Hi Suz, I hope you are right about what you have stated, She would be the death of the United States for sure, Biden will not finish a term with the Health Problems he is facing, Then Harris is President, Holy Crap, Then Pelosi could be Vice President, A Harris, Pelosi team, MY GOD ! America would be doomed to Chinese Control, I sure hope and Pray People understand what could Happen ??? That TEAM would KILL AMERICA !

      1. Doug, you are right! Make Trump win in a huge landslide makes it harder for them to cheat enough to throw it.
        also voting day is Nov 3 polls close at 7 that should be THE END OF VOTING. NOTHING THAT IS POSTMARKED AFTER THAT SHOULD COUNT… PERIOD !!!

      2. The VP would not necessarily be Pelosi. The new President could appoint anyone to be VP. That is up to the President. Only way the speaker of the house becomes president if if something happened to both president and VP and the VP had not appointed a new VP after he became president.

      1. Being an Anchor Baby is not the problem……..She is NOT a Natural Born Citizen, as defined in Vattel’s Law of Nations, meaning that BOTH parents must be US Citizens at the time her birth. SHE IS NOT ELIGIBLE.


    2. Yes you are right Suzanne , glad to see some people pay attention . Dems however got away with Obama who had only one parent who was a citizen of this country (his mother) his father was an exchange student who never tried to apply for citizenship . And as a collage student he claimed status of exchange student not to mention the questionable at best , birth certificate . Add to that his Kenyan born half brother and his grand mother both have stated that he was born in Kenya . But then I suppose laws and regulations only matter when they benefit leftists and Democrats .

  2. There is a way to save the United States from a Biden/Harris presidency. 1.) Have Biden committed to a mental institute because he is a danger to every living on the planet. 2.) Then watch President Harris annex the United States into being a Chinese colony. The U.,S. would become “Venezuela North!”


  3. This world is going mad! How can the Republicans possibly identify all of the fraud that will take place in this election! Totally impossible! I am worried as hell!

    1. You are so right. The rotten Democrats are now a DOMESTIC TERRORIST organization and their focus is to destroy this country but only to the point that they keep their power and wealth and the rest of us can be their slaves

  4. If voter fraud is found even after the election the senate can repeal and turn the outcome or the people could take them out there are some dems that are saying if Trump wins they will start a civil war. Bring it Bring it BRING IT

    TRUMP 2020 SEMPER FI. U.S.M.C.

  5. Karmala is at best – a political entity from the state of California. She has no say so about squat and if America is smart enough, that is just how she will finish out her theatrics in Hollywood. No Emmy, No Oscar, No Star on the walk either.

  6. Yes. All you have to do is look at the Veritas report from Minneapolis. There is a video of a political hack who admits he has 300 ballots in his car right now. Surely you don’t think Minneapolis is the most crooked Democratic stronghold in the US. So what about NYC, LAX, Balt, PHL, Chi, etc. It scares me too. In NJ I don’t see any way to get around “trusting” the politicians to count the votes fairly. Even if you vote in person, you wind up filling out a paper ballot, which may or may not be counted, just like the mail-in ballot might not be counted. This whole mail-in ballot is a crock. The law should be: show up with picture ID, vote electronically, have your vote counted by a machine whose software has been verified by observers on both sides, know who wins by 2AM EDT. Maybe after this election people will realize this is the best way to make fraud most difficult. Or maybe after this election there will be a civil war.

  7. “Warriors create themselves through trial & error, pain & suffering & their ability to conquer their own Faults”. These communist idiots are in for a rude awakening if they start a Civil War, but of course it may be time for a cleansing of the population from what I see on TV at night… Sua Sponte…

  8. HARRIS is the Demon that rose from the pit. She has no good intentions for the country.
    PELOSI why hasn’t she been eliminated even her own people hate her.
    CLINTON will just get jealous and try to have both of them done in

  9. I agree with all above posts! If the Dems want retaliation, well—— we can play that game as well. Give them what they are asking for! Kick a**, vote Red all the way, get them out !!!! Piglosi should be removed NOW, she is subverting our country!

  10. Agreed on all the comments made. Democrats will do anything, breaking laws to get whatever they want. Makes no sense they aren’t prosecuted yet!!

  11. I just don’t know WTF with the democraps?? They can’t realize their party is in the toilet and with these debates,
    Biden is going to flush it!!!
    Semper Fi

  12. Doesn’t matter it’s already been decided by Pelosi and congress. I’m sure the president will bring it up in the debate. That debate just started btw. I watched about 10 minutes and I can see where it is going with Chris Wallace so I turned it off. I’m pretty sure this will close the FOX channel for my family forever.

  13. Don’t count Harris out !

    Barack Hussein Obama wasn’t a Natural Born Citizen and He made it unlawfully and illegally to the Office of the President because no one had the balls to challenge his phony birth certificate.

    Foreigners are taking over this Country with the help of Corrupt and Criminal Americans filled with hate for the United States who are seeking power to plunge this Country into the dark ages.

  14. I just hope several contributors above state Harris could never be the President. I pray that is the factual truth. I do not know for sure . . . the Joe/Harris Team : 3rd stringers

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