May 14, 2021

Hannity flips Democrat argument on its head, calls them out for inciting violence against Republicans

On Friday, former President Donald Trump’s lawyers redeemed themselves after Monday’s opening debacle and presented overwhelming evidence to Senate jurors that clearly showed dozens of high-profile Democrats using inflammatory calls-to-action to spark outrage against the former president amongst their constituents.

According to Fox News, network host Sean Hannity doubled down on the defense presented by Trump’s attorneys, arguing that a clear double standard exists on the Democrat side, as the host rhetorically asked where the outrage was when Democrats were telling their followers to harass and attack Trump’s Cabinet members and supporters. 

Hannity pointed first to an incident that happened in May 2020 in which liberal, anti-Trump protesters attempted to breach the White House, which triggered extreme, high-security alerts — the highest alert since September 11, 2001. He indicated that at the time, the “left” didn’t seem too bothered by the attempt.

He went on to point out several instances of anti-Trump demonstrators showing up to the home of Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) and various incidents when Trump’s former staff would be harassed while dining out with family, which is something that former White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders experienced.

“Where was the outrage when Rand Paul and his wife were attacked after the RNC? Where was the outrage when Rand Paul was viciously assaulted by a neighbor?” Hannity said.

The Fox News host and close Trump ally pivoted to the violence and destruction that accompanied the racial justice riots that devastated numerous American cities over the summer of 2020, calling out Democrats for encouraging their supporters to “fight” but never being punished for their rhetoric.

“As it turns out, Democrats never had a problem with violent rhetoric,” Hannity said. “As long as Republicans or conservatives or Donald Trump are the targets.”

Still, Democrats’ chances of securing a conviction against the former president lessened even more on Saturday, as according to the Associated Press, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) signaled that he will vote to acquit the 45th president, which means that the number of Republicans needed for a conviction — 17 — will be virtually impossible to secure.

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105 Responses

  1. All the last 4 years have proven is the power hungry vindictiveness of Nancy pelosi and how far she would to get her way .but she failed misably other helping steal an election. But the American people now knows what kind of disgusting person she is.she spent most id the 4 years trying to delegitimize TRUMP’S presidency and the district she represented has gone to hell,tells you the she and the democrats don’t give damn Bout American people. Need more proof, just look at what the moron They put in office is doing ,he has killed more American jobs in 3 weeks tge covid did in that time frame and his middle east policy will leaf us into WWIII

    1. One thing I have noticed, when you see photos of Biden they are very favorable looking as opposed to the ones we have seen of Trump.

      1. Same people, taking the photo’s. Same Communist News Agencies. It’s their job to make the Communist left look good, and their opponents look bad.


        1. He is simply a well-chosen puppet that would do or let do anything that Dems desire. Simply total destruction of all the nation needs by those who should never get to power.
          And it is very sad that many got so brainwashed, they didn’t see it coming and actually held making matters worse.
          I lived under commies in Eastern Europe, came here as polit. refugee, so I am very, very sad seeing what’s happening to America.
          Can point out several reasons why, but that another time, or if some of you might be interested, check-it on my website, written only for subscribers now.
          (section 6part series -Living under communists)
          Peace and Love for America!

          1. Same here Maya ! It is outrages what is happening to this country.I escaped from communist east Germany as well. But you know they have themselves to blame because they let law and order go out of hand.Their justice system sucks! Judges & lawyers are bought by BIG BUCKS!

        2. He has no idea what he is even signing. Never figured out why they would have picked these 2 incompetents to be their candidates but finally realized it was because they will do just as they are told by the so called PROGRESSIVES. Biden is not making these decisions. What idiot would cancel the pipeline making us independent from foreign Countries along with putting thousands of Americans out of jobs, The price increases in Gas will also increase the price on everything else including food which I have noticed is already creeping up.

    2. Well, they are going to try for the 2024 election. And we have to make sure that our states don’t change their laws in order to make it easier for the Democrats to steal it again. They will try. They are already working on it.

    3. DEMS/RINOS are too egotistical, and they will never stop using OUR TAX $$$$$, for these useless and inane trials aimed at PRESIDESNT TRUMP……..Those DEMS/RINOS are so afraid of President Trump and the excellent job he did at being President, they will do anything to make sure he cannot run again……….However, all those empty headed DEMS/RINOS did was show WE THE PEOPLE how infantile, corrupt, & evil they are………They have never done anything for the U.S. legal citizens or the U.S………..When are the blacks going to wake up and understand that DEMS/RINOS are doing more for the illegals than they have ever done for blacks.

  2. President Trump is the greatest President of my Lifetime. His service and sacrifice has not been equaled by any President of past history. although Ronald Reagan was in my opinion a great President. It is sickening the way the left has treated him. I will never again ever vote for a democrat no matter what they say. I see a party of hatred and vindictiveness and I know a lot of people that has seen them for who they really are. May God Bless our President, our First Lady and all the Trump family!!!

    1. I agree. I was a long-time DEM but I changed to a REP and I will never go back. I read a great book called “LIARS, LEAKERS, LIBERALS”, truly an awakining.

      1. I too, was always an Independent until 2020. With all the dems were trying to pull off, there is no way I will ever vote for a dem, so I officially became a Republican.

      2. I was wondering if the book; “LIARS, LEAKERS, LIBERALS” can even be found anymore? I will look for it! Thanks!

      1. I know this will sound far out to some, but I really believe that God has had a hand in this. He has probably gotten sick and tired of seeing what we as a Nation have become and decided to give us one more chance to “Wake UP!” I truly believe he chose President Trump as his representative. Did President Trump realize that – that would be an interesting answer to hear!

        1. I totally agree. God will in his own time bring all the evil Democrats to their knees and this country will rise up and worship Him again or spend eternity in hell.

          1. There is something to ALWAYS keep in mind—-everything has a price–you pay one way or another!!! If we Conservatives, allow the Liberal Demonrats to run over us before we finally stand up and say ENOUGH and put a stop to their BS, not even the good Lord will be able to save America!!! It will take more than Trump to save us!!! The time is now to stand up—the Lord helps those who help themselves, not those who stand around wishing something would happen!!!!

        2. I believe President Trump is God’s choice. I prayed for a miracle that he would be our President again. God’s timing is not our timing. I believe that God is going to start to cleanse the world and I will see the world turn back to God.

        3. It is people like you that lived under communism the we can depend on you to get our country back from the people who are trying to destroy us

      2. You know what is said about a little power corrupts but a lot of power has corrupted Biden, Pelosi and Schumer into corrupt madness. I honestly think they are drunk with corruption and madness!!

      1. Gloria I cried when I read about Pelosi not letting NY Rep Tenny’s son attend his mother’s installation into congress just because Rep Tenny was a trump supporter. Her son was a naval academy graduate. Pelosi is the most evil and vindictive person on this earth. I hope they the Republicans can grow a pair and impeach her in 2022.

    2. Yes, many are beginning to see and realize just what the democrats are made of, and it is not pretty, President Trump wanted everyone to see and feel the results of having the democrats in control. The Art of War says hold back your fury until the enemy has exposed theirs, then you know their strengths .

    3. When will any Republican bring charges against these acts by Democrats? It’s time for them to do so or we vote them out of office the very next election.

    4. Amen to that…………Used to vote DEM, but after Clinton and his ego maniac wife, I discovered that the DEMS/RINOS are nothing more than a corrupt/evil/chaos loving politicians…………..Will NEVER VOTE for another one of those DEMS/RINOS……….

  3. Pelosi (plus her cohorts) should be removed not only from speaker but stripped of her speaker position. She was informed of the ‘planned’ attack before the 6th. The Capital Police requested back-up and she REFUSED. Technically she is responsible for the bad actors breaking into the Capital plus the deaths and injuries. She should be legally prosecuted.

      1. If you want to know what the Marxist Democrats are doing. See what they are blaming others for and that will what they are doing!!

      1. Yes but it backfired and her computer was confiscated by special opps so they have her in contact with China on the General Electric buy that was stopped.

    1. I agree She has acted in the most vindictive seditious and non- American fashion imaginable She should bear the full brunt of the law , to include removal and prosecution.

  4. Every day, the left wakes up and gives the right the finger…and the right takes it. Now is the time to stand up to these martinet criminals before it really is too late. Don’t just smile and take it!

    1. Exactly right, Franklin !!!!!

      Our “ representatives “, on the right seem to be very comfortable being treated like doormats by the left … We are watching all this
      pitiful theater for 30 years and so till hoping they will wake up and be able to respond to the left the same way they ( and us) are being treated by the left ….
      No, nothing happened!!
      Just few real patriots like Rand Paul, Nunez, Scalisse, Hawley, Cruz, and also the newly elected congressman/ women seem to care for us and respond to the radical left as they should !!!!
      Only President Trump, along with those patriots deserve our respect , the rest … just a
      shameless RINOs !!

      God Bless all the America loving patriots!!!

      1. Nailed it with this comment. We must we must have trumps back and get these losers out. Especially the 7 plus McConnell senators that voted for impeachment and 10 congressman that voted yes for impeachment plus the 141 or so that voted for Cheney to stay. Time to clean house by 2024. Governors and sec of states should not be exempt.

  5. Pelosi couldn’t testify in the impeachment hearing because shes a habitual lair. Thats why she always gets upset when someone questions her.

    1. Vince, this is the 3 rd time I’m trying to post a comment and this pos website is canceling it.

      (I won’t give up, shameless commies )
      I called p e l 0 $ i, the q u e E n of I ce C r € a m , and probably this people at this website didn’t like it !!
      I said that evidently she doesn’t like to be questioned by anyone bcs she is a b 0v e any of us, the $ e r v A n T $ !!

      The questions, T r u $ h i N g , r i D i C u l I N G
      b e A t I N g is are only for the right crowd …

      1. Oh, I didn’t know this was a particular website….I was thinking that we could speak freely on here! It’s not a privately owned company like Facebook or Twitter! What’s the deal?

  6. It all just demonstrates how anti-America these dems. / rinos / communists are , in intentionally trying to destroy America & any true American ! Nothing but blatantly obvious enemies of America !

  7. CBS News just said that they Acquited Trump, SIDING with the Mob! CBS is disgusting, that’s actually Inciting violence. Their Rhetoric and all News outlets has got to stop too! A journalist job is to report the FACTS, not input their feelings.

  8. The only time the Demorats quote the Constitution is if will benefit them, but heaven forbid if any Republican quotes the Constitution because it will be totally ignored! It is so very obvious, that the only time Democrats aren’t telling lies, is when their mouths are shut!

  9. Democrats only show outrage when it affects them directly and they come face to face with the anger they caused. They do not care about other Americans and the riots perpetrated against them.

  10. I’m for impeaching Biden and Harris, Two can play there game.

    1. Just wait. They’ve already laid the groundwork for Harris. Just waiting for more stuff from Hunter’s China gig to blow open. And it will. Look how Cuomo was given enough rope. The GOP has to wait for 2022 elections so after they get the majority can use the 24th on Biden then he can be tried in civil criminal court.

  11. All of the democrats should be impeached like their trying to do the President Trump. But President Trump didn’t do any thing to be impeached for and his lawyer’s showed that to be a fact. The democrats are the one’s who encouraged their supporters to do all the law braking violence in this past year in many towns across this country.

  12. I think it is time for Pelosi and Schumer both should go back to where they came from and hire full-time Phyciatrist to watch them closely. Talk about Biden already being off the deep end maybe they could get a special 3 for1. Pelosi can’t talk fast enough out of both sides of her mouth. Talk about the acts she is accusing our former President of and she has the guts in front of all American’s on National Television to tear in pieces the speech delivered by President Trump. And the gall she had and seemed to be proud of it. Nice job Nancy!! God help us when Harris becomes President. We have yet to see the worst of the next four years!! It has only just begun folks just sit tight and wait for the next Chapter of Executive Orders come down. Never ending!!!

    1. Let’s take a look at the record of these so called “managers” and see how clean their records are. No pressure by the media on Biden to expand on his and his perfect son’s shady deals with China. The moderator’s for all three Debates were so stinking biased that it wasn’t funny. There was no way Trump stood a chance with that. If all of these Democrats are so perfect why is our Country in so much turmoil already since Biden has been in less than a month.

    2. RICHARD the doctor would not know how to treat them ,they definitely would have the money to pay his overpriced bill but I think Nancy would have to get a priest to hear her confession 1st ,that would take a week itself, their money would have surely come from the CCP like all other bureaucrats in DC ,owned by China imprinted on the bottom of their left foot , corruption is BACK in our capital , taxes will be UP in our country , the world will be enrichened by US ,and finally the american taxpayer will be happy as a lark ,stealing a line from my deceased father ,bless his WW2 fighting soul ,PAUL THE MARINE USMC 79-82

    3. Richard, methinks your not going to have to wait for 4 years, 1 year or even 4 months. Things are happening behind the scenes.

    4. Love your style! Biden is only pretending to be president, signing blank papers at Castle Rock Studio in L.A. I think President Trump will be back sooner than we think. The Pentagon told Biden he’s not allowed to set foot in the Pentagon. The military does not recognize him as President. Think about it.

  13. Hannity is a good ,honest ,fair ,intelligent human being and thank God he is a patriot !! THE left hates him and he does not care , I still enjoy watching only the nighttime line-up at FOX but refuse to watch the daytime schedule ,sometimes I watch in the morning until Newsmax comes on due to having no other choice, Hannity might be well overpaid ,like all journalist but he still is a patriot ,he does one hell of a job telling the truth to the american people. Now for commie JOE ,I don`t think this man knows how to tell the truth, he is so deep into the CCP`s pockets that it feels to me like treason !!!!! but like all other things he has gotten away with ,we may never get the truth from his ,yes his personally owned DOJ,FBI CIA ,who all do his biding ,hey I like that BIDING BIDEN ,give me the Nobel prize for journalism ,just like the ones given to all of these corrupt papers and fake news agencies PAUL THE JARHEAD USMC 79-82

  14. When are Democrats realize Pelosi and Schumer are not helping their party? It’s not business them going after Trump , but I see where Democrats priorities are !

  15. So are all these good for nothings just going to waste money and go after trump the next 4 years, since he seems to haunt their dreams, or actually DO SOMETHING that’s NOT BAD FOR AMERICA in congress? Or are they just going to let Biden make law by EO’s? BAD ONES NO LESS!

  16. It is like this … when the bully ( Democrats) do the bullying it is ok.. but the little kid decides to fight back… punches the bully. Now the parents look at the little child as the one that needs to be kicked out of school. Everyone seems to forget that the bully has picked on the kid all summer. Democrats are a funny bunch but the 7 Dino’s needed to speak for the people that voted them in the first place. NOT decide on their personal feelings! The people will vote them out soon enough.

  17. Whatever happened to all the evidence on their laptops that were stolen? All that was swept under the rug. Why are they not being prosecuted?

  18. I think we should have the right to start a petition to recall Biden/ Harris. I’m sure we could get several million signatures and that would probably include a lot of Democrats now that they have had a sample of that dim-wit in the WH.

  19. to all if you see Mike Lindell’s video we are libel to put OUR PRESIDENT TRUMP back in office it’s coming

    1. I agree everyone should look at Mike Lindell video about the Election Fraud. Mike is the owner of My and friend of my President Donald J Trump. You can watch it on BANNED.VIDEO or You can also watch it’s called AbsoluteTruth by Trump was cheated, scammed and taken out by a fraudulent election machine and others involved with the elections with the help of the Swamp Creatures!!!! Communist Biden is not a legitimate president!!!!

  20. I agree everyone should look at Mike Lindell video about the Election Fraud. Mike is the owner of My and friend of my President Donald J Trump. You can watch it on BANNED.VIDEO or You can also watch it’s called AbsoluteTruth by Trump was cheated, scammed and taken out by a fraudulent election machine and others involved with the elections with the help of the Swamp Creatures!!!! Communist Biden is not a legitimate president!!!!

    1. Thank you Retha ! The Holly Bible tells us that the Truth will make us free. We need to send this information out and continue ,to send it out until everybody receives the truth about how the left stole this election From Donald Trump and millions of Americans patriots like you. Just think Retha, if we send this to all our contacts and ask them to do the same, we can reach thousands.

  21. when you look at the White House when you see Joe Biden and you see people like Nancy Chuck Adam and the rest you really got wounder how did America’s enemies take over….wake up people…some people don’t want AMERICA in the way

  22. Get rid of the new, illegal election rules and the internet connected, USB manipulated machines. Primary the Rinos. Take the house and the senate back. Then, impeach the scum, one at a time or in groups. All the way back to clinton. They started it. We need to finish it. Call this incitement if you wish. I do….

  23. It is time to impeach biden. He was NOT elected in 2020. President Trump was elected for his second term. Everything biden has done is the destrution of America. Obama, killery, pilosi, schiff, schummer also should also be impeached and sent to live in hell.

  24. Just ask Sari, how many communist USA members are in congress in Washington. There are at least 50., all registered Democrats. They are named when I googled It.

  25. I agree with David Corbett and most of you on here in every way. Especially whoever said about President Trump being in there for a reason. .. Did anyone see the article about him posted a long time ago, about him being a Christian man? Why wouldn’t God let a Christian man be Pres? That’s what we needed Think about this .. whose leading these scum bags? Sure isn’t God… sure as satan exists, he’s leading. Don’t listen folks, fight back with everything you’ve got !! God help us get our Trump back. He will lead God and us to Peace.Amen and Amen. God Bless America!!

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