August 12, 2022

Hannity responds to Kamala Harris’s diplomatic takeover: ‘Who’s in charge?’

Many who believed President Joe Biden was just used for his name recognition to win the election with the ultimate goal of installing Vice President Kamala Harris as the real president were labeled as nothing more than conspiracy theorists.

While that’s probably true, Biden’s latest actions have a number of high-profile conservatives raising interesting questions, such as Fox News’ Sean Hannity, who asked “Who’s in charge?” after it was reported that Harris is actively taking a lead role on the foreign policy front — duties that are typically reserved for the president. 

According to Fox News, Harris is not only taking part in meetings — such at the bilateral meeting between Biden’s administration and Canada — but she’s also fielding calls with other world leaders. Again, those duties are usually carried out by the actual president and not his or her sidekick.

“Biden is now reportedly encouraging his vice president to engage directly with world leaders — that would be his job — and by the way, even develop her own rapport with U.S. allies. Harris has also been meeting weekly with Secretary of State Anthony Blinken. So the question tonight is, why?” Hannity said.

The Fox News host went on to point out that Biden rarely leaves the White House and doesn’t appear to like taking too many questions from the press. He went on highlight a recent report about a group of House Democrats who don’t want Biden to have access to the “nuclear football.”

“Even a few dozen Democrats now are trying to take away the nuclear codes from Joe Biden so it’s not in the hands of just him, one person … and his vice president now holding one on one calls with other world leaders. So what’s really going on here? Who’s in charge? And by the way, should we be concerned?” Hannity said.

A recent Politico report might shed some light on the situation, as it was reported that Harris is attempting to build rapport with world leaders and make foreign policy her specialty.

The report also made very clear that it’s of the utmost importance that Harris brush up on her foreign policy skills and make important friends, as the 78-year-old president she works under is no spring chicken and Harris needs to be ready to take the reigns at a moment’s notice.

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Gary m (@guest_1160273)
1 year ago

What do I think, who cares? This New York Attorney General Letitia James, has been on the job for how long and known about all of this, and is just now coming out with an investigation. How fishy can things get. She should have done that months ago, I think that New York needs to investigate her. I just love throwing a monkey wrench into things.

Gary m (@guest_1160300)
1 year ago

I think that planned parent hood is a good thing, because while we conservatives save our children, the liberals will be killing their children. In a few years the old liberals will die, and there will be no children to take their place. We will win.

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