April 12, 2021

Gun violence continues in Dem-controlled Chicago, taking lives of at least two

Gun violence continued in Chicago last weekend, as at least 12 people were shot Friday through Sunday morning, despite the Democrat-controlled city holding some of the nation’s tightest firearm restrictions.

The first of at least two weekend deaths occurred Friday night when a person opened fire into a car in the 3100 block of West Lake Street. One man, 24, died, while two others, including a 10-year-old boy, were wounded.

A 17-year-old was shot while sitting in his vehicle Saturday morning and had his vehicle stolen. The incident took place in the 5400 block of West Race Avenue.

The events follow 40 people who were shot the previous weekend in the city, including five fatalities. Fifteen of the victims were involved in a single incident.

The year’s shooting incidents continue to climb, with at least 567 people shot in 2021, according to a report from The Chicago Tribune.

Many called for more anti-crime efforts on Saturday.

“There is too much time wasted,” said Rabbi Michael Ben Yosef, president and founder of Chicago Activist Coalition for Justice. “We’ve seen now, there are two children that have been shot by someone, a random shooting. These children were lucky to live.”

Illinois has one of the strictest sets of gun laws in the nation. Why does Chicago’s gun violence continue to spiral out of control?

Experts note a variety of reasons, but the leftist-leadership of the city appears slow to respond. Just last October, Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot (D) proposed to cut $80 million from the city’s police force.

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38 Responses

    1. it’s good because we won’t have to deal with the thugs later on.i have no sympathy for them people of chicago as they’re getting exactly what they voted for!

      1. I have an idea.
        take away the guns that any city council or their body guards have
        same goes for judges in chitcago
        maybe that will solve a few problems

    2. I am a conservative and don’t have a problem with the right people being shot, there really in need to talk like that. It makes us all look bad. That is what the libs want so please be more selective of the words you use.

  1. This Country is in deep deep trouble run be these corrupt demorats { we are close to collapse } !!!!!!!!!!!

    1. All the talk of gun control is just pissing in the wind. I’m willing to bet that most, if not all, of the shootings were done with unregistrated or illegally obtained guns. I saw an FBI stat a few years ago that showed that almost 90% of murders in some city (Chicago….Detroit….whatever……I don’t recall) were done with stolen or smuggled guns. How are the manure minds in Congress going to control those. Hint: They don’t have a clue.

  2. It is not a coincidence that cities with significant black populations also have high crime rates. Unfortunately, since the 1960’s, the Black community has encouraged a ghetto mentality with a propensity for criminal activity. Subsequently, we now see the result of years of pandering to this race. Fatherless homes, poor education, and lack of personal responsibility have contributed to the downfall of the Black community. Accepting indoctrinated theories of everything being “racist” against them has created a culture of no work ethic and a never-ending sense of entitlement. My apologies to the hard working, responsible, decent Black people who suffer along with the rest of us while enduring the results of perpetuating a “victim” mentality among a particular race.

    1. There was a chart on a site yesterday that showed that 70+% of criminal complaints BY blacks were against other blacks !!! They are their own worst enemy !

  3. This will continue in Chicago until they get the Democrats out and get a stron city wide sweep for the gangs and violence supporters. That lezzy mayor don’t care

  4. We have taken God and the principles of godly living out of our schools, work places, and social interactions. Without the knowledge of God and His ways the people perish and that is what we are seeing played out. Without God we are the blind leading the blind and we cannot solve or impact our problems because we have no wisdom. It is the hearts of people that need to change not the gun laws which only the law abiding citizens follow anyway. Criminals follow no laws of any kind and will continue to live this way unless their hearts are changed. This will continue to get worse unless we recognize our need for the saving power of God through Jesus who came to earth to show us the way.

    1. Right on! Hosea 4:6,7 Amplified Bible, ” 6.My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because you [the priestly nation] have rejected knowledge, I will also reject you that you shall be no more priest to Me: seeing you have forgotten the law of your God, I will also forget your children. 7. The more they increased and multiplied [in prosperity and power],the more they sinned against Me: I will change their glory into shame.”The knowledge He is talking about is knowledge of God and His ways.

  5. I can guarantee these guns being used in these shootings were gotten illegally and they’re looking to guns away from people who are trying to obtain them the right way,so only the criminals will have them

  6. Exactly. Keep voting for the Democrats, that swear on your lives, they are going to fix everything. Been happening now for 60 years, and if the Black population can’t see that, then it’s on them.

  7. BLM -What a joke. Arm them all and we’ll be better off for it. Oh, wait! They’ve gotta stick around for their reparations!

  8. The good black people need to put a stop to it but I guess they like to kill one another. If white people said anything their called racist.

  9. The MSM continue their obsession with bias reporting. You don’t hear about Chicago shootings in the news, why? Because the vast majority is black on black crime. Where is the BLM? They could use their vast resources here, why not.


    WE THE PEOPLE (aka SILENT MAJORITY) had countless opportunities to have stopped this nightmare, but we chose to give the DEMOCRATS what they expected of us, to REMAIN SILENT! Thus, making us equally complicit in the fraud perpetrated against United States Americans!

    Isn’t it time you actually did something, took action? How much more damage needs to be done?

    I urge everyone who reads this to PICK UP THE PHONE and call your REP AND SENATORS in DC and DEMAND IMMEDIATE IMPEACHMENT OF BIDEN AND HARRIS.


    Can you continue to tolerate gasoline prices, product prices all going up, the WH being run by Harris, Pelosi and Schumer? Literally destroying our country, allowing thousands upon thousands of illegals into our country bringing in God knows what diseases?

    Then copy and paste this information into an E-Mail and send to friends and family asking them to make the calls, then forward on to their friends asking them to make the calls and forward on! WE NEED TO MAKE THIS GO VIRAL!

    Members of the House

    Members of the Senate


    Keep in mind: SILENCE = ACCEPTANCE

  11. 1.0 The liberal argument is the Chicago gun laws are not effective because the Chicago bad guys drive up to Gary, Indiana where the rules are much easier to buy their guns. If that were true then would not Gary have an even worse shooting problem?
    2.0 The liberals believe, if all the guns in Chicago were magically removed over one night, the killing problem would be ended. Wrong! If nobody had a gun, the bad guys would kill with knives. If the bad guy knows his / her victim does not have a gun and hence defenseless he would figure he has an easy target. Baseball bats are also good weapons if you know the victim has no weapons.
    3.0 The liberals also parrot the argument that the people of Japan which has very strict gun control and almost no shooting incidents proves strict gun control stops killing. The is a bogus argument. The Japanese do not kill each other with knives or baseball bats either.
    5.0 What will reduce the Chicago (And other big Left Wing cities)? Remove all illegal drugs from the street. No Drugs, No Drug dealers, No addicts stealing to support their habit, and No drug money floating around.
    6.0 Get the drugs off the street by SEALING OUR BORDERS NOW!

  12. I don’t care if the minorities of Chicago shoot & kill each other, thats a good thing, just leave us whites alone. Former President Trump should have been allowed to send the National Guard in to patrol all demoratic cities & deport the large illegal alien population & put blacks in cages where they belong. Wake up White America and take your country back!

  13. Things will never change in these areas. They are just different kind of people. Very little valves. How sad.

  14. Air Force One takes a wrong turn. They were over Beijing when the engines quit, Biden ask the pilot what was wrong the pilot said we are out of gas. So Joe being the man of action that he is, he bailed out, he could be heard saying WHOOOA! I forgot my chuuuuuuute………….splat. Harris who happened to be on the same flight jumped too, but she got her chute on, when she tried to open it she kept pulling the wrong chord. She was pulling the chord for her kotex, needless to say that turned out to be a bloody mess. The pilot remembered to switch to the reserve tanks, and flew off into the sunset. This pilot will be remembered as a national hero.

  15. Pelosi said the border is under control. Well! from what I see she is right, the border is under control of the Cartels, who are making all kinds of money off of drugs, and humane trafficking’s, while the democrats are making money off of the American taxpayer who are paying for everything. Doesn’t it feel so good to be so generous, and so wanted, right when you are broke, and the DNC wont let you go to work. Just remember all you Democrat taxpayers this is your money too.

  16. It is all about keeping you in jail! So, to speak They can’t put everyone in jail so they are doing the next best thing, they are putting you under house arrest ( they call this a lock down because they can’t legally put you under house arrest ). This way they don’t have to say martial law, which would be illegal. They want to keep you from working or making money, because they want you totally dependent on the state, so that you will vote to become a [email protected] [email protected] I keep trying to tell people this, but they don’t seem to get it, so I don’t know why I waste my time. Keep following the science, not Dr. Fauci, it will get you there. The science says that you are 80% more likely to get covid 19 in your home, than anywhere else. So, if you want to get it stay home. Get it.

  17. Just a thought about covid: Another thing that I have noticed, which seems kind of weird, but just popped into my head one day. It seems kind of funny when I think about it, but did you ever count the number of hearses on the road. If as many people were dying as they claim, where are all the bodies, where are all of hearses????

  18. Rep. Ilhan Omar calls out Biden, Dems over stimulus: We’re ‘sending money to fewer people’ than Trump. Ilhan is right, Trump gave people far more money than all the Democrats combined. And he did so in a unique way. He did something that the Democrats would consider immoral. HE GAVE PEOPLE SOMETHING UNIMAGIBLE . He gave them REAL JOBS .

  19. When Biden is gone she will magically trans-race to white, and claim she was born in NYC, and that her real fathers name is Cuomo. Yes, she was the sole savior. She learned how to be a sole savior from Biden. You can always tell when she is lying, she starts laughing.

    No! I don’t believe that Obama would bump off his own Kenyan grandmother, he just is not like that. He does not have that in him, I think?

  20. The Democrats want to push gun control, did anyone ever notice that every time the Democrats start to push for control, that the incidents of gun valence increases, I wonder what that is about. It must be another one of those strange phenomena things that happen when ever a Democrat opens its mouth.

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