February 24, 2021

Greg Gutfeld issues statement on cancellation of “Live PD”

We’re in the middle of a “cancel craze.” And the latest victim of that craze is one of the nation’s most popular shows, “Live PD.”

“Live PD” is a reality show that features police departments across the country, doing their jobs in the face of challenging circumstances. It shows officers at their best and their worst, and often, at their most mundane.

It’s also enormously popular, with millions tuning in every week.

Greg Gutfeld is host of his own show on Fox, and a co-host of the popular daytime program “The Five,” also on Fox. He’s no stranger to controversy, and he didn’t hold back about the cancellation of “Live PD” when the topic came up.


It’s a scary time for America, and it’s also a time of cowards. Fewer and fewer public figures are willing to stand up against the cancel culture, preferring to cower, apologize, and hide, hoping that the mob will have mercy.

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