August 19, 2022

GOP report on potential Wuhan lab leak released

A Republican inquiry into the origins of the COVID-19 virus found that the outbreak did originate at the Wuhan National Biosafety Lab after the strain was genetically manipulated in the lab itself, according to a report in Fox News

The publication’s report stated that the Wuhan lab had requested bids for a massive overhaul of their air safety and waste treatment systems where their research facility was being housed.

That request was worthy of note due to the fact that the facility had been in operation less than two years, according to the congressional report reviewed by Fox News.

“Such a significant renovation so soon after the facility began operation appears unusual,” said the report from the House Foreign Affairs Committee’s Republican staff.

The request for a change in how the facility disinfected it’s air, hazardous waste and central air condition systems all raise questions about how well these systems were functioning in the months prior to the outbreak of COVID-19,” the lawmakers determined.

“It adds another circumstantial element to the controversial argument that the pandemic began in a Wuhan lab, including suspicious behavior and obfuscation from China’s government and signs the pandemic began months before previously assumed,” Fox reported.

Republicans released their report just weeks ahead of President Joe Biden’s deadline for the intelligence committee’s review of the origins of the pandemic. The GOP case makes a strong argument that the researchers from the lab inquisition genetically manipulated the virus.

They also, of course, determined that they can only come to the conclusion that “the preponderance of evidence suggests SARS-CoV-2 was accidentally released from a Wuhan Institute of Virology laboratory.”

Americans have suggested for some time that the virus could have originated at the Chinese lab, but were shut down by institutions like the National Institute for Health. The questions, however, have persisted as the majority of Americans hope to ensure that virus protocols have everything to do with safety and nothing to do with control.

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This is very interesting information which I agree, would lend credence to the theory that the lab’s viral security was not adequate or malfunctioning.

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Add more as more info found or uncovered alone on Wuhan virus

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