December 4, 2020

Greg Gutfeld issues statement on cancellation of “Live PD”

We’re in the middle of a “cancel craze.” And the latest victim of that craze is one of the nation’s most popular shows, “Live PD.”

“Live PD” is a reality show that features police departments across the country, doing their jobs in the face of challenging circumstances. It shows officers at their best and their worst, and often, at their most mundane.

It’s also enormously popular, with millions tuning in every week.

Greg Gutfeld is host of his own show on Fox, and a co-host of the popular daytime program “The Five,” also on Fox. He’s no stranger to controversy, and he didn’t hold back about the cancellation of “Live PD” when the topic came up.


It’s a scary time for America, and it’s also a time of cowards. Fewer and fewer public figures are willing to stand up against the cancel culture, preferring to cower, apologize, and hide, hoping that the mob will have mercy.

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63 Responses

  1. Like!! I blog quite often and I genuinely thank you for your information. The article has truly peaked my interest.

  2. All these politicians that are in office are the ones that when they were kids were bullied and now that they have some backing they are showing that they can run over everyone to show they can be bullies too.

    1. why would anyone take our favorite shows away. This is extreme censurship and will NOT be tolerated. Leave our shows along. All of them, including cartoons with Elmer Fud and the wraskly warrit. This is America and since when do we answer to this kind of extreme authority? Stop treating Americans like mind dead idiots.

  3. 800,000 police and a few bad cops (all professions have some) set the United States on fire. That will solve everything.
    These are Riots and not about Mr. Floyd. They are Hate filled Riots. MSDNC says peaceful protest as THE BUILDINGS BURN BEHIND HIM in plain view.

    1. Thank u for ur comment I couldn’t agree with u more We decent Law Abiding Americans HAVE to stand up to the thugs and STOP ALL THE EVIL INSANITY Thank u

    2. ”””””””””””””””””””””””thank you Barry Brown, You said it just right.

    3. I think we have more Democrats in government that are crooks than we have in Law Enforcement.
      Omar’s a good one.
      Why hasn’t the Democrats deported her!?

    4. I agree totally! They dont even know who G. Floyd is.! Now, look at CHOP and the kind of people seen roaming around, drug addicts, folks who look out of a mental instituton, others with what looks like aka in their hand. WHO are these folks?
      I know you will probably censor me. Let me tell you YOU WILL NEVER SILENCE ME, so do whatever.

  4. Have you figured it out yet people. The Conservatives have been trying to get the word out but when the media refuses to allow truth you get constant propaganda. Trump is bad & Republicans are racist and want to take away your healthcare, and a bunch of lies! Who flooded our borders w/illegals they now want to have vote, destroying our history, use political correctness to control, shame conservative blacks, Hire, yes Hire Black Lives Matter & Antifa to commit treason against our country & pretend they did it for George Floyd! If they had they would not have murdered blacks during their thuggery! The goal of the Democrats is A ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT OF Communism, whole world folks with NO MIDDLE CLASS, just severe poverty & them, the elitist Democrats. You will rue the day give them the power, however, they may take it through “VOTING THEIR WAY “! This is dead serious, folks it’s happening right before your eyes. Apparently people are scared to death to cross them because so many people can’t be that stupid!

    1. gutfield has one of the best shows on, so if you want a disgusting example of human. look at polesi and shummer now that’s a poor excuse of human and evil to the core.

    2. Your just plain nasty. Greg speaks his mind and is not a coward. I’m sure you must be a Juan Williams fan You sound like a torched democrat. Go move to Chaz, I’m sure you’ll fit right in.

      1. I have an idea, let’s cancel the dems/libs from this country. We can take away their citizenships per the constitution, and make them idiots without a country. It’s been done before. No other country will take them because they don’t deal with pigs. We don’t tolerate nazis in this country at all.

    3. Why? Because he makes sense? These moronic liberal decisions are right up there with 12 different genders f sex.

    4. WRONG! Hes a patriot and loves America. But look around, maybe at yourself, who are you rooting for? The marxists? then you are a disgusting example of an AMERICAN!

  5. This would be #1 show “NO PD” and watch as criminals tear the crap out of the radical left communities!

  6. 1st. Amendment Mandates it is broadcast. End of Story. I don’t like and it is against my Beliefs 90% of what is in the news and being championed. (Suck it up like I do) Cancelers Can Not win the argument so it is Canceled.

  7. This is totally UNACCEPTABLE!!!! I challenge Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, or any other streaming service to greenlight Live PD every week. So Disappointed in A&E!!!

  8. We the people want our country back. Most of all Democrats are evil. You were voted into office for the people not to run the people. I want my country back. Who’s with me?

  9. There are a lot of gutless people running around these days. We built this land kill on being God centered. Where is God now in any of these terrorists destroying, burning, hating, killing, now??
    Is everyone cowering from these terrorists? Make a stand, bring this country back to worshipping Jesus Christ! Jesus was not a doormat. He will grace everyone who turns away from their wicked ways. HE is the only ONE who can save you to everlasting life.

  10. Live PD is a great show that shows people the situations that your average Police Officer goes through on a typical shift. I brings back many memories as I will see something that often has happened to me something that has exactly happened to me that I can show and explain to my wife and kids. It also points out the ENTIRE exchange between the public and the suspects and the suspect will make complaints tht are untrue and obvious when you see the ENTIRE tapes. This show SHOULD REMAIN ON THE AIR!

  11. Cancelling of Live PD is one of the most dastardly acts I have seen a network ever do!! The officers seen on this show have been the most professional and skilled of any I have ever seen in public and on other shows! They are a great example to our youth of how you can be a a major service to our communities and make our communities a better place to live!! PUT THEM BACK NOW OR SHUT DOWN YOUR ENTIRE NETWORK!!!!

    1. We are going through a time where the Lynch mob is running democracy very very sad. To cancel the show because a few people get their feelings hurt there’s no reason if he shows not making money then that’s another story

  12. George Floyd was a tragic story then by a totally out-of-control cop that had no business being on the police force. To try and destroy your nation by radical takeover is just wrong and has no place in America. Peaceful protest that’s one thing destroying a communityIt’s totally out of line and should not be tolerated

  13. To cancel the program is trampling on my rights those that don’t like it can simply switch channels. What gives them the right to take my freedom away?

  14. What we need to do is cancel our paid TV subscription, take away the money from these people, then maybe they will put on the programs WE want to watch/ no more political correction Bull Crap. Money talks & BULL S- – T walks!! WAKE UP AMERICA!!

  15. I think it’s about time we need to cancel BET , WE network , OWN , the Reality Programs. I’m not watching any sports that to include NFL, NASCAR, Soccer. This is to the point it isn’t about George Floyd, never was . He was no saint but the left is treating him like one. He was a criminal that got caught. These hate groups are being paid to destroy and take down our Police forces and dictate what we can watch. There is an OFF button for what you don’t care to watch. Taking guns away from cartoon characters , REALLY?. When was the last time a cartoon character killed a person . Paw Patrol is a CHILDRENS cartoon character . Again…REALLY. Time for this to STOP !!!!!

  16. I think every white Hollywood actor should quit there job and give it to a black person to prove they are not racist, and live everyday lives like we do, and see how they like being told that they are racist,see if they like being preached too.

  17. The mop of controlled by money and if course stupidy plain a d simple they instigate a problem, getting film of course as they run and hide in nest like rats, edit film,they just postion themselfs to cause trouble, old trick used in jr high by small RAT packs,start trouble with one isolated white kid he stands up for his protection then here come the rat pack, five on one,can not stand one on one for fear of getting ass kicked. Do the same thing now, get high pull up in line at windy lay down in car block normal people from getting their order,just to cause troubl,then wonder why he is dead need more police not fewer. Liberals when they need a cop, no one shows

  18. I guess Live PD was cancaled because they do not want shown just how many blacks commit crimes, and I do not like it being cancaled, I just may cancel my dish subcrition, seems like some can tell other what to do

  19. Send the military in and shoot all the communist bastards!! …..all of them! If it were the kkk that done what these communist bastards are doing right now, they would ALL be shot. Make no mistake about it. The majority of the people here in the USA are scared of these radical communists who call themselves….. antifa and blm. Stand up and grow some balls before it’s too late! These terrorists must be done away with……whatever it takes.

    1. I agree with Barry – wake up people and take some drastic steps to stop these “commies” or we will not have a free country.

  20. Democrats have a choke hold on America ! There worse than the police , it’s historically stupid . As for B L M Our prisons need refilling . And they deserve it .

  21. This is the Democratic Communist Party in action.
    What they do doesn’t need to make sense. Rarely does it.
    They’re a criminal organization, engaging in wide-spread criminal activities. Mostly
    Politically oriented. They activate, and direct the criminal services of their
    Organization: Antifa, BLM to do their bidding.
    Barack Hussein Obama manifested early anti-police sentiment. A page right out of the Communist Party Handbook. After all, if you’re going to engage in criminal activities, you don’t want the police around. But for the Democratic Communist Party, even the smallest existence of “something police” troubles them. This is why “Live PD” is being cancelled. The Democratic Communist Party has even worked to get rid of “Paw Patrol”. With the hatred they have created toward Law Enforcement in the minds of Antifa and BLM; the Democratic Communist Party is complicit in the killings of police officers during these riots, as well as the attempted murders.
    Barack Hussein Obama
    Michelle Obama
    Joe Biden
    Nancy Pelosi
    George Soros, and others yet to be named.
    And, all the operators of the OFA, as well as several ranking Democrats, should be charged with the murders of all law enforcement officers and civilians during the current riots. The riots are ongoing, and all future murders should be charged as well.

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