September 30, 2022

GOP Rep. Matt Gaetz: ‘Weaponization’ of DOJ ranks worst among administration ills

In a devastating indictment of the present state of the Biden administration, Republican Congressman Matt Gaetz (FL) explained to Breitbart News that the perhaps the greatest threat the nation is facing is the recent “weaponization of the Justice Department against people who show up at school board meetings.” His words of alarm did not stop there.

Speaking exclusively to the outlet’s editor-in-chief, Alex Marlow, Gaetz highlighted the danger he sees in the extreme politicization that characterizes the DOJ under current Attorney General Merrick Garland and said that a recent department memo authorizing a crackdown on parents who protest actions undertaken by local school boards “paves the way for such a broad targeting, the likes of which we’ve never seen before.”

During a far-reaching discussion with Marlow at AmericaFest earlier this month, hosted by Turning Point USA, Gaetz elaborated on the strategy he believes Republicans ought to take if and when they reclaim the House majority following the 2022 midterm contests.

Expressing optimism about his party’s prospects in the Fall, Gaetz declared, “I would convert every committee in the Congress to an oversight committee – and I think every committee has an investigation they should be running.”

Acknowledging the obstacles that would still remain, given that President Joe Biden will still be in the White House, the Florida congressman added, “And this is a stark contrast to the [former House Speaker] Paul Ryan vision of a Republican majority with a Democrat president.

“In the Ryan years, they would pass all these bills, they would get [former President Barack] Obama to veto them, and then they would claim that as some sort of moral victory,” Gaetz opined, continuing, “And then when we got power, and we had [former President Donald] Trump in the White House – they wouldn’t put the same bills on Trump’s desk.”

Hoping to do away with that type of “performative legislative practice,” Gaetz would prefer to “use the committee process to expose the truth to the American people, and how these terrible choices the Biden administration is making is actually making their lives worse.”

Particular topics of committee oversight, according to Gaetz, could be the origin of COVID-19 as it relates to the Wuhan Institute of Virology in China as well as the Biden Center at the University of Pennsylvania, which has been the subject of rumors and reports regarding undue political and financial influence emanating from that country and benefiting the current president.

Emphasizing what he views as the extreme urgency of such actions, Gaetz declared that ours is “still a country worth all the fight we have” and warned, “There’s nowhere to go, there’s no distant land somewhere to convert to our purpose if we fail,” and those are indeed cautionary words every American must heed.




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