June 29, 2022

Hannity blasts Biden decision to vacation in Delaware over the weekend amid growing crises

President Joe Biden is facing mounting crises on all sides — and in typical fashion — has chosen to vanish from the public eye rather than face the American people head-on.

While thousands of Americans continue to face danger in Afghanistan and a massive border crisis explodes, Biden has left the White Hosue for a relaxing weekend at the beach in Delaware.

This decision comes despite recent developments at the Texas border in which thousands of Haitian, Venezuelan, and Colombian migrants gathered in an encampment at the Del Rio International Bridge in an attempt to illegally cross the border.

In addition to this growing immigration crisis, there are still Americans left behind enemy lines in Afghanistan that the White House refuses to answer for.

Fox’s Sean Hannity ripped Biden’s decision to leave his post in Washington to go on a vacation while Americans continue to suffer during his Friday evening monologue, calling on Biden to “step down” if he can’t prioritize his duties as president.

“At this hour, Biden is not working around the clock to secure their release, he is not at a command center working on a solution. Instead, he’s enjoying another long weekend off in Delaware,” Hannity said on Friday.

Hannity continued:

Someone in the administration needs to remind Joe that he’s the president of the United States – he needs to get off his ass and get to work …

If he’s too weak and frail and slow to handle the job seven days a week, he should step down and retire because right now… there are serious crises on multiple fronts.

Biden has repeatedly demonstrated an inability to face similar crises head-on, preferring to let his handlers control the narrative and hope the whole situation blows over.

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