July 25, 2021

Graham slams McConnell’s angry condemnation of Trump

Former President Donald Trump quickly secured an acquittal in his second U.S. Senate impeachment trial on Saturday, but that didn’t stop Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY) from ripping the former president apart on the Senate floor shortly afterward.

According to Breitbart, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) — one of Trump’s top Senate allies — fired back at the Senate GOP Leader, blaming him for putting a target on the backs of Republican candidates in the upcoming 2022 midterms, as McConnell’s speech will surely be played on repeat in campaign attack ads. 

Even though McConnell voted in favor of acquitting Trump of his impeachment charge, that didn’t stop him from issuing a shocking condemnation of the former president on the Senate floor right after the vote.

The Kentucky senator accused Trump of being “practically and morally responsible for provoking the events of that day,” adding that the 45th president’s actions prior to the Jan. 6 Capitol riots were “a disgraceful dereliction of duty,” seemingly joining Democrats in placing the blame for what happened on that tragic day squarely on Trump’s shoulders.

Graham made clear to Fox News host Chris Wallace on Sunday that McConnell didn’t do Republicans any favors with his dramatic, anti-Trump speech.

“I think Senator McConnell’s speech, he got a load off a chest obviously, but unfortunately he put a load on the back of Republicans. That speech you will see in 2022 campaigns,” Graham said, adding that he thinks McConnell is an “outlier” within the ranks of the party on how they feel about Trump’s involvement in the Capitol riots.

McConnell was the only Republican senator to join Democrats in issuing a sharp condemnation of the president just minutes after he was acquitted. Seven Republicans in total voted alongside Democrats in an attempt to convict the former president, including Sen. Bill Cassidy (R-LA).

According to the Associated Press, Cassidy was immediately rebuked by his state’s Republican leaders, as the Louisiana Republican Party formally censured the senator within hours of his vote in favor of convicting Mr. Trump.

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173 Responses

  1. I would love to see McConnell crossing the street, and my brakes suddenly fail. Let’s include Pelosi with this too

    1. Bruce Walters….Drunk driver same deal…up here in the local paper’s police desk a DWI is a $500 fine and license suspension…btw Mitch McConnell looks crocked every time he appears on TV…

    2. this is why we need term for these people..when they are in 20, 30, 40 years you will have corrupption like there is now with these democrooks..they made their own laws for themselves. .they even recieve their same salaries when they leave office..sorry that needs to stop also..do you get your full salary when you leave your job?? hell no.. they live in america they all need to abide by the rules as we all do..this all needs to stop..no more above the law for anyone…they should all be held accountable for their actions like any american is. .simple as that..

      1. Term limits indeed as the draw of LOBBYISTS $$$$$$$$—corrupts—-kick them to the curb after Second Term. The 2nd step in removing swamp monsters—the 1st being the draining & exposing which Donald John Trump did a heroic job of as he did with Our Border Wall—and opposed every step of the way .

        1. very good idea Cheryl , most democrats need to return any money paid in the last 5 years for doing nothing but being traitors to America/ nancy and her buffoons’ should be charged with treason

      2. You’re 💯% correct! This is the deep state in congress. We need 2 terms for senate and three 3 terms for the house. These were some of the deep state Trump fought against his whole term.

    3. If you’re really following Trump this kind of talk would not help him in future races. From very recent experience I’m sure they’ve started looking for something to manufacture, maybe even your texts. What is Trump for? peace and patriotic.

      1. Trump worked as hard as or perhaps even harder than any other president before him for the good of America, and, he did it without pay. He was very effective. That’s probably why the democrats and some republicans could not stand him. Just look at how high he lifted America in every sphere of life in his four years of selfless service.

        1. Amen!!! They hate him because he did what he said he was gonna do which is more than the Democrats and Republicans could get accomplished in 4 years

  2. As long as TRUMP is still with or helping the NEW Republicans he plans to put in I will still vote for and be on Trump’s side. WHAT WE NEED TO DO IS GET THE BAD REPUBLICANS AND ALL THE DEMOCRATS OUT BEFORE 2022 AND 2024.

    1. My household agrees RINO REPUBLICANS and ALL THE CORRUPT SWAMPY LIAR STEALING DEMOCRATS MUST BE VOTED OUT IN 2022 and 2024 if we want to save our country need Trump back in to get it back to SAVING OUR COUNTRY both financially , economically, and save our taypayers money for what is needed in our country. Not allowing our country to over took by illegals who does not come into our country legally and they must come in our country COMPLETELY SELF SUPPORTIVE of themselves and any family friends etc that they bring into our country ONLY LEGALLY. Also foreign countries should not get lots of our money from us the taxpayers. Pipeline needs opened again to stop the high prices that now will be paid because Biden is all for foreign countries, as he and Harris neither one care about us or our country. IMPEACH them both.

  3. Mcconnell should resign and we can appoint someone that represents the people who elected him. He should at least step down as minority leader and we can have a republican in his place.

  4. What is wrong with these people. Apparently they never heard ” if you cant say something nice then dont say anything” Republicans never stick together. Our govt has turned into a mafia. McConnell is a traitor to this country. And so are a lot of others in the govt. All about power and the almighty $$$. Dont get me started on Piglosi. Disgusting!!!

    1. I remember in an interview that Donald Trump had before he became President, a much younger man, said, he wished he could loose everything and REALLY find out who was loyal and who wasn’t! He got request. He got to watch the Republicans turn on him, including Mitch McConnell! I’m sure he wasn’t shocked by this tho. He seems to be a pretty good judge of character……..I know, he seemed to always keep his friends Close, But He also kept His Enemies Closer! lol……….you gotta love him!! I know I sure miss him!

  5. McConnell should definetly resign we need a real Republican in to lead the party . He is a Rhino or Democrat sheeps clothing

  6. It is time for all good kentuckians to come together and recall ol’ Mitchie”, censure him, boot him out of the party, demand immediate resignation! Get him out, he is no good to our party!

  7. The BEST thing about President Trump is that HE was not a dirty Politician who has lived off this Country. Many for decade’s and have done nothing but divide AMERICA, by instigating Lies against innocent people, namely Trump.
    Mcconnell, Pelosi, Schumer, Schiff, Waters, Biden all need to go!!!!

  8. What a total unadulterated idiot/fool McConnell is and he literally called himself that by opening his chinless mouth. He should, and hopefully will, be censored by his state and thrown out of his position. What a totally blithering idiot!! He has screwed-over his “supposed” own party and going to make it difficult for any Republican candidates running for any office!. The Democrats, with their total control over the media, is going to play & replay, over & over again, his false accusations about Trump inciting the Capitol violence!

  9. McConnell is a TRAITOR to the Republican Party and to America.
    He should be in jail, we have enough idiots in our Government as it is!

    Go home Mitch…..

  10. Well McConnell should resign but his home state should also remove him from running ever again, as well as Pelosi, Schumer, AOC and the squad and for a shorter read all the Democrats that want to follow Biden/Harris right into turning our free County into a columnist one and Democratic states can only follow the one mind melt when they were voted into office by the people and it is he people pay for their salaries’ but then maybe they think they need lots more to a life style they have become accustomed to so they sell out to China so they think they owe China and not the voters. We can change America by voting them out of office in 2022 and 2024 and end their Trump misery and pain. Then send them all to retraining camps like they want to send us to.

  11. The next thing you know the criminals will be shooting up the halls of congress, for abusing their rights to own and carry firearms. The government requiring criminals to register their guns. Criminals are irate that the government thinks, that it can do anything that it wants. The government thinks that has the right to curtail a criminals ability to break into a home, to rob a home, to injury the occupant, or kill the occupant. This is outrageous and a travesty an offence to the intelligence of the modern criminal, and will not be tolerated

  12. Calling all patriots: need someone to petition to put a ban on any and all gun bans!!!! or any attempt to limit or curtail any part of the bill of rights, by the

  13. It is totally rational for citizens to shoot up the capital when a bunch of criminals have invaded, and are trying to run our government.

  14. Mitt Romney said that he was going to become a democrat. As if he hasn’t made it plain he was a democrat. So at long last he is registering as a democrat would be the first honest thing he has done since entering politics

  15. HEY RICH ARE YOU LISTENING, you need to start a petition to recall the Biden, Harris ticket for the fraud that they committed in the election. Then have a conservative judge put a ban on all of Biden’s EOs until after the recall. Then Trump can resend them.

  16. We are too through with Mitch McConnell. We have now seen him for the traitor he really is!!! I had been wondering from time to time about his loyalty to our President!!! NOW, I have not doubt!!! He is NOT LOYAL to our President nor to his 75,000,000 supports. He is RHINO! RHINO! RHINO! The Democrats probably have something on him!! We really, really NEED TERM LIMITS!!!

  17. I hope McConnell was planning on retiring, because he will not be reelected, for his next term. Maybe he will just retire, or step down, like so many others, for various reasons. We do not need, or want, someone like him on our team. I have a bitter taste, in my mouth, & a bad feeling in the pit of my stomach, about him. God Bless America, & God Bless All Americans.

  18. McConnell tries to sit on two chairs at the same time: the Republican chair and the plutocratic chair. – Double traitor.

  19. Again!!! Senator McConnell has let political correctness, because of his fear of losing power and his stupidity, over shadow the fact that President Trump did nothing wrong. I learned something very important, just because someone says something that does not make it true.

  20. I absolutely would love to see this Country real Come together. And not tuck our tail’s and hide in2022 and2024 les us all stand to gather and get our country back . Let WE THE PEOPLE WILL STAND AS ONE NATION ,AND PRAY FOR GODS WILL BE DONE FOR OUR COUNTRY. I mean all our People no matter where you stand on what party you are on ! IT NEEDS TO BE WE THE PEOPLE may GOD help us all.

  21. term limits are the answer to rid us of the over ego congressmembers — term limits and they we can get fresh ideas and maybe someone who didnt have an ego the size of his brain–small

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