July 7, 2022

GOP senator blasts Biden’s inflation, says it’s ‘not transitory’

Tennessee Republican Sen. Bill Hagerty pushed back on the Biden administration’s claims that recent inflation is “transitory.”

Hagerty shared the comments during an interview on Fox News’ “Sunday Morning Features” host Maria Bartiromo.

“I think we absolutely will because the government will inject trillions of dollars more into the economy,” Hagerty said about inflation continuing.

“The effect was pretty immediate when the $1.9 trillion package came through in March. What we have seen is month over month an increase in inflation here in America. It’s the most pernicious tax of all. They try to argue it’s transitory, but it’s not transitory.”

Hagerty noted much of the inflation is related to Biden killing America’s energy independence.

“When they have killed our independence on energy, when they have raised our energy costs as dramatically as they have, every American feels this when they go to the pump,” Hagerty continued.

“Every good that we buy has to be transported across America. Try to buy a house in Tennessee, up over 20%. This inflation is not transitory,” he added.

Inflation is expected to continue as long as Biden is in office. It’s not a market issue; it’s a policy issue.

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