June 30, 2022

Hands Off Operation Warp Speed

Adriana Cohen is off this week. The following column is by Betsy McCaughey.

Joe Biden is fearmongering that “more people may die” because the Trump administration hasn’t begun transitioning oversight over the COVID-19 vaccines to the Biden team. “There was a plan for 300 million doses to be available at the end of the year. What they’re reporting now is 20 to 30 million doses available. Why? Where are the bottlenecks? ”

A confused Biden mixed up the numbers. Dr. Moncef Slaoui, head of Operation Warp Speed, predicts 20 million doses will be shipped out on Dec. 11 and 12, and immediately administered to health care workers and other high-risk populations, including the elderly, in all 50 states.

Every month thereafter, tens of millions more doses will be delivered according to a precision plan, with delivery sites already designated by each state’s health department. By May, Slaoui predicts, enough Americans will have been vaccinated to create herd immunity, allowing the nation to get back to normal. That will be the most impressive public health triumph in a century.

Provided politics doesn’t blow it up. Biden’s advisers have dangerous ideas about who should get vaccinated first. That could spell trouble. Already, globalist groups like the World Health Organization and the World Trade Organization are objecting that the U.S. has purchased hundreds of millions of doses, putting Americans ahead of residents of poor countries. WHO wants every country to get a vaccine supply based on its population, sending 2% to each country, and then ramping up to 20%. That would doom the U.S. to continued suffering because herd immunity requires about a 70% vaccination rate.

What’s scary is that Biden’s advisers buy into this globalist mentality. God help us if they interfere with Operation Warp Speed.

One of Biden’s COVID-19 advisers, Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel, slams “vaccine nationalism,” calling it unethical that the rich countries developing vaccines get first dibs. “Bad, bad” is Emanuel’s response to the U.S. plan. Emanuel, a member of several WHO advisory groups, argues in the journal Science that vaccines should be reserved initially for the poorest countries and countries with younger populations first because vaccinating an elderly person saves fewer life years than vaccinating a younger person.

Emanuel is not the only Biden adviser with dangerous ideas. On Monday, Biden said he’ll nominate globalist Antony Blinken to be secretary of state. Blinken decries Trump’s principle of “America First” and is pushing to rejoin WHO immediately. Biden and Blinken are ignoring that WHO concealed the virus outbreak in Wuhan and shilled for the Chinese Communist Party, allowing the disease to spread and kill millions.

As for who gets vaccinated, the American public paid to be first. The Trump administration used taxpayer dollars to prepay for millions of doses of vaccines from Pfizer and Moderna before they were approved. That reduced the development risk for those companies and ensured priority access. Several European countries took similar steps.

That’s doesn’t mean the rest of the world should not be helped. Astra Zeneca and Oxford University, which announced positive results for their vaccine on Monday, plans to distribute it across the third world at no profit, for as little as $3 to $5 a dose, and to enlist many manufacturers to do the same. The vaccine requires no refrigeration, a big plus for global distribution.

Meanwhile, the best Americans can hope for is that Biden and his political appointees don’t meddle in this nation’s vaccine distribution plan.

Too bad Biden’s COVID-19 advisory board has other ideas. Dr. Celine Gounder, a New York University global health professor and Biden adviser, says Operation Warp Speed needs to be overhauled to put more emphasis on things other than vaccines, including testing and “providing political backing” to local governments to “support things that might be unpopular.” Translation: shutdowns. That’s crazy. Vaccines will make these draconian options unnecessary.

Though the Trump administration conceived and launched Operation Warp Speed, Slaoui explains that the vaccine rollout has been done totally “isolated from the (Trump) administration, from the political environment and political context.” He added “no political interference, no bureaucracy, no red tape.” He hopes that will continue after the Jan. 20 inauguration.

Responding to Biden’s demagoguery about the transition delay costing lives, HHS Secretary Alex Azar reassured the nation on Sunday that “the career people” from the Defense Department and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention running Operation Warp Speed on Jan. 19 are going to be the same people on Jan. 21.

Message to Biden: Hands off this medical miracle.

Betsy McCaughey is a former lieutenant governor of New York and author of “The Next Pandemic,” available at Amazon.com. Contact her at [email protected] or on Twitter @Betsy_McCaughey. To find out more about Betsy McCaughey and read features by other Creators Syndicate writers and cartoonists, visit the Creators Syndicate website at www.creators.com.


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NC Bailey (@guest_1081763)
1 year ago

Hide your birth date if Ezeek is in charge of health care!!! He will deny all care to those over 70 years -bubye Joe Biden.

David Paquette (@guest_1081846)
Reply to  NC Bailey
1 year ago

AMERICA FIRST,we have poor people in our own country that should come before other country’s. President Trump and the pharm co’s got these vaccines developed in record time and the dems want to take credit. I’m a vietnam era vet and I believe all capable vets along with bikers for trump loaded for bear go clean up the swamp along with the so called media journalists SORRO’S FIRST!!!

CJ (@guest_1081766)
1 year ago

Pray to God that Trump triumphs, and Biden is shown to have lost, which is a certainty! He is both but an idiot puppet!

alicia regina cervera (@guest_1082360)
Reply to  CJ
1 year ago

Yes, I agree with all my heart.
if not, America First will become America never , biden already announced illegals first and Americans to the back.

Mike Harvey (@guest_1081792)
1 year ago

Dr. Zeke Emmanuel is a cog in the political narrative machine & an idiot! #1 We did the research, we paid for Operation Warp Speed, why do the work & research, & pay for it yo give others first crack?
#2 the poor countries are less likely to have the cold maintnenance the Pfizer vaccine requires -80° #3 the foreign young he claims should get it 1st is a virtual step towards nermalizing & having euthanasia implemented & accepted! #4 the older generation is more at risk to die fm Covid; so Why is he ignoring that?
Like I said Dr. Zeke is a cog in the political narrative machine & an idiot!

David Paquette (@guest_1081856)
Reply to  Mike Harvey
1 year ago

Mr doesn’t have a clue Fauci has to be related to Zeke

Ronan Warren Sr (@guest_1081794)
1 year ago

All the more reason we didn’t vote criminal Joe.

Ronan Warren (@guest_1081796)
1 year ago

All the more reason why we didn’t vote criminal Joe.

Dan Pruitt (@guest_1081828)
1 year ago

Biden and his crowd need to realize that he is seeking to be President of THESE UNITED STATES, NOT president of the world. His emphasis should be first and foremost, protection of United States citizens, NOT “world citizens” He is wanting to be President of THIS country and our needs should be first in his mind, NOT the needs of the rest of the world.

Mike Hayes (@guest_1081916)
1 year ago

Biden and harris need to be stopped!!!

Larry Gaines (@guest_1081939)
1 year ago

Biden is a IDIOT and unfit for any office

Deanna Benton (@guest_1081958)
1 year ago

Come on, put the dots together! All of the shenanigans are tied into a neat little package called PROTECTING POWER (and money). [Research ‘the [email protected] Re$et’ which aims at a 1 world view of redi$tribution]. Also Nighty-Nite Joey makes a habit of [email protected] off of others. This is no different. Don’t believe that these life-longers are altruists. They play “Mr. Smith goes to Washington” to get and hoard their piece of the pie, then can’t help themselves to more and more pieces. [email protected] of acquisition doesn’t matter. They’ve become embolden over the years. This is why the [email protected] struggled so hard over the past 4 years, using every trick in the book, in attempts to disgrace and dislodge the current true altruist that was voted in (to dry up the [email protected]). Now they want to usurp another’s accomplishments as their own, and use it in THEIR way. The ‘incoming’ head swamper is bringing the leaches along with him. The swamp MUST remain the swamp even under the transmogrified excuse of “getting back to normal”; which the [email protected] are now pronouncing as TRUST. Forward is backward and backward is forward – welcome to [email protected] @lice!!! For Enquiring Minds: New report just out says 89% of those that now RIP in one [email protected] had Do-Not-Revive orders as they were terminal anyway. Now how many of those were reported as Co-vid? What would the [email protected] numbers be if each [email protected] cleaned up their [email protected]? Do the math people!

SUNFLOWER (@guest_1082395)
1 year ago

I think the problem with the Democrats AND the Vaccine is…..they are trying to figure out how they can profit from it before they say it is a good vaccine AND everyone should take it!!

James (@guest_1082561)
1 year ago

Biden is a brain dead president all America no’s this Ezeek should start with Biden he’s over 70

TAIWAN COMMONER (@guest_1082588)
1 year ago

This is FRIGHTENING as Biden is messing around with the medical welfare of American citizens, as well as CAUSING a delay in the recovery of our economy! The criminal Dems will use this delay to PERMANENTLY DESTROY THE US ECONOMY! This is PRECISELY WHAT THE RADICAL COMMUNIST DEMS WANT! The DEMS live in a privileged world, succeeding at the American Dream and MAKING SURE EVERYONE ELSE GOES WITHOUT! It is much better if the world’s leading democracy is returned to an open economy than people in other countries, most of whom hate us, get a “cut in line.” The WHO is a Communist Chinese pawn, as is the UNITED NATIONS! WE DON’T OWE THESE PEOPLE ANYTHING! COMMUNIST CHINA WOULD NEVER DO THIS, AND THE DEMS WOULD NEVER ASK THEM TO. THE DEMS THINK THE COMMUNIST CHINESE NATION IS STILL “DEVELOPING”! They have the largest Army in the world, and the largest Navy in the world, and the DEMS like sponsoring CHINESE SPIES TO STUDY MICRO-VIROLOGY AT OUR TOP UNIVERSITIES! THE WEAPON OF CHOICE IS BIOLOGICAL, NOT UNCLEAR! THE COMMUNIST CHINESE HAVE ALREADY SUCCEEDED IN THEIR FIRST USE OF BIO-TERRORISM!

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