October 6, 2022

Hannity voices concerns about Biden’s ‘worrisome’ cognitive health

Fox News host Sean Hannity noted during his Monday show that President Joe Biden’s cognitive issues are “becoming worrisome,” joining others noting growing concerns of the president’s health in the wake of several alarming public incidents.

Hannity started the left has attacked him for his statements regarding the president’s cognitive decline. Recent developments have, however, supported his observations.

Here’s what I ask everybody to do. Don’t take Sean Hannity’s word for it. Go back and Google or Yahoo ‘Joe Biden,’ his name. Look up some videos. Look at him, tapes of him 10 years ago. Look at tapes of him from four years ago when he left office. To me, it’s very obvious. I’m not a doctor. I’m not playing one on television or radio.

I want the best for our country, though. And I want a president that’s fully, completely engaged. And it’s now becoming worrisome to me.

The report comes following a Politico report citing Vice President Kamala Harris taking calls with world leaders. Her actions were typically those conducted by the president.

President Biden’s lack of travel has also led to growing speculation. Despite COVID-19 travel restrictions, the president has rarely left Washington, in contrast with former President Obama’s flights to more than 50 countries.

Vice President Harris has also attended most of President Biden’s meetings and visits with political leaders. The administration signals it is a sign of equality, while many outsiders suspect the president may simply need the extra help.

No one needs to be made fun of due to their health issues — which was never the intent of those questioning Biden’s cognitive capabilities. The office of the President of the United States is the most demanding position any individual can take on, and Americans deserve answers about the health of their leader.

Americans have legitimate concerns regarding President Biden’s health that his team refuses to answer. We wish him the best, but also want to know the truth about the condition of our nation’s commander-in-chief.


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