August 16, 2022

GOP senator diagnosed with COVID-19

As parts of the nation experience an increase in so-called “breakthrough cases” of COVID-19 in fully vaccinated individuals, Sen. Roger Wicker (R-MS) was surprised this week to reveal that he has also received such a diagnosis, according to the Associated Press.

According to the Daily Wire, Wicker’s situation was revealed in a press statement issued on Thursday in which it was explained that he received a positive test result after noticing “mild” symptoms of infection with the virus.

The senator’s communications director, Phillip Waller, added that Wicker was fully vaccinated and plans to self-quarantine for the immediate future while also receiving medical guidance from his personal physician.

Wicker’s was not the only breakthrough case to emerge in the U.S. Senate this week, as Sens. Angus King (I-ME) and John Hickenlooper (D-CO) also received positive COVID-19 test results despite their fully vaccinated status, the AP further noted.

Sen. King reported that he noticed a feverish feeling on Wednesday, which prompted him to seek testing, and declared, “While I am not feeling great, I’m definitely feeling much better than I would have without the vaccine.”

Colorado’s Hickenlooper also took pains to emphasize that his diagnosis should not be seen as a failure on the part of the shots, saying, “I’m grateful for the vaccine (& the scientists behind it!) for limiting my symptoms. If you haven’t gotten your shot – get it today! And a booster when it’s available too.”

Earlier this summer, GOP lawmakers Sen. Lindsey Graham (SC), Rep. Ralph Norman (SC), and Rep. Vern Buchanan (FL) revealed that they, too, had experienced breakthrough diagnoses of COVID-19 even though they had all received both doses of the vaccine, according to the Daily Caller.

Graham joined the chorus of those still urging Americans to accept the vaccine even in light of their own breakthrough case status, saying at the time, “I am very glad I was vaccinated because without vaccination, I am certain I would not feel as well as I do now. My symptoms would be far worse.”

Though COVID-19 vaccines were initially touted as offering extremely high levels of protection not just from severe outcomes, but also from infection, new data on breakthrough cases detailed by the New York Times suggest that the shots may not retain their claimed efficacy nearly as long as Americans were told they would and that a fresh debate over the wisdom or safety of boosters is sure to commence.

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