July 31, 2021

GOP Senators go after Planned Parenthood for taking small business funds

One of the worst features of the coronavirus crisis has been the abuse of federal relief funds meant for small businesses.

Not only have the funds been taken by Big Business, but they’ve been taken by Big Infanticide – Planned Parenthood that is. Now, GOP Senators are taking action, and asking attorney general Bill Barr to investigate.


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6 Responses

  1. Indict them as non-essential and place them in “shelter-in-place” at Gitmo or similar place for life!

  2. This needs to be handled in the most serious manner as it deserves. Who gave them the funds that should be been
    allocated to small businesses. How do we know if the other funds were dispensed appropriately or if some other group Pelosi was trying to fund got the money. These democrats are BEYOND CORRUPT… OUR SENATE NEEDS TO MAKE SURE THAT HEADS SPIN THIS TIME, AND THAT THESE PEOPLE ARE BROUGHT UP ON CHARGES AND GET LENGTHY JAIL SENTENCES. I have a feeling that if something isn’t done this time, all, if not, most of the Trump supporters will not stand behind him any longer. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!!

  3. Good ! I Hope that millions of Americans boycott the game show “The Price is Right” which recently hosted Ru Paul on a night time version of the show for the express reason of raising money for his charity: Planned Parenthood.
    Hollywood is slimmer than ever. Recent rumblings have it that Gavin Newsome is allowing Hollywood to open up completely soon so they can start making more crap to air on the tv.

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