July 1, 2022

Gowdy: Clinesmith indictment likely the only criminal complaint from Durham probe

Fox News contributor and former Congressman Trey Gowdy revealed on Sunday that believes there will be no further indictments stemming from U.S. Attorney John Durham’s probe into the origins of the Russia collusion investigation.

Attorney General Bill Barr has indicated on multiple occasions that Durham’s investigation is drawing to a close and that the results of the probe will be made public by the end of the summer.

Barr’s statements, along with other rumors, have given Trump supporters hope that high-level Obama administration officials such as former FBI Director James Comey and former CIA director John Brennan would be made to answer for their role in the now-debunked collusion investigation.

However, Gowdy appears to believe that the indictment of Former FBI lawyer Kevin Clinesmith last month will be the only significant criminal referral stemming from the probe.

“Sunday Morning Futures” host Maria Bartiromo asked Gowdy to weigh in on the speculation surrounding Durham’s interview of Brennan last month. Brennan issued a statement after the meeting claiming that Durham confirmed that he is not a target of the investigation.

Gowdy replied:

My experience as a prosecutor is your status can change in an instant. You can move from being a witness to a subject to a target so I understand that Brennan’s PR machine wants us all to believe that he’s not a target.

That status can change. You’re one document or one false statement away from going from one to the other.

With respect to Durham, my expectation is that he is going to access documents that [Calif. Republican Rep.] Devin [Nunes], [Texas Republican Rep. John] Ratcliffe and I never got to see,” he continued. “He’s going to access documents that the FBI never shared with Congress and he’ll write the definitive accounting of what happened.

Whether or not there’ll be more indictments or not, I don’t know and I like to assume that there will not be.

Gowdy acknowledged that it “puts me in a small minority, but I’m assuming that the Clinesmith indictment will be the only one.”

However, he explained that whether or not high-level Obama officials suffer “criminal consequences,” the “jury has a chance in November of 2020 to weigh in and say, ‘You know what, you didn’t meet our expectations for law enforcement. We’re going to mete out the punishment, whether or not there’s an indictment or not.'”

The former congressman is one of only two GOP representatives that were allowed to view all of the redacted documents in both the Trump-Russia investigation, Bartiromo noted.

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Pattie Kelly (@guest_1045089)
1 year ago

Typical this is just so typical. Democraps get away with murder. If nothing is going to happen in these investigations but small talk then save the tax payer’s money and don’t even bother. We all know what happened to our President BEFORE he became President and we certainly know what happened after. So if you are going to soft ball it then why bother? This is what really pisses me off.

Regina Fraker (@guest_1045100)
Reply to  Pattie Kelly
1 year ago

I still say Trump has a couple of Trump cards up his sleeve,, he wants to see the Obama administration go
down as much as we do. So keep praying for or President.

Michael W Tillman (@guest_1047150)
Reply to  Regina Fraker
1 year ago

I totally agree Regina. This Is so wrong In every way

alicia Cervera (@guest_1045377)
Reply to  Pattie Kelly
1 year ago

Durham is AFRAID!!! COWARDS!
My trust in the justice system of the USA will be totally shattered if this happens.!

Janice Nash (@guest_1046030)
Reply to  Pattie Kelly
1 year ago

I totally AGREE!!!!

Regina Fraker (@guest_1045102)
1 year ago

I still say Trump has a couple of Trump cards up his sleeve,, he wants to see the Obama administration go
down as much as we do.

Regina (@guest_1045112)
1 year ago

Sorry I don’t know why it double the comment

Patsy Autry (@guest_1045134)
1 year ago

I see my comment was not published. This has happened before. This is the United States of America. Google has deleted my message. They publish all the garbage the Liberals spout out, thats ok, but not the truth of Conservative.
They may delete this one too, but Amendment I says I have the right to freedom of speech, and they will not control my voice.

alicia Cervera (@guest_1045378)
Reply to  Patsy Autry
1 year ago

Same thing has happened to me. I write again asking why and post it . Then i demand they unsubscribe me from their list, that I have found other channels of info. and somehow sometimes the posts come back!. Not on this outlet, but on other ones.

P Lightfoot (@guest_1045135)
1 year ago

Typical corrupt Washington demonrats the swamp is so very very deep just follow the money AG Barr said he was shocked by what he found months ago what happened to all the shock who held a gun to whose head or to whose family all the promises by many people of what they found about all the indictments that were going to come from this investigation after it became a criminal probe and now what looks like the only one in Washington that has balls is the family TRUMP but nothing they do now will change my vote TRUMP 2020 SEMPER FI.

Charles Sandorfy (@guest_1045144)
1 year ago

i do not know why it took so long to get one indictment,this man was considered no nonsense,it appears he produced nothing,WHY?,we all know what went on and it appears that this great prosecutor is letting almost everyone go,the muller probe was phony and it appears that the durham probe is phony and the hurwitz probe is phony as well,it appears that the swamp was investigating the swamp and guess what happens ,NOTHING,just like letitia james investigating cuomo for the THOUSANDS of deaths he is responsible for,and yet nothing happens he and his buddy deblasio are now responsible for daily deaths in nyc and again nothing happens,riots in the country daily in multiple cities and few are arrested(then let go) and it keeps on going,innocents dead and perpetrators allowed to continue,the fed ,state and city authotities do nothing and that is there firstRESPONSIBILITY,TO KEEP THE PUBLIC SAFE,blacks are being killed by blacks in chicago and no one cares,whites are being killed and no one cares,killing taking place across the country and no one does anything about it ,where are the fed,state,city,county authorities

achensel (@guest_1045313)
1 year ago

This is pure bs. All this time ends with one indictment based on a confession. Clean the swamp everyone was told and expected. Let the crooks off and they will just be back again. Just like we’re told schiff is acting up again

Jim (@guest_1045317)
1 year ago

This is typical Washington DC BS. They keep saying no one is above the law. That is also BS from them. We have the most corrupt people in Washington DC attempting to run this country. They want us to respect the law while they get away with crime after crime and walk away with no consequences. I have zero respect for all the crooked bozos in Washington DC. They are a bunch of do nothings. Come on Convention of States. Let the people be in charge so these criminals will be prosecuted. The only reason they do not like PresidentTrump is 1. he is not a dirty politician, and 2. his goal was to drain the swamp in Washington DC. It is obvious he is the only one interested in doing that. The rest are all part of the problem. Come on people, let’s get the Convention of States in place so we can get rid of the garbage in Washington DC.

Jerry Johnson (@guest_1045320)
1 year ago

We desperately need term limits. The corruption in our government is to deep and widespread to eliminate it any other way. No one in the upper echelons of government are ever held accountable for anything that they do. This was an attempt by a major political party to spy on the opposition party, and to overturn a national election. The FBI, the DOJ, and the White House were all deeply involved and the only person that will have to pay the price is a mid level FBI attorney who will probably serve less than 1 year. And he confessed to lying to the FISA court. Otherwise he wouldn’t have been punished either. Disgusting!!!!!!,

alicia Cervera (@guest_1045379)
Reply to  Jerry Johnson
1 year ago

If its truly the case of just one indictment, I say the USA has been destroyed from the inside!
We believe in our POTUS! MAGA 2020! Go out and vote in person! Dont be afraid, all this bs theyre pewing about riots if biden doesnt win or civil war is to incite fear and threaten us. We will see how serious they aare, bbut we must PROTECT u land from these maarxists.!

larry ossler (@guest_1045482)
1 year ago

Will you blockme again? communism by the BLM/DEM’s and certain Media outlets will be defeated and the sooner the better!!



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