October 6, 2022

Gretchen Whitmer reportedly paid off former official to resign

A new report reveals Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer was caught (D) paying a third Michigan official in exchange for resigning and signing a confidentiality agreement.

Former Michigan Unemployment Insurance Agency Director Steve Gray received $85,872 in a November 2020 agreement reported by M Live. At least two other high-ranking Michigan officials have reportedly received similar deals from Whitmer’s administration in recent days.

The agreement included Gray’s resignation and to “release all claims” against the state of Michigan. The pay represents severance from November 2020 to June 1, 2021.

Governor Whitmer now faces scrutiny over the agreement. When asked if the payment was used to silence the former state official, she responded, “I really bristle at that characterization.”

The agreement also drew attention as it followed reports of two similar agreements. Michigan’s former State Health Department Director Robert Gordon received $150,000 after signing his own confidentiality agreement.

The state’s former Senior Deputy Director for Policy and Planning Administration Sarah Etsy signed a confidentiality agreement involving a $12,000 payment.

Michigan’s Republicans have expressed concern regarding these actions, meeting Tuesday to discuss their response. One option could include a subpoena of Gordon to question details of the agreement.

Michigan voters also have many questions about the recently-revealed payoffs. As New York Governor Andrew Cuomo faces scrutiny over COVID-19 nursing home death statistics, some wonder whether Whitmer’s silencing includes similar concerns.

The state’s confidential matters are growing increasingly public. Now both Michigan and the rest of America are demanding answers regarding mysterious payments and resignations involving some of the state’s top officials.


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