June 25, 2021

GOP Senator says Biden’s immigration bill will meet a swift end in the Senate

President Joe Biden was fully expected to reverse many of former President Donald Trump’s immigration policies, but the plan that Biden revealed as he officially took office is so extreme that it’s already hitting roadblocks long before it makes its way through Congress.

According to the Daily Caller, Biden’s immigration bill proposal, which would offer a pathway to citizenship for some 11 million illegal immigrants currently residing in the United States, will show up to the Senate “dead on arrival,” according to Republican Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR). 

“The bill that Joe Biden sent last week I think will be dead on arrival. It’s far to the left of any immigration bill that Congress has considered,” Cotton said over the weekend during a Fox News interview.

At the crux of the Biden immigration plan is a set of criteria that would pave the way for U.S. citizenship who made it to America by January 1, 2021. After applying and meeting some eligibility requirements, those illegal immigrants could gain temporary legal status after five years. Three years later, assuming the requirements were met, those same illegals could then apply for U.S. citizenship.

Cotton was just one Republican who pushed back on the idea while citing that an influx of 11 million new citizens would cause a massive disruption to the U.S. labor market, saying it “would flood the labor markets with millions of unskilled migrants whether they’re here presently as illegal aliens or they’re rushing to the border now.”

The Arkansas senator went on to slam Biden’s decision to kill the border wall construction project, which Cotton says does nothing but send a clear message to illegal immigrants that pouring across the U.S. border is perfectly acceptable now that Trump is out of office.

“You already see some caravans coming through Central America. I suspect they’re going to get much larger very soon,” Cotton added.

According to NPR, there are already caravans comprised of thousands of Guatemalan refugees who are currently trekking through Mexico with the intention of securing asylum at the southern United States border.

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77 Responses

  1. I hope all his ridiculous bills are stopped dead by the Senate. Come on you Republicans, stand up for the right.

    1. Katydid, republicans will role over for the DemonRATS. They know they are living good off your money, and they don’t really care.

    2. I think it is time we impeached “President” Biden and his VP. They are the worst thing to hit the US of A since Jimmy Carter.

      1. At least Jimmy Carter was a natural born citizen of the United States. I am not sure about the citizenship of Kamala Harris. Were her parents citizens of the United States at the time of her birth and was she born in the United States? Or, was she born in Canada and raised in Canada? However, Beijing Joe does qualify as a natural born citizen of the United States according to the definition in Article II, Section I, of the U.S. Constitution. However, for Starters, he is running a race with Ol’ Jimmy and Obama to see who will be the worst.

        1. Frankly, and I hesitate to say this, but I believe Biden is actually worse than Obama. I am open mouthed astounded by what Biden is doing. He’s on this revengeful vendetta against every single thing Trump did, regardless if it’s going to hurt this country or not, he just doesn’t care. This lunatic had the nerve to say he wanted unity. The man is not just a liar, but a corrupt one at that. Here is a guy who quite clearly colluded with China, Russia, the Ukraine, accepted money from them, and yet the news media says nothing about that. And now we have to watch while our own government officials go after Trump one more time, just to make sure he can never run for office again. And those are the very words spoken by Pelosi, who is another one who is corrupt. Our own federal law enforcement won’t even go after this man, but yet they did to Trump, AND got away with it!! This is exactly why we have got to get term limits instituted in both chambers. These people have been in there for far too long. Accepting bribes, making deals and taking money that didn’t even belong to them. They want Donald Trump out of the picture because they are afraid of him. I am sickened every day when I read another one of China Joe’s “orders”. The man is a danger to this entire country.

          1. I think Biden meets the definition of mentally handy caped. In part he is like a dangerous Howdy Doody as he is being manipulated by the hidden swamp critters who put him in power. Mix that with his own corrupt and increasingly angry personality and our nation is in deep trouble.

          2. I agree with you Patty. Instead of Biden being intent on doing his very best job for the people and country, he doesn’t even seem to put any thought into what he is doing; just do everything as fast as he can (and of course make mistakes). His first week has been a disaster!!!

        2. NO Camel TOE Harris parents were NOT US CITIZENS at the time of her Birth. I don’t think her Mother ever became a US CITIZEN as she moved with her 2 children to Canada and became a Citizen there.

        3. I believe Kamalla was born here but her parents were not legal, or she was born in Jamaica where her GGGRandfather had his slaves to work his farm. She has glued herself to Joe, telling him when he said he dd not know what he was signing to sign it anyway. No telling what he has siged for.He could have signed his on electrocution warrant. She is telling him when to pee and when to eat and what to do and what to say. He is a puppet and she is a puppeteer with Joe.

        4. Harris is NOT legal to be V.P. as both her parents were not born in the U.S.A. She is actually, as BHO, ILLEGAL!

        5. Harris was born in the United States, but her parents were not U.S. citizens at the time of her birth. According to SCOTUS decision Minor v Happersat this means Harris is NOT a natural born citizen.

      2. So you want Kalamity Harris to be President? Or how about Nancy Pelosi? Careful what you wish for.
        I’ll agree that Joe is one of the stupidest, lowest lifeforms of fungus on earth, and everyone named Biden should be neutered. But tell me what Demoncrat is better? Jimmy Carter was a genius by today’s standards.

      3. I totally agree. Read my following post and you will see my position. Repost over and over again if you agree with me.

        I will never call the man sworn in on January 20th, 2021 as a US President. I am encouraging everyone not to call him president, Not even give him the courtesy of calling Him by Mr., or even by his last name Biden.
        Whenever someone refers to him only call him “JB: — ie: JB just signed an order, ETC.
        The same goes for the individual sworn in as VP — Only refer to her as KH. Neither one of them deserve any courtesy at all. They stole their position, so never give them any credit.


        Frank Jones, Retired US Army -24 years.

        1. Sorry, I had to add a new line to the above post. Hope you still agree with me.

          I will never call the man sworn in on January 20th, 2021 as a US President. I am encouraging everyone not to call him president, Not even give him the courtesy of calling Him by Mr., or even by his last name Biden.
          Whenever someone refers to him only call him “JB: — ie: JB just signed an order, ETC.
          The same goes for the individual sworn in as VP — Only refer to her as KH. Neither one of them deserve any courtesy at all. They stole their position, so never give them any credit.


          Frank Jones, Retired US Army -24 years.

          BTW: I think it’s time to start considering impeachment of a setting president, and vice president.

      4. To bad people who voted for Biden and Harris didn’t think it through a lot better before they voted for the “Destruction Team”.

    3. If Biden does what he”s he going to do with immigration is going to ruin the United States of America. You’re going to have so much chaos, crime, rapes more illegal drugs. It going ruin what we know as United States.

      1. Joe and Camel Toe are all part of the NWO to destroy America and turn it into a communist controlled hell hole, the Bilderberg group is the NWO, the rich and UN-touchable filth of the world that want to rule the entire world.

        1. Joe And Camel Toe all Part of NWO, to destroy America and Turn it into Communist control hell hole the Bilderberg group Is the NWO

  2. He has already ordered ICE to release ALL illegals held in custody. Once they are out no one will know where they are and a lot of them have been convicted of felonys. How to make
    America safe huh???

    1. How bout we move them into the WH & DC don’t forget Pelosi’s Nadler Schiff & Schumer’s neighborhoods as well – FAIR IS FAIR!!!!! SUCH HYPOCRITES!!!

  3. I hope they grab them and stop them where they are said the right back where they came from we’re dealing with poverty disease lack of jobs lack of food lack of hosing And quite frankly the lack of a president who knows what the hell he’s doing this was just a pawn put in a position to do the deeds of Congress and they will be found guilty of all wrong doings

  4. they are coming here to steal our benefits- american-and steal our jobs- making us americans unemployed. and steal our jobs. us americans- our taxes will go up to support them. they will get everything for free.also known to steel our girlfriends or wives

    1. Why don’t concentrate on real issues such as the laptop etc? Seattle and Portland our American flags are being trashed up there , homes and businesses as well! What is wrong with the democrats. !?They must have a gene that affects them and makes them the way they are!
      them all ! Why haven’t they put the national guard up there instead of Washington??

      Where will all the immigrants be placed. Biden really has a large piece of property in Wilmington. Some could live there while he is in Dc and they could use his beach house. A lot if Democrats can make their homes available to them. Obama, hollywood actors etc could welcome them in I’m sure. Cathy Couric would love them.

  5. I am at the point since Biden being sworn in I would like to take joe,kamala,nancy,chuck schumer.wrangle,waters,schiff and a few more wrap them in chains drop them off midway between Florida and the Bahamas in the middle of the Atlantic in shark infested waters. then plead guilty to polluting the ocean. The 2020 election was filled with fraud in Georgia if it wasn’t why would they shred truck loads of ballots from the 2020 election .Yes folks it did happen further more the FBI seized them then turned them back over so they could shred them. Why hasn’t the major news media reported on this I might have enuf chain to include Warnock and his buddy who just got elected. We have to stop the stealing of our rights and forced mandates where the American taxpayer is being screwed royally

    1. I know that’s the truth.. I watched the video also.. the reporter called 911 twice while filming the shredder semi truck and the action while telling 911 operators what’s happening. SAD!!!

  6. I Said Long before Biden and Harris was elected. That the Americans would pay dearly. He is a liar and a criminal. Both Biden and Harris needs to be impeached. And also old Nancy and Chucky baby. Them 4Are just poison.

  7. This ALL seems like a horrible movie, a horrible joke, and a pure hoax!!! Biden is not a real person–maybe a type of clone, or someone wearing a “mask” and posing as Biden. Do not think Biden will ever get to do the reset.

    Harris scares me more than Biden! It seems like part of the time, Harris’ clone is out there!

  8. So much for the CoVid concern and the vaccine shortage with these illegals already in the country and at the border. No such thing as American’s first! Now our troop that were used at the inauguration and treated like garbage, made to sleep on the floor and parking lot garage have about 200 tested positive! Mistreated TWICE by the DemonCrapRats! They should be a priority!

  9. The Lame Stream Media and Commie Left have been telling us that the are 11 Million Illegals here for TWENTY FIVE YEARS!! Don’t you think a few more dozen came in and pro-created to bring their illegal population to at LEAST 30 MILLIION???

    1. EXACTLY RIGHT, BigFrank !!!!!!
      They are giving us that 11mill #
      illegals for at least 25 yrs !!!
      How stupid do they think we are ????
      They must be really at least 30 million by now !!!!
      And, by the way, even 11 million is a huge number !!!!!!

    1. Because the dems are in love with biden, harris, ob,ma and klintons. It appears that they have the power to stop anything that would disrupt their grab for annhilating their opponents.

  10. The whole country will soon see the mistake that was made so now let them go and watch them hang themselves out to dry!

  11. America and Americans are going to be crying for the next four years unless we impeach Biden and Harris and get them out of there. Because I don’t trust the republicans to stand up to them. Are you missing Trump yet??

  12. I have remarked previously that Almighty GOD has removed HIS hand from America.We see our country floundering and sinking in a very accelerated plunge into the deep. 4 years? At the rate Biden’s crew is going maybe we have a year. How many days since he and his cabal got started?

    1. Amen. The hurricanes, riots and wildfires have been warnings, and now the Covid. Remember Noah and the Ark? And Lot’s wife?

      1. I believe you and Jo Walczak are both right on. God has been giving us warnings since 9/11, read Johnathan Chan’s books and you will see that we have been going down the wrong path since 1970 and perhaps earlier. I pray that all the Christians in America will wake up and really pray for our country, the only one who can help us now is Jesus!

  13. Congress and Senate are to stupid to stop anything, They could have stopped the riots last summer and did nothing. The could have worked together and stopped the shutdown of USA for so long, they did nothing. They could have stopped the fraudulent election results, they did nothing. The only thing that Congress and Senate are good for is nothing. The Supreme court of our country is doing the same thing about all of these problems, which is nothing. Biden can’t get anything legally, so he is fraudulent in creating laws, where none exist. He is taking the place of Congress, Senate and the Supreme Court, This is scary since he has known dementia.

  14. If Biden does what he”s he going to do with immigration is going to ruin the United States of America. You’re going to have so much chaos, crime, rapes more illegal drugs. It going ruin what we know as United States.

  15. How about the no deportation Executive Order? We can’t deport criminals or MS-13. I’m sure there are a few criminals and Covid infested or other diseases in that mob of immigrants. We used to say when someone came up with insane ideas like this, “What the hell are you smoking?” If they do cross our border, we need to send one family of them to each Democrat’s home and bus the rest to California, Portland or Seattle and turn them loose.

  16. Biden “accomplished” more in a couple of days in office that it will take the rest of America a lifetime to overcome (if we ever can). I always remember the line from an old war movie when the General while watching his forces storm the beaches (of Normandy, I think) “where did we ever get men like these.) Now I have to say, How in the world did we turn our country upside down in a short few weeks?

  17. Sitting here in seattle with the police radio on and listening to the crazy nonsense going on down town. shots fired-doper in doorway- homeless camp on fire-endless plain old stupid crap all day and night, very few actual arrests, the only news that we get now is covid propaganda or how boston or baltimore is handeling the shots for covid.the biden crowd of communist idiots that are in charge down at city hall are spending money like a bunch of drunks and getting nothing done that counts. one more month and the entire country will be doing the same dance.congress doing nothing constructive, all tearing down what Trump did for the country while they DID SQUAT.KEEP YOUR POWDER DRY, we have one hell of a civil war coming this year….

    1. i sure hate to say it but I think that is the only this country is going to survive this stolen corrupt administration. every time we have a democratic in that office we watch this country go on a downward spiral into hell why dont we have anybody in congress with a backbone to stand up and be counted.

  18. Unless biden & harris are ousted from office, we are in for a really bumpy ride. The current administration is concerned only for themselves and how much they can take from the people. I don’t trust them and never will. Let’s hope that the USA experiences Divine Intervention because the devil is sitting in the Oval Office with his pets.

  19. Trump is the one who kept the party in line, now that he is absent, they go w/the wind. They are unprincipled people. They stand for nothing and fall for anything! Trump was the opposite, he defended what he believed in and rejected all else. A “Patriots party would ruin, not only the rinos and pubs, but the dem party as well. Many democratic voters voted for Trump. It was estimated to be 32%. That is why the dems had to use dominion and mail in fake votes to pad the biden side. Ol’ joe never came close to the win circle.
    It is time to use our Constitution against them and remove all the bad actors. The judicial system, has proven they have sided w/the corrupt party as well as the watch dog media. All need to be brought to justice by “We the People”. Even if it means marching back to D.C. The reason the dems hate the Constitution is because it gives “We the People power over the government when it fails to “SERVE ADMIRABLY”!!! And the state or fed governments haven’t serve admirably for some time.
    Thomas Jefferson said”The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is,as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government.”
    This past protest, that the dems tried to turn into an excuse for more government, was a “shot over the bow”. As a warning to these tyrants that “We the People” will have no more of their nonsense. But apparently that is not enough. They hunkered down, believing, like northrom(?) in Virginia, that they can just bull doze over the will of the people. Justice needs to be served.

  20. Biden will go down as the worst president ever! All parties need to go and a new government formed by good American loving Patriots

  21. I’ve decided to stop fighting against the left, have a lobotomy and all but my brainstem removed from my cranial cavity (it will be a good place to store nuts for the winter), so that I qualify to join the Democrat party.

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