August 18, 2022

Hannity goes off on Biden’s alleged cognitive decline

Fox News host Sean Hannity just announced on Thursday that he believes President Joe Biden’s cognitive health is declining, calling the president a “shell of his former self,” according to The Washington Examiner.

“Was Joe Biden like this in 2016, 2012?” the Fox News host asked rhetorically. “Because Joe, let’s be honest, was never a particularly bright or smart guy, but what we’re now seeing sadly for him is a hollow shell of his former self,” Hannity said during the opening of his Thursday show.

The primetime host went on to outline the possible dangers of Biden’s condition saying that the president is “a total, complete cognitive mess.”

“What’s really sad is the reality is that if we can all see it, so can America’s enemies, and we have real enemies in Iran, in China, North Korea, Russia.

“Vladimir Putin doesn’t respect or fear Joe Biden. In fact, none of these people do — none of these countries do. He just steamrolled — Vladimir did — Biden, who rubber-stamped Russia’s new pipeline project into Western Europe, into Germany.”

This was just one of Hannity’s complaints about the president, however. The conservative and staunch supporter of former President Donald Trump took verbal exception to Biden not working to put “America first” asserting that the Commander-in-Chief is, in reality, putting Russia first:

“This is what ‘America last’ looks like,” Hannity said. “This was putting Putin first and Russia first. Last week, Russians hacked America’s largest pipeline system, causing massive fuel shortages in 17 states, all along the East Coast, up and down the East Coast. And this week, they were rewarded with their very own pipeline into Germany.”

Hannity is not alone in his opinions, either about Biden’s cognitive function or about his foreign policy. Sen. Kevin Cramer (R-ND), who proposed a bill to reimpose sanctions on Kremlin-backed Nord Stream 2, told the Washington Examiner, that “Days after Russian hackers successfully attacked an American pipeline, President Biden decided to give Vladimir Putin his own pipeline and hand him a major geopolitical win that cuts right through the NATO alliance.

While Biden’s moves since entering the White House have been suspect in many ways to conservatives, cozying up to Russia should be one of the most talked-about issues on the national media, considering the attention paid to it in the last administration. That, however, doesn’t seem to be the case.

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Lela (@guest_1264184)
1 year ago

The sad part is that America is becoming a laughing stock for the rest of the world. Just tune in and listen to some of the newscasters in other countries and you will see what I mean.

Karl Drumm (@guest_1264186)
1 year ago

Biden is what the democrats claim Donald Trump was a Russian Agent! Biden is doing Putin’s dirty work and harming America!

Katydid (@guest_1264187)
1 year ago

Biden is so beholden to Russia and China that America will always come in LAST as long as he is President. I wonder what they have on him? It isn’t hard to guess. Something to do with him selling himself and his son to them. It is pretty scary that the dems can’t see the danger with him in the White House. Kamala won’t be any better because she has lots of skeletons in her closet. And Nancy and Chuck have already shown their colors and they aren’t red, white and blue.

Pollty (@guest_1264190)
1 year ago

No one fears biden

Thomas Phillips (@guest_1264194)
1 year ago


Patty (@guest_1264198)
Reply to  Thomas Phillips
1 year ago

Impeach him because they RIGGED the election !!!!

ajk (@guest_1264196)
1 year ago

It is a SHAME what “WE, AMERICANS” have to put up with until the next election… IT WAS a STOLEN ELECTION…;the whole world knows it…Why are we continuing this charade? Why isn’t something being done?…Everyone is living a lie!! Lord, forgive them for they know not what they do!!

Robert W (@guest_1264197)
1 year ago

Sean nailed it perfectly!!!!

DM (@guest_1264203)
1 year ago

I agree – they stole the election and we’re sitting back watching this puppet’s strings being pulled by every elite with an axe to grind while our country crumbles and we’re saying “we’ll get the White House back in 2024” except there won’t be a White House in 2024. These clowns will have destroyed the United States by then. WAKE UP PEOPLE.

Richard Earl Kirkpatrick (@guest_1264210)
1 year ago

I feel that same way. Why must we continue with a illegigitimate or fraudulent president? Something needs to be done to impeach him and Harris now.

AaronFreeman (@guest_1264225)
1 year ago

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BadAlt (@guest_1264230)
1 year ago

Hannity and the Unamerican Digest get paid to undermine American Democracy. They are good at this because they have been practicing for years. Was January 6 just a little tourist visit to the US Capitol? They and the Republicans in Congress want you to believe all those rioters and injuries to police and deaths didn’t occur our were just little tourist incidentals. They just want you to believe Trump won the election when 60 court cases proved otherwise. How UNAMERICAN CAN ONE GET?!!!!!!!

Stephen Russell (@guest_1264233)
1 year ago

Can Biden do more losing cognitive resources on Live TV??

MRB (@guest_1264288)
1 year ago


bob onit (@guest_1264331)
1 year ago

ALLEDGED ? not hardly



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