August 19, 2022

Governor Kristi Noem will defend ban on prescribing abortion pills through telemedicine

The decision to overturn decades of the precedent set in Roe v. Wade has sent shockwaves through the nation. While some are still getting their bearings, other politicians are already taking action.

Governor Kristi Noem (R) has promised to defend the ban on medication-induced abortions in South Dakota following the Supreme Court decision, Breitbart reported. The Republican governor said these drugs prescribed through telemedicine are “dangerous.”

Noem appeared on CBS’s “Face the Nation” Sunday, just two days after the decision was announced. Despite the change to federal protection, the legality varies by state and could therefore provide loopholes like telemedicine abortion.

Moderator Margaret Brennan pressed Noem on how she would “stop women from actually receiving this federally approved medication” when President Joe Biden has pledged to use the Justice Department to make sure abortion-by-mail remains illegal. Noem said she was confident in her “bill that would ban telemedicine abortions” because it protects women from these drugs, which make them “five times more likely to end up in an emergency room.”

The moderator was dubious, given that the drug was FDA approved and available nationwide through the mail. Noem shot back that the Constitution guarantees certain rights, but that abortion — and particularly the use of this drug — were not one of them.

“The rest of these items are left to the states, the 10th Amendment guarantees us that,” Noem pointed out. “What the Supreme Court said was that the Constitution does not give a woman the right to have an abortion.”

“That means that in each state they will make the decision how they handle these situations,” Noem added. “And in South Dakota, we’ve already had a bill passed that set on telemedicine abortions, that we don’t believe it should be available, because it is a dangerous situation for those individuals without being medically supervised by a physician.”

Despite leftists’ claims, there was never a right to abortion in the Constitution anyway. Now, Noem will fight to keep these dangerous medications prescribed without the supervision of a local doctor out of her state.

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