May 24, 2022

Governor DeSantis signs bill to create the Office of Election Crimes and Security to combat voter fraud

Secure elections are necessary for a robust representative republic. One governor is doing everything he can to make sure that’s exactly what happens in his state.

Gov. Ron DeSantis signed legislation Monday that created the Office of Election Crimes and Security to investigate voter fraud allegations, Breitbart reported. The Florida Republican acknowledged this would shift responsibility away from local police forces.

In addition to creating the new law enforcement arm under the Florida State Department, Senate Bill 524 makes ballot harvesting a third-degree felony and increases fines for certain election crimes. The Office of Election Crimes would also ensure frequent updates to state voter rolls.

“I don’t think there’s any place in the country where you should have more confidence that your vote counts than in the State of Florida,” DeSantis proclaimed at the bill signing. The governor explained that a dedicated office for election crimes was necessary in light of the apathy among some local cops.

“Some of them may not care as much about the election stuff,” DeSantis said of police officers who may overlook these crimes. “I think it’s been mixed at how those reactions are going to be. So we just want to make sure whatever laws are on the books, that those laws are enforced,” he added.

The GOP has focused heavily on election security in light of allegations that the 2020 presidential election was rife with voter fraud. These efforts have been largely panned and protested by Democrats in places like Georgia as an attempt at voter suppression — and predictably labeled as racism.

Atlanta NAACP President Richard Rose compared the changes to Georgia election laws to Jim Crow-era voter suppression efforts, NBC News reported. “If the Republicans can just discourage 300 voters out of each county — there are 159 counties in Georgia — that would have been enough to change the outcome in Georgia in 2020,” he said. “We are very concerned about how these things will impact voting rights.”

There’s no commonsense reason to oppose any of these measures. Perhaps Democrats are afraid they won’t be able to stuff ballot boxes any longer.

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cozycalico (@guest_1286457)
25 days ago

Good ! Now we need on like that here in CA but I won’t hold my breath.

cozycalico (@guest_1286458)
Reply to  cozycalico
25 days ago

Good! now we need one like it in CA but I won;t hold my breath.

Katherine Flores (@guest_1286490)
Reply to  cozycalico
24 days ago

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