July 25, 2021

GOP Senator says he’ll retire instead of running again in 2022

As Republicans focus on winning back both the House of Representatives and the Senate in the upcoming 2022 midterm elections, they could face a number of new obstacles.

One of those obstacles is the announcement from Sen. Rob Portman (R-OH) on Monday that he will not be running for reelection in 2022, which according to Fox News, marks the third Republican senator in a competitive state who have made similar announcements. 

Portman, who serves on the Senate Finance, Homeland Security and Foreign Relations Committees, has already clocked two, six-year terms, but said in a statement announcing the shocking news that he won’t seek reelection due to the current state of congressional partisan gridlock.

“I don’t think any Senate office has been more successful in getting things done, but honestly, it has gotten harder and harder to break through the partisan gridlock and make progress on substantive policy, and that has contributed to my decision,” his statement read.

The Ohio senator has a long history of working in the U.S. government, having served some 15 years in the House before eventually serving as U.S. Trade Representative and Director of the Office of Management and Budget for former President George W. Bush.

Portman’s decision throws quite the wrench into the gears of the GOP as they prepare to mount a battle to reclaim majority control in what is now a 50-50 split in the Senate, with Democrats ultimately having majority control thanks to Vice President Kamala Harris’ tie-breaking vote.

According to The Hill, Portman is squarely within the “moderate” side of Senate Republicans, sharing a close relationship with establishment GOP-types like Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell.

It has already been suggested that because of his establishment ties and the fallout with President Donald Trump in his last weeks in office, Portman’s departure from the upper chamber could be yet another signal of traditional Republicans distancing themselves from the Trump-loyalists of the party.


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46 Responses

  1. to much entrenchment from ALL of these people. ALL need to be escorted to the bus station with one way tickets to wherever they belong.

  2. Glad to hear he is not running for re-election. RINO. Don’t need people like him . Trump will need more patriots when he gets back in the Oval office later this year. WWG1WGA/NCSWIC

  3. Rob Portman is a RINO that the Dems will miss, not conservative voters and conservative members of the GOP. He probably decided to bail out because he was going to get opposing candidates from his own party come 2022.

  4. He’s scared to death he’d be primaried by PRESIDENT Trump’s hand-picked ally and Portman would have his nose rubbed in the dirt where he and it belong.

  5. Portman’s departure may be a blessing in disguise. We need republicans who have the country’s tax payers best interests at heart. All the Demos want is power and the tax payers be dammed. Joe is bought and paid for by the Chinese government. That is where his loyalties lie.

  6. Yes we don’t need Rino’s in our midst Just get some new people that loves the USA and put in some trustwoethy people to replace them.

  7. I live in Ohio and have texted him often! Too much, because he is a Rino Swamp Creature and when he knifed Trump on some really great plans I TEXTED THIS TRAITOR and i am glad he is gone!! I understand Jordon is going to run for this office and that will “MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN”! NA,NA, NA, NA, NA, NA, HEY, HEY, GOOD BYE!!!

  8. Agree with all above posts! We need REAL Republicans in office who have the best interests of our country at heart, not RINOS who back the demonrat regime! Good riddance! Now Romney needs to follow suit, along with Cheyney, klobuchar, and others!

  9. It is one of the many reasons politicians are untrustworthy and not worth respect. After this latest debacle in DC the American public should be well aware of just where we stand.
    There are but a handful worth any of our affinity.
    3 words for McConnel and Romney including the rest of the rhinos.
    “Kiss my Arse”.

  10. With a Conservative Review Liberty Score of 31% and a Conservative rating of “F”, I don’t see how we’re losing very much. He more Democrat than he is Republican. Good riddance!! Too bad we have to put up with him until 2022.

  11. ALL the RHION Like Portman , And Romney (UT-R) need not to run for Re-Election. The Republican Party can do without him. President Trump was right about ROMNEY from the state of UTAH would hurt the Party as a Hole. Romney has and will be a DEPLORABLE Democrat in Sheep’s Clothing like Rob Portman has always been.

  12. At this point, it doesn’t make any difference. This COUNTRY is no LONGER IN EXISTENCE. GOD IS NOT GOING TO HAVE THIS CRAP GO ON MUCH LONGER.

  13. He has too many crazy democrats to deal with!!! He can’t get any help from democrats, and in fact they obstruct all of the good things Mr Portman is trying to do!!! They work for ONE THING, and ONE THING ONLY!!! Destroy President Trump and his family, and his supporters!!! They are so dumb on so many issues and they don’t know how (that is, don’t want) to listen to reason. The values and standards of the Trump supporters are so much higher that the democrat standards!! And, yet, the only thing that makes them happy is to try to BRING US DOWN TO THEIR LOW, LOW STANDARDS and ETHICS!!! Sorry, all of you bad, bad DEMS, but we are not ready to ruin or bring down America!! God as been so good to allow us to live in this land of freedom and we MUST continue to honor HIM and praise Him and thank Him for this awesome privilege!!! So go blow your smoke someplace else!!!

  14. Hope the people vote for a God fearing man or woman who puts Him first and would work for the people and the country.A!so people who are competent

  15. Good ridden, another Rino bites the dust and another I one is gone.
    Now in the bus ride to hell you may take with you Romney, McConell and a few other Rinos.
    In the way out of DC be sure to run over Nasty Nancy and her side partner Crying Chuck Shummer.

  16. This crooked foregn politician should be BANNED & DEPORTED. Guilty & under investigation for Ballet Harvesting; Embezzling millions of campaign dollars funneled to her current husband’s company, Yeah a real joke & brazen P** move & gleefully giving the middle finger to the very stu**d infidels.
    Getting her US citizenship illegally by marrying HER BROTHER!
    Sleeping around & cheating on every husband she has ever had. Must have learned it all from HEELS UP KAMALA same MO for them both.
    She has so many legal US marriages recorded & even more unrecorded religious marriages; it is convenient for her lies when investigated & so much easier that way.
    The little illegal *** is a TERRORIST, a CRIMINAL & an ABOMINATION that should be DEPORTED for her numerous CRIMES. But the Democrat power drunk P*** happily give positions & power to Political tra**ors, criminals & ter**rists!

  17. God said everything done in the dark will be brought to light …
    Very soon this will be so
    Every skeleton will be shown to the world!
    Even yours no matter how far you run and hide you will be judged!
    And you Democrats!! you know you do not serve the Living God!
    You break bread with devil

  18. Him stepping down is a blessing as he is nothing but a Rino with no backbone or gonads. Glad to get rid of him, hoping more of his spineless coward comrades will leave also.

  19. I think he realized it wasn’t likely hr would win a reelection anyway. He isn’t really a conservative anyway so good riddance.


  21. Fantastic job here. I truly enjoyed what you had to say. Keep going because you absolutely bring a new voice to this subject. Not many people would say what youve said and still make it interesting. Well, at least Im interested. Cant wait to see more of this from you.

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