June 14, 2021

Graham: Trump is ready to ‘rebuild,’ is ‘excited’ for 2022

If you’re concerned about former President Donald Trump’s state of mind after being acquitted in a Senate impeachment trial for a second time, don’t be.

According to The Hill, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) made clear in a Fox News interview with host Chris Wallace that Trump is feeling pretty good about how the impeachment trial proceeded and revealed that he’s “ready to move on and rebuild the Republican Party,” adding that Mr. Trump is also “excited about 2022.” 

The good news came on the heels of one of the fastest impeachments in American history. Though Trump came technically closer to a conviction this time with a 57-43 vote, he escaped unharmed and apparently more fired up than ever before.

Graham went on to say that Trump “was grateful to his lawyers,” though he admitted that the former president was “mad at some folks,” which was a revelation that Wallace immediately pressed, suggesting that one of the people Trump might be angry with is Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY).

McConnell held his cards close to his chest throughout the impeachment proceedings, raising concerns in the party that he might lean toward voting to convict the 45th president. But that was settled in the final vote as the Kentucky senator joined his Republican colleagues and voted for an acquittal.

But that didn’t stop McConnell from tearing into Trump in a Senate floor speech shortly after the vote, in which he very clearly insisted that Trump was responsible for the Jan. 6 Capitol riots.

“I think Sen. McConnell’s speech — he got a load off his chest but unfortunately put a load on the back of Republicans,” Graham said. He added that McConnell’s speech will be very attractive bait for Democrats to use in campaign ads for the 2022 midterm elections, especially for vulnerable Republican seats across the country.

Graham went on to assure Wallace that he believes McConnell’s feelings on the matter are not shared by a majority of Republican senators.

In recent weeks, Trump’s advisers, along with the former president himself, have announced that he will play an active role in bolstering certain Republican candidates in the upcoming 2022 midterms, as Politico reported last month.

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75 Responses

    1. We should all be praying for President Trump and should be working right now for the impeachment of all the illegitimately elected liers that have taken over our nation’s house. WAKE UP AMERICA.

        1. The only one that has worked for America is President Trump!!!!!!!!ask the pipeline workers………the children out of school………the depraved thieves of the Lincoln project………Mitch Macconell with a Chinese wife with ties to the CCP, …………..the failure to distribute the vaccine……….the broke California economy……….it only has taken them 2 months………..lets wait for the invasion from the southern border…….

      1. Do you think President Trump called his followers to action for the country or for his own good? I believe he has always shown that he was in office for the American people. He tried to call in the National Guard to rule out the evil happening in many states, not sponsored or approved of by him. On January 6th, he was accused of instigating a riot. I think the rioters for the most part went to the state house intent on their own form of devastation. The guy who entered into the state house chamber in very strange clothes said he didn’t support President Trump.

        The woman murdered in the state house shouldn’t have been there, it was her own fault that she was in the wrong place at the wrong time. My mom always told us, “Your known by the company you keep.” Maybe she shouldn’t have been around those insurrectionists.

        You could say Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters, Chuck Schumer, etal were calling for punishing the GOP who were out in a public place, just minding their own business.

        If anything comes from civil matters being thrust upon President Trump, these people need to be charged with crimes and misdemeanors. Is anyone ready to stand up and hold them accountable? I sure hope so.

        1. If, you looked closely at the supposedlypoluce not a one of them had any marking on their clothes showing they were officers of the law. They were not helping to let the rioters out they were probably paid to go in dressed the way they were and hoping people would not notice their clothes were improper!! Open your eyes people look where the rioters actually came from!!!!

        2. I think the incitement on Jan 6 was pre-planned by radical, homegrown terrorists who dragged in a few Trump supporters so they could blame it on Trump. I also believe some members of the Deep State were involved. I think the purpose was to stop the investigation of voter fraud.

      2. Amen!! This is something that all the people should be in constant prayer holding our President Donald Trump beforeThe Lord daily. I know my prayers will certainly be going forward.
        Joe biden will never be acknowledged as a president to me!!!
        He is being led by several evil people making him believe they are behind him. Look out Big Man your so called friends are laughing at you behind your back. Poor Jill just wants to be in with the crowd and maybe she just does not care!!!

      3. Amen to that! I live with two women who voted for Biden and you should have heard them in their response to what Trump’s Lawyers did! They actually thought they were stupid to have used the Democrats words against them lol…..Their Not Asleep Their in a COMA!! As most people who could even consider that what the Democrats did was ok….Common Sense has LEFT THE HOUSE and the SENATE! It’s LEFT a long time ago and replaced it with INSANITY!!

      4. Amen You did a very good job of pointing that out in your defense arguments. I am so happy someone has had the backbone to stand up to the Democrats and the media. Great job and great win for America.

    2. I agree and pelosi and the other communist needs to be investigated, have answer for their CRIMES and be jailed for them. What a bunch of idiots.

    3. McConnell needs to go. We don’t want him representing us any longer. McConnell would be out of a job if it wasn’t for Trump. MCCONNELL NEEDS TO RETIRE.

    1. I am behind President Trump 100%. I just want to say that my thoughts and heart are with the people in Texas, especially in the Dallas are with this very cold weather and most all are without electricity or heat. There has been some deaths….. OK AOC, BIDEN, KERRY, THIS SURE IS GLOBAL “WARMING” AT ITS BEST, RIGHT?????

    2. All of the Dems, including Pelosi, Schumer, Soros, the High Tech Execs, all contrived this violence in advance at the White House. The FBI indicated this was a pre-planned violent act. The people indicated in this were behind this pre-planned violent act so they could blame our Beloved Donald J. Trump. It is time that not only Re-Call Mitch McConnell, but every Dem and RINO all need to be Re-Called. Everyone of them are involved in this destruction of America. The Dems and the RINOS including the Elites do not care one bit about the average American citizens.

      1. They need to start with nancy pelosi and kamel harris. Then the swamp needs to start being drained on a daily basis.
        Why are all those EVIL PEOPLE not being called in on all the nasty things they have upheld with all that went on last year.
        Llhan Omar, AOC, CAMEL HARRIS,

    1. The people in Hollywood who own mansions, and constantly go after every Conservative, are actually Communist. They do not understand basic Economics, Capitalism, and always try to stifle free speech, as well as freedom of religion, including trying to destroy our National Anthem and National Historical monuments that portray the history of America, regardless of the negative things that has happened in American History. I love my country, and my American people, regardless of race, religion, color and creed. It is time for the American people to rise up and Re-call these corrupt people who now control our country!

    1. That phrase is perfect for Mitch McConnell. He can look to be with you and in the next second stab you in the back. No nice. What did Donald J. Trump ever do to anyone of them? He saved the country and their backs. Whereas, Biden is destroying as much as he can before President Trump is back. Biden is evil.

      1. Biden is no worse than most people and has feet of Clay. I am still a Republican however, People agree or disagree about things as it is common to Man.

      2. please explain to me how Biden the child molester that he is and so is his sick son both of them not in jail??? his daughter even told that he would have her take showers with her father when she was a little girl..how sick is that?? that makes his wife jill just as sick as the father and his son.. they all should be thrown in jail…the bidens are a bunch of sicko’s..

    2. Tom all those 7 Republicans have to go. They are are people we cannot trust. The WH and Congress need a good cleaning.


      1. That’s why 2022 is so HUGE…
        45 knows this as do The Dem Dingdongs.
        They know they ripped America off and there’s 80 Million Pissed Off Patriots Standing By and are not going to Stand Down.
        Just think of Patriot Tom Petty…Won’t Back Down😉🇺🇸

        1. That is why the national guard is still there they are afraid of the American people after we find out what they have done and what they are going to do

  1. Eventually, the truth will out. Mitch was just playing his Washington (swamp) two-step. Kind of surprising now that he has nowhere to go — six and out. However, this keeps him on the ‘inside’ as far as the ‘bosses’ go. It’s truly amazing how little loyalty the “standard” politician has!!


      1. I agree. You leftist jerks need to know that we will also back up our Constitution. Has anyone noticed lately that it starts out with “We the people…” and NOT We the Government?

  2. These rinos, needs to be weeded out . We need true conservative and fight for our constitutional rights..clearly, the left agenda is against the American people. And this great country! So these rinos who voted against trump, should b ashamed of themselves, siding with democrats.

  3. Yes we have to stay focused and fully committed to the TRUMP movement, and it is very important that we begin to develop a strategy to vote all of the Republicans out of office in 2022 and 2024 who voted to impeach Donald Trump. We now have two years to take back the House and the Senate so we can disable the agenda of this Biden Harris Administration and the crazed leftist squad i.e., Bernie, AOC, etc. Lets not forget what the Evil Democrat’s did in swing states i.e., Pennsylvania, Arizona, Wisconsin, Michigan, and North Carolina and Georgia. Lets get these States election laws in order, if you need a photo ID to board an airplane you should be required to show the same ID to vote in any United States election. And we MUST keep our boarders secure and keep anyone who is not a legal tax paying USA citizen out of our County.

  4. President Trump is still a very good man. He is still for this country all the way. To make America great again. He is still for all the people of this country. He has always been for the constitution and the bill of rights of this country no matter what.

  5. I feel confident with Donald J. Trump at the helm of the Republican ship. He will make the Republican Party better than it has ever been before with God’s help, with credibility and loyalty. It is my opinion that something needs to be done legally to produce all the facts, the affidavits of many people who saw what happened with the fraudulent election, the ballots being brought in after hours, etc. It was a premeditated “fixed” election with the algorithms in place in many states exchanging many of Trump votes for Biden. Legally this should be proved in court with the outcome of the perpetrators being sentenced and Donald J. Trump being reinstated as the true President of the United States of America.

  6. Declaration of Independents
    Declaration of Independence
    We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.–That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, –That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to affect their Safety and Happiness. It is about time the 100 million people who voted for President Trump and the people who own 100 million guns get of their butts and get rid of biden and obama before they destroy this nation.

  7. Even still Lyin Biden is touching women thats why so many were chosen to be around him. He is a very sick and demented person. How can he run a country? Oh I’m sorry he isn’t, we’re going to hell. And RM, McConnell looks drunk like Pelosi. They try to outdo each other because they know what evils they do and try and hide behind the drinking. And Biden is getting us into the China world to be just like them. If we have the Olympics thee next year, I’m afraid of what could happen. Biden is such an idiot he can’t think for himself. He has so many puppet strings on him he sounds twangy. Not my President and can’t wait for President Trump. I pray for him and his family and that he runs in 2024. The country will be hopefully manageable and he can get it back together. Biden will leave one heck of a mess. God Bless America!

  8. I think President Trump may be most effective by not running for the presidency in 2024.
    My advice to my president; tell them nothing until the last minute, just watch them eat their liver trying to figure out what he will do.

  9. Thx McConnell for showing ur true colors -definitely part of the Deep Swamp!!!!
    Completely made a fool of himself –

  10. The words second impeachment irritate me… as far as I am concerned there was NO first impeachment….

    I think the nasty bullying liberal dems involved in this baloney all should be dumped for trying to bring down a sitting president!!!!!! With their disgusting attacks and the lying media…..makes one want to throw up!!

  11. Simply the BEST is roaring back YEAH, That’s why He is só much loved, WW, He’s the BEST POTUS EVER. WE ALL WELCOME Him back with open arms, ánd skeleton pelosi ánd senile joe, get a life at HOME.

  12. You know they were paid! It’s not even a question! Pelosi and the swamp will do anything to stop Trump or anyone that will expose their communist corruption!

  13. It’s time to put all these lying,cheating communist Constitution Law Breakers behind bars where they belong.That means all democrats politicians& there foreign voters.

  14. If the GOP wants to improve their survivability they need to get rid of the RINOS and McConnell! Period! Recall, impeach, primary, but in the case of McConnell, a VOTE OF NON SUPPORT BY THE GOP SENATE MEMBERS! FIRE HIM AS MAJORITY LEADER, AND YOU ARE ALMOST FORGIVEN!

  15. Anyone else hear Graham’s words today…that PRESIDENT Trump is culpable for what happened on Jan. 6? Oh yeah, he said it loud and clear. Guess McUseless told him in no uncertain terms, change your tune towards Trump or you get no support for re-election. Of course, Graham, like McUseless are safe till 2026.
    Am sure that was McUseless’ point in his statement… in 2022, he’ll only support (financially) Republicans who can win.
    Warning shot across the bow of any Senator who stands with PRESIDENT Trump or any possible candidate?
    Of course, McUseless single handedly lost the GA race by not agreeing to the higher COVID check to people but demanding only $600, giving the DEMONRATS a huge talking point in GA. Moreover, he single handedly lost us the Senate, exactly as did traitor Ryan lost us the House. Two RINO Never Trumpers. Both disgusting turds.

  16. One way or the other McConnell has lied. He can’t have it both ways.
    We need to enlist a large number of people who are out of work to register voters just like the Democrats did. We have to get smarter quick and organize the Republicans who are out there to realize they are powerful. Our votes do count and we have to get rid of mail in voting and illegal alien voting. We don’t have much time because all of this has to be fixed now — at least before 2024 if not by 2022. Are we going to do anything about it or just sit and cry in our sour milk. All of the comments are great but we need actions. Our local Republican headquarters need us: to be feet on the ground and especially polling officials. We cannot be out worked by the Dems or else

  17. 21 democratic senators and 2 indep.’s who vote democratic up for election . we need to win those seats to stop Biden’s attacks on guns and oil . Guess what this freeze has shut down wind turbine’s do not work in freezing weather. Now onto the house where 1/3 of the house comes up for election every 2 years there are 144 congress seats up for renewal need to make them republicans

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