August 1, 2021

Grenell: Comey, Brennan lied to the American people, should face jail time

Former acting Director of National Intelligence (DNI) Richard Grenell announced on Sunday that he believes that some of those involved with perpetuating the “Obamagate” scandal are due for serious jail time. 

As the election draws ever closer, it’s more important than ever to release the documents pertaining to the Russia collusion hoax in order to expose those in the Obama administration that abused their power to spy on the Trump campaign.

Grenell, who spent just a few short months as DNI in early 2020, was instrumental in releasing previously-classified documents shedding light on the Russia collusion hoax.

Grenell told Fox’s Sunday Morning Futures that it’s obvious that the Russia collusion investigation was a “hoax” that “career intelligence officials” were aware of and weaponized to attack Donald Trump.

Now, it’s time for justice to be served, according to the former intelligence official.

“We now know that not only was this a Russian collusion hoax but that it was known to be a Russian collusion hoax by career intelligence officials. And that’s a really big distinction,” Grenell told host Maria Bartiromo.

“We now know that insiders in the government at the CIA, at DOJ, at FBI, they knew that this was a Russian collusion hoax, and they allowed it to go forward for a variety of reasons,” he continued. “They were convinced that Hillary would win, and they didn’t really want to challenge Goliath. They thought that their careers could be benefited if they just shut up.”

Grenell said that the “key” to the “whole argument” is that prominent former Obama administration officials such as Former FBI director James Comey and former CIA director John Brennan — among others — are “saying that they didn’t know that this was a Russian collusion hoax.”

“Their people knew, and so what we need to figure out is what level are these individuals going to go to jail,” Grenell declared. “Somebody needs to go to jail and be prosecuted first, obviously, and this is a slam dunk. They lied to the American people. They knew a truth, and they hid the truth. This can never happen again. We cannot allow our government to weaponize information to hold it back.”

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98 Responses

    1. Exactly. Hillary, Obama, Jarrett…the whole nine yards of them, need to have their day in court…or should i say the
      American public should have their day in court with them. They are treasonous…and there is a price to be paid for that…not more sweeping it under the proverbial rug!

      1. Please, Restore our confidence in our government,they answer to the law like everyone else,or our country isn’t any better then some of these other countries.

        1. Its gonna take more than hanging Obama and company to restore confidence in the US government. They shot their wad long ago.

      2. And make them pay back ALL the money wasted of OUR taxes back to WE the People! They all got rich and we got lies and had to pay for it? bo, it was said only had a few hundred dollars when he illegaly took the office! THEN came OUT a MILLIONAIRE? HMMMMMMM SMELLS BAD!

        1. Agree!!!!!! They “took” the American people, for all they could (illegally). When will the American people, wake up and realize they are the stooges!!!! Those “thieves” have been “gleefully” enjoying, what they took from the American’s and thought they were getting by with it. Time for them to “face the consequences” of their “did the crime; pay the time”!!!!!! Prison isn’t good enough for what they’ve “knowingly” done to us, “we the people”!!!!!!

        1. I have said this all along! We need to see a huge gallows built on the White House front lawn. Why there? Because it was through the White House and the ovomit “administration” that we have hate for cops on such a grand scale, the outright hatred for our Constitution and the rule of law!! We MUST hang babbling barry (and MICHAEL), nutty nancy, senile joe, crazy maxine, crooked hillary (and bj bill), comey, brennan, susan rice, and crooked chuckie!

          1. I agree 100% but I bet nothing happens. I couldn’t believe our country could vote for someone named Obama. I’ve a registered democrat since 1977. I didn’t vote for Clinton either time. I voted for both Bushes but didn’t care for either. I didn’t vote Obama’s second time around because it sucked on both sides. Trump wasn’t my choice but I voted for him and will again.
            Money controls things and I don’t think we will see Obama or Hillary go to prison. I wish Hillary would pay for what happened in Benghazi. I can’t stand to see her face.
            Trump/Pence 2020!

      3. There is plenty of evidence Mr. Durham. AG Barr,
        so let ‘er loose. don’t make us wait any longer, now is the time!!! or is justice not going to be served???

    2. I am very pessimistic. I’ve heard the facts and theories for years now and nothing gets done. Doesn’t anyone have the fortitude to make this happen?

      1. I’m in full agreement with you, Frank. Everyone knows of their corruption and treason, but NO ONE seems to do their jobs and throw their [email protected]@@s in jail. I’m sick of hearing this for years, but nothing being done about it!

      1. They will have to go to jail for sedition and treason!. If not, we know that our system is totally broken, we have crumbled into a third world country and rapidly becoming a totalitarian state. This can NOT happen! We are strong, and NO ONE IS ABOVE the LAW! STAND UP AMERICANS!

      1. why doesn’t Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff, & Jerry Nadler have the ability to expose, catch & bring to justice & remove people of the Democratic party from office? Those of the organization she belongs to, or they belong to are not free of laws, they have the same laws every American citizen does, & they are fully grown up adults who know the laws better.

      So much more exposed by Judicial Watch and others by foia lawsuits, and still fighting with our own government departments, branches, agencies and organizations. WHY HAVEN’T ALL THE TRUTH BEEN RELEASED YET? WHY ARE THEY STILL COVERING UP THE TRUTH?

      1. Scott if all the guilty in DC were put in jail, there wouldn’t be anyone left there. The best thing would be to execute all guilty parties and start over again. There are still a few good and honest people in government.

    4. Why the delay and stonewalling???? They have the pRoof, There is plenty of evidence Mr. Durham. AG Barr,
      so let ‘er loose. dont make us wait any longer, now is the time!!! or is justice not going to be served???

    5. Trump needs to order all information be available to public now–not next week now—-Trump still has a lot of deep state around him needs to put Grenell over releasing info——————–SEMPER FI

    1. Someone has to go to prison for their crimes, to prove that the Legal System still works, or the alternative:
      America will see that their legal system is rigged. America will see that their Political System is rigged.
      If there is no penalty for Gov’t employees who engage in sedition, then it will never stop.
      This is not lost on Barr, Durham and Trump.

        1. Eye for an eye ,Treason ,War Crimes is what it is Obama, Clinton and John Kerry Gave the Money to Iran which was used to fund Isis (which Obama would not say ). Isis Killed our Military Men and Women fighting for our Country with those funds!

      1. Hillary clinton has been hiding behind the truth about her negligence, putting America at harms way, by deleting her e-mails. If any private citizen would have done anything like that, no questions asked, we would seriously face court, and convicted for treason.

        1. I thought no one was above the law! But they throw it in President Trump’s face all the time. Especially those who are directly involved in this scam.

    2. You are totally right Mark…………none of these corrupt scumbags will ever serve a day and our corrupt justice system will see to it……you and me, common people cant spit on a sidewalk without going to jail but these above the law crooks can do as they please and get away with it scot free………..

        1. Mean while the people who actually need the stimulus are loosing everything. Defund congress and use that $$ for the American people.

    3. Hopefully if Trump is re-elected they will be going to prison but if Cameltoe Harris Biden win you’ll never hear another word about it

      1. Trump will be going to jail for lying to the people, actually I don’t think he ever told the truth on anything.

        1. It would help if you would put some facts in yo post. You are just like me, you were not there to see anything happen so stop looking stupid for opening yo mouth.

        2. Trump has only fulfilled his promises to America and he could do more if Nonsense Policy aka Nancy Pelosi would stay in her place and not try to dictate.

        3. Verne and idiots like it are the reason this country will not be an acceptable place to live by another 5 years, or sooner,,,

    4. Well, if someone strong in the Supreme Court should grant a court date for these criminals, with a huge state jury.

    5. Yes they do, they think that the whole world is theirs and nobody can stop them !! What makes things even worse is that one of the main characters in the treasonous act that was neck deep in it is now running for president and thinks we are too stupid to do anything about it, the worst thing is that a lot of our own citizens actually are !! We must make sure that Biden can never get in the white house, no matter what, he is a traitor to every decent American and does not deserve to live a free life !!!

  1. Start with Both Obama’s and then right down the line, Biden, Pelosi, Schumer, the entire crew that were trying to Impeach Trump, then start with the rest of the Chickens in the DemonRat party

    1. Be sure and don’t forget crooked Hillary and pedophile Bill Clinton they should be the first to go and last to get out except maybe for Pelosi

      1. The Clinton’s should have been arrested for the crimes they committed in Arkansas.
        People died while they were in the White House but it all seems to have been swept under the carpet.
        The Obama administration
        and all their scandalous friends.
        Man where does it end

      2. 👌 we can only hope! Damn!! Killer Killary and Slick Willie have gotten away with too much for too long, they are so smug when they comment on Trump and the electioñ. …and to think, Basement Biden who has lied since he learned to talk and blackmailed Burisma to make his ‘less than honorable’ son, Hunter a millionaire.
        Dems are Dirty and should face the courts the same as the average citizen.

    2. Treason. They ALL should hang for it. The penalty fir treason is hanging. Don’t just pin this on a few ‘smaller fry’. Get All the way to the top leaders. They did this to not only our President but to each of us. We, the people, are America. We need to be able to trust and feel secure in the founding principles of this nation. The 3 branches and all offices of such need to be above reproach.

  2. Comey couldn’t recall much concerning his criminal behavior during his hearing, yet he wrote a book and remembered everything.

  3. I seriously doubt anyone will serve jail time which they should, but bringing these facts,not accusations but cold hard facts that the Democraps are all crooks who care NOTHING about this great country and its people just before the election will open everyone’s eyes to the biggest crime in political history. God bless President Trump.

  4. They will never see the inside of a jail. MONEY TALKS!! There won’t be anybody to testify against them, because they will be too scared too!! COUNT THE BODIE!! Besides, they will buy them off, OR ELSE!!!

  5. I can’t imagine that that these 2 thoroughly disgraced law enforcement officials (FBI’s James Comey & CIA’s John Brennan) believe that the public thinks they’re not involved? Give me a break! These ex-choir boys should be held for treason & clearances stripped! It’s time to clean house (DOJ, FBI, & CIA) and it’s exceptionally disgusting when it’s the nation’s top LE agencies with that smear on their names! Not good for business! They will never be able to redeem their once smearless reputation!


  7. This is sad for the American public to know that there is so much distrust in our judicial system. Obviously big money has a far reaching long arm. When Comey announced that they couldn’t find fault with “Hilarious” prior to the 2016 election my gut feeling it was a bulls–t story.
    The taxpayers and decent citizens have been paid millions of dollars of wasted tax revenue. The penalty should be swift and long term jail time. The very thought of how pompous Comey, Brennan and the rest of the individuals should be immediately jailed, with no bond, until they are judged by a jury of citizens. This jury should be screened to a point that there is no special influence possible. I guess Obama is chewing his fingernails to his elbows, since all of his cronies are getting busted one by one.

  8. Barr and Durham both should go to jail for obstruction to justice. They have sat on most of the facts they’ve had for almost two years. It is time to get all of them so that the swamp will remember that no one is exempt from obeying the law when it comes to treason.

    1. The only thing that makes this situation political( in Barr’s mind) is because of his inability to get the case up and going a few months ago when he first got the evidence!

  9. Obama, Biden, H. Clinton, Comey, Rice, Clapper, Brennan and others should be arrested, tried and put in prison for treason and crimes against the constitution. They should be fined for all of the millions of dollars that were wasted on an unneeded investigation Of President Trump. The Democrats Have become the party of hate, evil and now communism.

  10. Elected officials should be held to the highest of standards. Those that violate the laws, need to be punished at the same level as the rest of us. They shouldn’t get special breaks. They shouldn’t get special treatment. They are our equal, not our superior. They work FOR US, not the other way around. Until we shove this down their throats, we will be the ones to suffer. There is no excuse for what is happening in this nation. DC is acting like a bunch of two year old children. The more you allow them to break their toys, and keep replacing them with bigger and better versions, the more money you will be spending and the bigger brats you will be producing and supporting.

    1. Agreed most
      Absolutely. Over the years the Demorats have gotten so smug that they react to the USA Citizens with such
      distain; examples are in the many questioning citizens and they’re being ridiculed, Biden has shown this attitude many times. Look at the Left’s reaction of anger and violence.

  11. Just vote TRUMP ! They are so sure, “again “ he will lose and all will be forgotten. O’Bamy, Hillary and Joe all together in the “ Big House “. How Fitting

  12. It needs to be addressed and punish those that are responsible for this! Sooner than later! Hopefully the truth comes out before the election!

  13. Waiting for the other shoe to drop 👞
    Been waiting a long time
    Will it really happen?
    Jail time?🤦🏻🤷‍♀️

  14. We keep hearing this over and over again but nothing is happening. Once the election is done, everything will disappear. No one will be charged and the swamp will still be taking its private money and keep trying to get rid of the president. Getting fed up with all the accusations.

  15. Totally Agree, they all need to go to jail, would be nice if we could band them from the U.S forever.

    1. You can’t just arrest these type of criminals, they MUST be delt with in a more permanent fashion !!! That’s why the penalty for treason is as harsh as it is !!! Everyone involved Must be taken care of !!!

  16. I think why would it disappear ? Trump’s the President and Muller was appointed to investigate him . So why would it end just because a Democrate could be in . But thats a joke nobodys that demented ?

  17. Clintons have over a 120 serial murders tied to them now , and NOT ONE of those crimes sticks ? ! Let alone all the counts of sedition & high treason / attempted coup they have done !

  18. My question is… how much taxpayer dollars were wasted on the entire effort from day one to now.

    1. Pelosi’s the one that started the impeachment lie . And when it came out that they impeached our President over made up lies how is it that Pelosi and the rest weren’t prosecuted ? Has anyone noticed that she seems to have more power than our President ?

  19. Aside from Comey, Brennan, Clapper and others facing not less than 2 years prison time, the real instigator, Hillary Cliinton, should be facing not less than 5 years in prison along with each being fined the total costs of the Muller investigation along with all court costs. Pending trial, a $5,000,000 cash only bail should be set on each of them.
    Otherwise, the taxpayer gets hit with picking up the total costs of those trying to overthrow our government. They committed treason and nothing less.

  20. The Demon-crates. What have they done to my party? Criminalized it to benefit themselves and their families. SOCIALSIM. Like living in Russia, or an Indian Reservation! Native Americans for Trump 2020!

  21. We all know that, who the hell is going to arrest them and when. enough trying to justify your work, Arrest them and prove to us you did a good job. Do it now.

  22. Is the DOJ capable of arresting anyone or just able to investigate for years? How much evidence do they need to press charges and arrest wrongdoers? Do you have any idea of the total number of pages they have collected, but nothing ever happens. I just don’t understand how they can tell us how much evidence they have collected, but can’t seem to ever pull the trigger. I’m tired of the excuses. Why do I have to obey ALL the rules, but politicians obey none?

  23. If Feeble Senile Biden, and Crooked Kamala are elected, everything will be slipped under the rug.

    All investigations, and all the taxpayer money spent for investigations, will be for nothing!

    Why do you think Obama worked so hard to get Hillary elected in 2016, and now he’s doing it again with Biden, and Harris?
    He and Harris are good friends, and both Biden, and Harris will keep every corrupt thing he did, hidden!
    Obama really doesn’t want anybody to know, what he wasted 10 trillion taxpayer dollars on, in 8 short years!

    1. I can’t believe that Obama actually thinks that people care what that crook says , he’s hitting the campaign telling with Biden and he thinks that will make people change their minds about crooked Biden and Obama’s a big crook also . Biden And Harris have set up a fund to bail out violent criminals. What does that tell you .

  24. It’s time for all of these criminal Democrats to be put in jail bar and Durham must send these criminals to prison All the evidence is coming out that Obama and everybody it worked under him tried to take out this great president president Donald John Trump I do believe the end is close and we believe President Trump Will win reelection

  25. These pos committed acts of treason against the country jail time is not appropriate punishment they should all get the death penalty and be hung. A couple of years in prison is not a deterrent for the next pos that wants to try it again.

  26. FBI director Comey announced that Clinton did wrong but are not going to charge her. William Barr needs to announce before the election about Biden being charged. I don’t think Biden didn’t know. HE DID..

  27. Yep, all who were/are involved in lying and cheating in an attempt to destroy President Trump can honestly be known as TRAITORS, and TRAITORS NEED TO BE TRIED AND PUNISHED. In years past TRAITORS were hanged, shot, etc. I would be pleased if these TRAITORS HAD TO BE IMPRISONED, AND FORCED TO DO HARD LABOR. They have tried, and are still trying to overthrow our government so that they can forevermore OWN THE USA so that they can have ALL THE POWER AND ALL THE MONEY. I see them as dispicable. If foreignors were doing to us what OUR PEOPLE in government has been doing, we would have them either in prison or in front of a firing squad. The traitors of today are WORSE AND DO MORE HARM THAN THE TRAITORS OF WWI AND WWII DID. I WANT THEM PUNISHED, BIG TIME.

  28. Arrest them all! Start with Obutthead, killary, slick willie, Piglosi, Schumer, big eyed shiff, little twerp Nadler, Comey, Brennan, clapper, and ALL involved in this travesty! They are traitors, enemies of our country and need the maximum penalty for treason, sedition, anti American activity as soon as possible. None of them are above the law! Come on Durham and Barr, get this done before the election! Show us that we DO have a fair justice system!

  29. “Their people knew, and so what we need to figure out is what level are these individuals going to go to jail.” ?????
    What in God’s name does this mean ?
    It’s simple . You drag them over the brimstone and hand out maximum sentences for their deceit, their lies, their disregard for Our Laws, and the Rights of those innocent individuals they destroyed. And for those guilty of Treason, I would expect them to be executed upon conviction.
    And let the Civil Suits begin concurrently with the Criminal Trials to allow those devastated by these false charges to regain their dignity and a comfortable lifestyle for them and their families. The other victims.
    There is absolutely no way these slime balls can be overly prosecuted, and that should extend right up to the highest office holders in our government who had knowledge, and were complicit, be it Obama, Biden, or anyone else.

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