September 30, 2022

GOP senator reveals Trump will win party’s nomination if he wants it

South Carolina Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham said on Wednesday that former President Donald Trump would likely win the party’s nomination if he chooses to run in 2024.

Graham shared the comments during an interview with guest host Pete Hegseth on Fox News’s “Hannity” on Wednesday.

“Unless there’s something coming out of left field I don’t see coming, it’s his nomination if he wants it,” Graham said.

“The Republican base appreciated him. We don’t appreciate all the things he does sometimes. But from a policy point of view, he was the most successful president from a conservative’s point of view since Ronald Reagan,” he added.

Graham shared a similar interview with Newsmax on Wednesday with Eric Bolling.

“I think about his time next year Donald Trump is going to announce that he’s going to run for president in 2024,” Graham said.

Trump’s supporters await his decision as election rumors begin to grow in the coming year.




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