April 21, 2021

Watch: Trey Gowdy destroys mainstream media suppression of Durham probe development

U.S. Attorney John Durham is making big moves to bring Obama administration officials that abused their power to spy on Donald Trump to justice. On Friday, Durham revealed that ex-FBI lawyer Kevin Clinesmith is expected to plead guilty to making a false statement in the first criminal case delivered by Durham’s probe into the origins of the Russia collusion investigation.

Conveniently, the mainstream media downplayed the bombshell, and Fox contributor and former prosecutor Trey Gowdy ripped the media to shreds on Monday for suppressing news stories that don’t fit their narrative. Watch Gowdy go off below:

Do you think more Obama administration officials will be indicted by Durham? Scroll down to the comments section to let us know what you think!

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29 Responses

  1. They may be indicted, but will never be fully prosecuted. They are part of the DC Swamp, and we and they know they are untouchable. There is no justice in this country-thugs are arrested, and DA’s refuse to prosecute. Rioters and looters are given some laughable bail, and even that is then rescinded, and they are free after being able to “rest” for a couple of hours. Criminals are set free to roam the streets, police are no available because they have quit or retired because they get no support from the complicit leaders of these terrorists-so, no, I would be surprised if anyone gets anything close to a just sentence, and in fact, people will cheer and pay big bucks to listen to those murderers speak. The country is doomed to be overrun by the elites-and the people have only themselves to blame.

      1. Yes absolutely. Good for you. Sickin to see how our country is becoming. I’m triedof hearing Hillary and Obama Bill and the rest. I have honk it’s ashame the people we vote in off get to me weak not too see things are done right. God Helpis if Joe Biden get president we’re all domed.

    1. Yep.. The swamp dwellers will protect their own and nothing short of a major bloodletting can cure the disease.

      1. I have my pitchfork ready! What about you? I love my country and am sick about what has been done to it. I want my granddaughter to enjoy the same sort of opportunity, freedom and joy of life that I have had the privilege of enjoying.

  2. I dont know if they will or not being that there are too many low life communists in our government who don’t want their buddies to go to jail. It’s sick. Obama started the whole Russia thing. That communist,terrorist,Muslim,faggit,bastard needs to be hung on the courthouse lawn and viewed live on oan and fox news….and every other communistbastard that was involved in the scandal to remove our president.

    1. I agree with everything that Barry said. Most of Americans are sick and tired of this BS going on in the USA. I am starting to think every damn one of them are corrupt!!!

    2. Barry! I so agree with every word you wrote here! I have tried to state similar things and can never get them to post? But I am thrilled to see that you were able to speak the TRUTH!!! I’ve never appreciated the phrase, “Truth to Power” better! BRAVO!!!

  3. That’s why we have to vote the Democrats out of Congress. As long as they are in there they will cover the sins of these communists who are determined to turn our country into another USSR or Nazi Germany.

  4. Can you jail an X President plus his Secretary of State? Never happen yet they approved “All” of this.

  5. When I see them formerly sentenced to jail terms and led off in cuffs then I will believe it’s actually happening, I’m hoping Obummer and BiteMe are leading the parade!!

  6. They all need to be prosecuted and sent to prison. That includes Obama and Biden as they were part of this as well. It sets a bad example for our country if all are not prosecuted as others will think they can do what they want and get away with it. I am sick of paying my hard earned tax dollars for all the corruption that has been going on for years. We the American people want justice!!!

  7. Put them all in jail forever. Swamp, swamp and more swamp. Trey Gowdy is fantastic. He tells it like it is. He would be super to help do the draining. I have a feeling a lot of Democrats are afraid of him.

  8. All of Obama administration officials, starting with principal muslim bastard himself, should be indicted and incarcerated!!!

  9. You are CORRECT!!! They are swamp dwellers & have been allowed to live in the swamp for the last 50 years. They have been SUPPORTED by the MAINSTREAM MEDIA!!! If Republicans had behaved as Hilary/OBAMA & (their merry band of thieves) the Dems would still be prosecuting them. We can only hope Klinesmith is giving the DOJ the info they need.

  10. No one of any importance will ever be found guilty or do any time for this.Democrats and Republicans are all feeding off the same swamp.They won’t eat their own.But watch the lesser creatures get sacrificed.

  11. How did others miss Pelosi. She is the leader of this slimy swam rats. If they would clear the office wannabes before they can run & be bought by all these mAjor company’s we may start a clean up. But I know it’s wishful thinking.

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