April 17, 2021

Gretchen Whitmer reportedly paid off former official to resign

A new report reveals Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer was caught (D) paying a third Michigan official in exchange for resigning and signing a confidentiality agreement.

Former Michigan Unemployment Insurance Agency Director Steve Gray received $85,872 in a November 2020 agreement reported by M Live. At least two other high-ranking Michigan officials have reportedly received similar deals from Whitmer’s administration in recent days.

The agreement included Gray’s resignation and to “release all claims” against the state of Michigan. The pay represents severance from November 2020 to June 1, 2021.

Governor Whitmer now faces scrutiny over the agreement. When asked if the payment was used to silence the former state official, she responded, “I really bristle at that characterization.”

The agreement also drew attention as it followed reports of two similar agreements. Michigan’s former State Health Department Director Robert Gordon received $150,000 after signing his own confidentiality agreement.

The state’s former Senior Deputy Director for Policy and Planning Administration Sarah Etsy signed a confidentiality agreement involving a $12,000 payment.

Michigan’s Republicans have expressed concern regarding these actions, meeting Tuesday to discuss their response. One option could include a subpoena of Gordon to question details of the agreement.

Michigan voters also have many questions about the recently-revealed payoffs. As New York Governor Andrew Cuomo faces scrutiny over COVID-19 nursing home death statistics, some wonder whether Whitmer’s silencing includes similar concerns.

The state’s confidential matters are growing increasingly public. Now both Michigan and the rest of America are demanding answers regarding mysterious payments and resignations involving some of the state’s top officials.

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54 Responses

  1. The heat is closing in on this witch and I pray she will be in an ORANGE JUMPSUIT before to long!!!

    1. Yea… She’ll get the same one Hillary is wearing….;..Slicker than Slick Willy, if you get my drift.!

    2. Stuart, hopefully the orange jumpsuit is just the beginning for that witch. I would care less if I picked up the paper and read she caught the coronavirus with a terminal result. Or got run over by a drunk driver….

    3. In my 73 yrs I’ve learned some facts. Whenever a politician resigns or has to leave office, if they are replaced by a black candidate 7 out of 10 blacks end up being twice as crooked! and they claim racism!! Example: that POS obozo!!!

    4. How about Gitmo? Using Dominion voting machines. Michigan tax payers money. Election fraud. She knew & part of it is going against our elected President. Treason

  2. Nothing will happen to her, with the Democrats it’s like being dipped in oil, everything runs off……

    1. Hey Gregory what dose Trump have to with what she is doing with all these payoff jerkoff did you read the article about what she is doing. Boy all you Democrats Rats are sick people.

      1. Gregory, when did you decided this has something to do with Trump? Trump derangement syndrome? Get real & look at what this “witch” has done! She is evil!

    2. Oh the sick, twisted, hate filled words coming from the tiny, brainwashed minds of the lefties never stop do you. DEMONrats are ALL crooked lying cheating thieves that HURT AMERICANS. President Trump may have had dealings with Stormy, but he was a PRIVATE CITIZEN and it only hurt himself and her. NOT THE AMERICAN PEOPLE. It was HIS MONEY, not the TAXPAYERS MONEY, but your hate and brainwashing has gone so deep you can not comprehend that.

      1. too many liberal democrats in Washington dc who think they are are above the law what is going to take for them to be arrested

    3. All the left can do is deflect. You liberals are worse than conservatives when it comes to making decisions. You have no morals or ethics. And when you get caught – as did Joe BIden, Andrew Cuomo and now Whitmer – you blame someone else. Cowards. Liars. No-account dingleberries.

  3. I am just over the Dems and their games yet nothing happens. They just keep depriving the American Citizen and make sure their purses and wallets are filled. Also sick of all they do to make them look like they are not racists. In fact throwing money at them is their way to cover it all up. Also it makes me SICK that most of the stimulus money is not going to individual Americans – instead our taxes are paying their way.

    Finally, stop the masks getting stupid

  4. Nothing to see here. It’s regressive politics as usual. A Dimwit could commit murder and have it buried, never to be prosecuted.

  5. Sorry to say BUT don’t hold your breath she’s a damn demaRat so she,ll probably get off just like killer and the rest of the crooks!

  6. Gregory I don’t know what world you come from but personal affairs about Trump effect two people
    This governor effects millions of people in her state

  7. And it seems, always to be Democratic Gov. that are doing all of this. So you all beware, not to vote in Democrats into the Governors in any state. It is proof, that the MAJORITY OF DEMOCRATS ARE LIARS AND CROOKS AND CAN’T FOLLOW THE CONSTITUTION.

  8. Bristle all you want Caitlin, you are crooked and need to be recalled. Your dispicable actions over the last year show just how devious and evil you are. You’re going down next election unless the good people of Michigan recall you before.

  9. The more and more the officials get into these demonrat givenors the worse it gets. And it always involves money, im saying paying off another person to shut up. Its like watching the godfather. These demknrats are the worst, crooked scumbags i have ever seen in my 60+ years. Never saw corruption in an election until Obummer and creepy Joe. This is very sad. And to see a speaker of the house lie and cheat as much as piglosy does is way over jail time. She should have been locked away years ago for her corruption. We can see that in her nephew corrupt Gov Newsom. They are all corrupt along with Schmitt and Schumer. Where did all their money come from really? Where do our tax dollars really go? More accountability is needed. Someone willing to see both sides and not favor parties so we can find out where our tax dollars are going. Also voting. Our elections have to be fair. Not demonrats running it. They are illegal.

  10. Just how many crimes can these dems commit, before they are arrested?????? Law enforcement, get you act together and arrest these criminals..

  11. President Trump is the first president in my almost 79 years that told the people what he was going to do and done it. Never took any salary for his four years in office. He lost money being president. He was leading the country to prosperity because he loved America. After four years of looking the DumboRats using the FBI could not find any dirt or criminal activity. Thank you Mr. President!!!

    Don’t know if any Democrats that could stand that scrutiny

  12. Give Gretch a SHOVEL. She’s gonna be the target of subordinates she’s screwed and they’ll start spewing info that will dig her own political grave! Before you “throw dirt” you’d better be prepared to EAT IT!

  13. I READ YESTERDAY HILARY WAS DOING SOMETHING IN THE WHITE HOUSE AND SO IS OBAMA! We all knew this isn’t something that Biden could actually think up since he lost his marbles as a kid., and all he wanted his whole life was to be President. They should have given him some marbles and make him President of the Nursing home or crazy house.

  14. The way I figure it, there is nothing too illegal for democrats to get and keep power. They only have two problems; 1. They think they are smarter than the rest of us. They do ignorant things like ballot box stuffing and paying off people to keep them quiet.
    2. They are too stupid to realize that they aren’t. Once they are caught then they play the (victim-race-or whatever deflection tactic) card. Then they try the SJW route. When all else fails just claim everyone else is wrong and stay the course.
    It is a pity but it is the truth


    1. I agree Neil, it’s also true in NY, CA, OR, WA, PENN, NEV, etc…. the mindless or clueless people voted for them!

      1. You cant forget Wisconsin and the governor of Minnesota Waltz, he placed covid patients in nursing homes that died..

  16. Mitch McConnells’ wife is just as bad taken transportation money for her own use and familys use! She will get away with it just like Biden and the rest of the gang. Poor politicians they do not make enough money and have to steal from us! That is why McConnell would not give us the stimulas check we deserves, because his wife spent it! Do ypu people know what they are teaching our kids in school? It is disgusting, if I had a kid in school, they would not go to public schools. I would not allow my kid to be taught that stuff!

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  20. i cant wait untill deathly hallows is released. Its too bad its likely to be in 2 segments. Thats likely to make harry potter nerds like my self insane.

  21. Sick! Just obtained a brand-new Pearl and I can now read your blog on my phone’s browser, it didn’t do the job on my previous 1.

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