August 19, 2022

GOP staffers openly defy Pelosi’s mask mandate, arrest threats

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi instituted another mask mandate for the chambers Thursday. Republicans were not going to comply this time.

After Pelosi threatened to arrest those who didn’t mask up, some Republican staffers taunted  Pelosi by socializing in the hallways, Breitbart reported. The rebels set up “beer” pong tables and mingled in the halls of Capitol building offices in defiance of the Speaker.

Pelosi had announced the mask mandate Thursday and directed Capitol Police to arrest any staff or visitors who showed up naked-faced in the chambers. It wouldn’t matter if the person is vaccinated or unvaccinated — Madame Speaker gave the order.

While actual members of Congress were not threatened with arrest, Pelosi did direct the House Sergeant to disciplinary actions for lawmakers flouting her mandate. The Republican hallway revelers were undeterred, though their actions were panned by staff of one Democratic lawmaker.

“A group of unmasked Republican staffers are playing beer pong (but with cups of water) in the halls of Rayburn House Office Building,” Aaron Fritschner, communications director for Rep. Don Beyer (D-VA), tweeted Thursday in a thread about the incident. “Presumably their need to demonstrate the exercise of “freedoms” is stronger than their sense of responsibility to justify taxpayer-funded salaries.”

A follow-up tweet included photos and more chiding. “Hard to show the full scope because it’s a tight space and there are a bunch of people, but it’s about a hundred staff crammed together in a narrow hallway on second floor of Rayburn, almost all unmasked,” Fritschner tweeted. “They’re playing water pong, they have corn hole, I even smelled a cigar.”

Further in the thread, Fritschner ratcheted up the scorn and the drama to a point beyond satire. “I do not work in a fraternity house. I don’t know why these people felt the need to do this here, but it is terrible and horrifying that displays of decadent apathy are all these people can summon at a time when people are getting sick and dying,” he wrote.

The same day, President Joe Biden announced new regulations for government employees and other subcontractors. They would have a choice of getting vaccinated and reporting it, or they would need to test weekly and mask up. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention also issued updated masking recommendations this week for the vaccinated.

All of this hysteria over the resurgence of the virus seems outsized to the actual threat, especially to those who have already been vaccinated. For those who have been suspicious of the actual motives of government-imposed lockdowns and restrictions, this does little to restore that trust.

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madmemree (@guest_1278886)
1 year ago

Well, Fritsch – -tell your boss, China joe TO SHUT DOWN THE BORDER and stop allowing INFECTED ILLEGALS INTO THE COUNTRY and than transporting them everywhere throughout – – -problem solved. Unfortunately, not fast enough now, THE ILLEGALS ARE SPREADING THE INFECTION and I pray YOU GET YOURS!

Tom McDonald (@guest_1278887)
1 year ago

I do not know who the hell piglosi thinks she is but she is not an appointed dictator. Not 1 bit of this China Virus masking or b.s. vacinating is any of her damn business. She, along with scumer, demented biden, bubble head harris and a bunch of others need to get the hell out of our government before they destroy our whole country.
The best way to legally accomplish this is to start with the November Elections and vote only Republican.
We here in Virginia have a great opportunity to turn our Commonwealth back red by voting for our Republican Trifecta. Glen Youngkin for Governor, Winsome Sears for Lt. Governor and Jason Miyares for Atty. General.
Putting these 3 in Office is a win, win situation for all our law abiding Citizens.

Dan F. (@guest_1278909)
Reply to  Tom McDonald
1 year ago

If you can throw a tennis ball through a hula hoop then a C-19 virus can get through the smallest hole in an N95 mask !!! In other words……..usless !!! Ten masks wouldn’t provide enough filtering for the C-19 virus !!!

R. Kerch (@guest_1278889)
1 year ago

COMMUNIST Democraps–are scared–They will lie/cheat to try and win America back–Americans are not mentally retarded like Demo’s and their EVIL Devil-Leaders!!!!

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