October 2, 2022

Haitian migrant advocate declares ‘war’ on US-Mexico border as another caravan heads towards US

Amid warnings that yet another, much larger wave of migrants from Haiti than one that amassed in Del Rio, Texas last month is headed toward the U.S. southern border, an advocate for those prospective arrivals has defiantly declared readiness for “war” if they face substantial resistance on the way, as the Daily Wire reports.

The outlet noted that according to Border Report, roughly 60,000 additional Haitian migrants are expected to reach Texas sometime this week, but also that an additional group has made its way into the southern part of Mexico and has plans to venture all the way north to America under the leadership of Irineo Mujica, a U.S. citizen affiliated with an organization known as Pueblo Sin Fronteras.

Mujica made his intentions clear in a social media posting in which he pledged, “We are leaving in 20 days. We prefer to march with papers… . And this time, with papers or without papers, we are ready for war.”

In an apparent reference to the Mexican National Guard, known to have engaged in a confrontation with a group of Haitian migrant protestors back in September in which many were pushed back from entering the country, Mujica defiantly declared, “If the National Guard comes and they are cowardly enough to beat women and children, let them prepare because God’s hand is with us.”

The news of this caravan, currently stranded by Mexican authorities in the southern part of that country, comes as already-overwhelmed officials in Texas steel themselves for the arrival of upwards of 60,000 more Haitian migrants currently traveling through Central America, as the Washington Examiner notes.

A spokesperson for Republican Texas Gov. Greg Abbott explained to the Examiner that state officials have deployed additional National Guard as well as Department of Public Safety personnel to the southern border in recent months, with 1,000 of the latter dispatched to Del Rio last month during the initial surge of Haitians.

According to the outlet, state officials in the Lone Star State have been scrambling to compensate for the federal government’s apparent lack of interest in addressing the situation, though it remains unclear how they will be able to deal effectively with a potential injection of another 60,000 individuals.

Abbott himself said on Twitter last weekend, “Texas National Guard is gearing up at the border for increased caravans attempting to cross the border caused by [President Joe] Biden’s open border policy,” adding, “They are working with the Texas Dept. of Public Safety to seal surge locations at the border & arrest trespassers.”

With the Biden administration taking steps to hamper the efforts of the Border Patrol as well as Immigration and Customs Enforcement in recent weeks and engaging in fewer deportations than promised – particularly of arrivals from Haiti – it appears there may be no end in sight to the incentivization to lawlessness this president seems determined to perpetuate.




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