June 30, 2022

Greek leaders promise ‘ruthless’ crackdown on unvaxxed healthcare workers

The Greek Health Ministry has announced it would be ruthless in opposition to healthcare workers who oppose vaccination and present fake vaccination certification.

“False certificates are a problem that is upsetting us a lot. I think there is a very small number of them right now and these can be checked,” Deputy Health Minister Mina Gaga said, according to Breitbart News.

“Legal action will be taken in those cases where fraud is confirmed and we will be ruthless,” Gaga added.

The emergence of fake vaccination cards has increased as more places require the controversial shots. Global News Canada reported last week about a cybersecurity expert who found fake papers for as low as $12.

“Fake vaccination papers can be bought for as little as $12, a cyber security expert said, adding that the number of listings had mushroomed since they first started appearing in late February,” the outlet tweeted.

However, it’s not all fun for those who are caught. A traveler to Hawaii was arrested for using a fake vaccination card, highlighting the harsh consequences among those caught with the false credential.

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