July 25, 2021

Hannity: No one can replace Rush Limbaugh

Fox News host Sean Hannity just appeared on “Life, Liberty & Levin” Sunday night to discuss the impact of conservative talk host Rush Limbaugh, noting, “No one can replace Rush Limbaugh.”

The 70-year old Limbaugh passed away on February 17 following complications from lung cancer. He had served as a broadcaster, bestselling author, and speaker for more than 30 years.

Considered a trailblazer of conservative talk radio, Limbaugh single-handedly rescued dying AM stations with a dynamic interactive news format. Taking on the issues and callers alike, he held strong views popularized during the Reagan era that led to an enormous spotlight.

Phil Boyce, Senior VP/Spoken Word Format at Salem Media Group, first heard Limbaugh in 1988. “I was instantly mesmerized,” Boyce recalls. “He had this unique ability to relate to what the normal listener was thinking.”

Many note his popularity was propelled by President Ronald Reagan’s repeal of the Fairness Act in 1987. Launched in 1988 on 56 stations, his audience quickly grew to hundreds of locations and millions of daily listeners.

By 2008, Limbaugh’s status led to a $50 million, eight-year contract, with programs extending until 2020, a full 32 years of syndication.

Of course, Limbaugh’s legacy has been panned by mainstream media. Rolling Stone accused him of doing his best to ruin America.

The New York Times called Limbaugh’s legacy one that “weaponized” radio. They focused on alleged conspiracy theories and bigotry, ignoring his love for America and its people.

Yet Hannity says it well. No one can replace him, and no one will. It will take a generation of conservatives to extend his impact into the future, bringing new energy to America as the home of the brave.

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50 Responses

  1. Rush was a good man. I think the ultimate “Karma” for the Democrats would be for the Rush Family to sell their broadcasting network to Trump for $1.00. Trump would then control the airwaves and be able to continue his forward thrust on Making America Great. Hell, I’d even pay the dollar.

    1. That’s a good idea, but I’m wondering if people like Sean Hannity would take over his network, as lot’s some have been shutdown . Plus it might not be a one man operation, at least initially.

    2. Trump has his thumb on the pulse of his supporters, he talks to them from his heart, just as if he were speaking to them one on one, as did Rush. He loves this country just as did Rush. If Trump took over for Rush, he’d have even more impact than if he were fighting the left as president! My preference would be DeSantis for president, since he is doing a fantasttic job with Florida, and Trump as Limbaugh’s replacemet.

  2. What Hannity said is true….no one can replace Rush Limbaugh, because when God created people, He didn’t use a cookie cutter…He used His hands to fashion each “poema” (masterpiece), one by one. THAT’S how much God values EACH life.

  3. I discovered Rush within two weeks after he started nationally. I also proudly wear a button saying “I Rushed to Dan’s Bake Sale”, the famed gathering in May of 1993. He told the truth, as it really was and he was an inspiration to me and millions. Thank you, Rush! R.I.P.

  4. I feel the same as Rush did and would just LOVE to have a platform like he did..At 69 myself, I know I could carry on his ideals

  5. Rush was great, he said like it was. It’s going to be hard to replace him. I miss him already not even two weeks.

    1. Rush was a real patriot, a very big heart, highly professional, and his 3 hrs daily on the radio were a huge source of information!!!
      Nobody could ever replace him !
      RIP, Rush !!!
      God Bless America and all the America loving people!!!
      The worst of the worst to all the America haters , to all the comrades in DC !!!!!

  6. God loves Rush Limbaugh, he was one of the greatest on radio waves, he had that knack about his words. I really miss him. He has met Jesus face to face and has Jesus smiling.

  7. Could you imagine the outrage if someone said something similar about Ginsberg or lewis. I don’t know what it will take for the rest of those democrats to realize those people in the Democratic Party and media have zero morals and decency

  8. The MSM and the Rolling Stones has done more harm to America in three years than Rush could in his life time. They are lying deceitful people that will due any thing to destroy a friend, would hate to be an enemy.

  9. Rush was a modern day founding father! We have been so fortunate and blessed by God to have had him in our lifetime. He is (our conservative) Rush, and therefore hate filled liberals don’t even count.

  10. Rush was only in it for himself. When I did hear his program it was so bad and full of hate I maybe listened for a few minutes.

  11. The statement that Donald J Trump ought to buy the EIB Network is an excellent one. Let’s work on that.
    Another great informer w/ a plethora of knowledge is Stephen K Bannon. The information Stephen and his team share on War Room Pandemic is outstanding. It’s eye opening and we as a nation need to hear daily about the evil CCP, the big tech companies aligned w/the CCP, Gates, Fauci, and everyone in this new commander and thief’s administration on every front. I digress.
    R.I.P Rush. You will forever be missed. No one can fill the void in our aching hearts but, we must, as you would wish
    for us to do & that is fight for America, our way of life, and our God given freedoms.

  12. I think that I have an idea to end the school crisis. Sounds a little crazy but it just might work. my idea is to put all public officials kids in public schools, just like other kids. They have to use the same books and materials, that the other kids have to use.

  13. I used to be a Demarcate until one day I had to drive a long distant to meet a client, while driving I turned on the radio and guess who was on, Rush. I was about to turn him off and go to another channel when he started talking about the Vietnam conflict ( I’m a veteran of this conflict ) and all the wrong it had done to the soldiers and the American people. It was at that time I had the up most respect for Rush because I could tell how much he really loved this country, the GREAT OLE USA. After that I couldn’t get enough of Rush even though I was still a Democrat.
    I did wake up when Obama got into office and soon decided I had enough of the crap he was always lying about and where he was taking the country. He will be missed.
    Go Trump, make us GREAT AGAIN

  14. It was all Cuomo’s fault;
    It was not Trump playing political football ( as that idiot DeRosa said ) that made the mess it was Cuomo. When he ordered infected people into the nursing homes he knew what he was doing. He was told by doctors, advisors, and others not to do this. But he went ahead and did it anyway. So quit being stupid and blaming Trump for what Cuomo did. As far as what Chris and Andrew did on CNN was nothing more than a deflection campaign, to blame Trump, and I guess it must have worked to some degree as the idiot DeRosa believed it.

  15. Rush was the best and was not afraid to tell the truth the lying crooked communist democrats need to start their own country and leave the rest of us alone who love the USA I think it would be an excellent idea if President Trump bought the EIB network so he could wake up the idiots that voted for Biden and the radical Democrats then he could tell twitter and facebook and the rest where they could stick their prejudice platforms

  16. If she was appointed by Obama that tells me all I need to know. If the Biden people endorse her, and say she is qualified, judging form the rest of the qualified people the Biden has appointed. It does not bode well for her. If she is to be appointed while Biden is in office then someone on the Supreme Court had better die soon.

  17. Trump could never replace Rush. He’s much too self-centered, and Rush was not. Perhaps Mark Levin who is far more interested in America and a Conservative audience than himself.

  18. We love ya rush I personally miss you already RIP.
    While you’re up there RUSH can You have the LORD Saviour do something about the EARMARKS that DEMOCRATICS are trying to bring Back amongst the rest of the wrong doings. Thanks

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