September 30, 2022

Kamala Harris confirms Biden administration’s top priority is national mask mandate

Vice presidential candidate Kamala Harris has been suspiciously quiet lately, and it could be because every time she makes a public appearance, her shockingly authoritarian policies drive voters further away from the ticket.

Case in point, Harris confirmed in a Friday interview that one of the potential Biden administration’s top priorities is to initiate a national mask-wearing mandate — and she wouldn’t reveal how it would be enforced.

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris couldn’t care less about the senseless riots and violence endangering the lives of Americans, causing untold property damage, and crippling our once-great cities, but they do care about making sure that you wear a mask every time you step outside your home.

NBC’s Craig Melvin asked Harris on Friday: “You talked about the national mask mandate. It sounds like that would be one of the first orders of business,” to which Harris replied “yes.”

When Melvin asked how Harris envisions enforcing such a mandate, Harris replied:

It’s really—it’s a standard. I mean, nobody’s going to be punished. C’mon. Nobody likes to wear a mask. This is a universal feeling, right? So that’s not the point. ‘Hey, let’s enjoy wearing masks.’ No. The point is this is what we, as responsible people who love our neighbor, we have to just do that right now. God willing, it won’t be forever. But this is a sacrifice we have to make.

Kamala Harris doesn’t want to reveal how the mask mandate will be enforced because the notion of an enforced mask mandate will be hugely unpopular with American voters tired of being told what to do at every waking moment.

However, Harris is no stranger to using law-enforcement channels to accomplish her personal agenda. In fact, she’s famous for the manipulation of her office as District Attorney in San Francisco, and later as Attorney General of California to imprison underprivileged Californians for crimes such as having truant children and possession of marijuana.

Joe Biden said in June that he would “do everything in [my power] to make it required that people had to wear masks in public.” Do you really want to find out how far Harris and Biden will exploit their power to make you wear a mask?


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