August 9, 2022

Group of ‘bipartisan’ senators forced to introduce infrastructure bill after leak to Breitbart

A bipartisan group of Senators revealed their 2,700-plus page infrastructure bill Sunday after Breitbart News shared an exclusive copy of the legislation’s draft.

The mammoth bill was presented to lawmakers without sufficient time to even read its text. Many continue to question what is included in the bill, especially regarding items that may not be related to infrastructure among the $1.2 trillion in funding projects.

According to Breitbart’s review, the bill will include “billions of dollars for border crossings, but no additional funds to continue constructing the wall on the southern border.”

In addition, it provides no plan to restart the Keystone XL Pipeline and instead will mandate that each state creates a carbon reduction program to meet the Biden agenda’s climate change goals.

Despite focus on Democrat goals of climate change and increased immigration, the bill also includes projects closely connected to the Republican Senators involved in the bipartisan effort.

For example, Alaska Republican Sen. Lisa Murkowski will be happy to tout the bill’s large financial payout toward Alaska highway efforts. Both North Carolina Republican Senators also served on the bipartisan effort, which interestingly includes funding for interstate construction projects in its state.

The bill will soon move forward for a vote, but may do so without any of the lawmakers reading more than portions of it. The process has led to concern among many Americans who wonder what problems lie in the unknown details of the infrastructure bill.

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I would not be surprised to find an increase for the legislators in that bill, no i would not.

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