May 25, 2022

Harris being used as a scapegoat for Biden Administration

Vice President Kamala Harris is reportedly struggling with how she wants the public to see her following the inability to fulfill her campaign promises, according to Breitbart News

According to the publication, there are two reasons that the Vice President is taking heat, including her inability to cope with election integrity issues and the other are initiates that she has been given by President Joe Biden to take on. 

The Associated Press reported, along with The Washington Post, a story titled “Harris still struggling to define herself one year in VP job” where they outlined some of the VP’s most aggressive issues since taking office: 

“Both White House press secretary Jen Psaki and Harris aides had no clear answer when asked why the vice president didn’t join Biden in the meeting,” the publications reported. “It was yet another example of the difficulty Harris has faced throughout her first year in office, as she’s struggled to define herself and her role.

“Harris has grappled with an expansive portfolio of difficult assignments, fielded questions about her relationship with the president and faced what allies say is unprecedented scrutiny for a vice president — without, some worry, adequate support from the White House.”

Shockingly the AP story takes exception to Harris’ performance with some of the “most thankless tasks” in the administration, and says that she could potentially have prevented the deadly Afghan withdrawal that happened in the middle of last year. 

While it’s unclear what kind of trouble there might be in Biden’s paradise, it does appear that Harris has seemed to be the scapegoat for administration failings, with the Post publish gin a January “expose” that claimed Harris has begun to undergo a political reset.

This after Harris’ office has been accused of some damaging attitudes with staff departures and accusations of it being “out of sync,” “poorly-managed,” and often “abusive environment,” “s***show.”

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