September 30, 2022

GOP Rep. Greg Murphy: Biden admin. deserves ‘murder’ charges over fentanyl crisis

As the ongoing crisis at the nation’s southern border shows no sign of abating, Republican Rep. Greg Murphy (NC) has gone on the record to suggest that President Joe Biden and those working on his behalf “should be charged with murder” for doing little to stop the epidemic of drug overdose deaths stemming from increased trafficking in drugs such as fentanyl over the porous boundary.

During an interview with Alex Marlow of Breitbart Daily News, Murphy did not hesitate to put the blame on the Biden administration for a wave of overdose fatalities over the past year, which he attributes to the president’s unwillingness to keep the southern border secure.

Noting the potentially stealthy manner in which these substances can produce devastating consequences for the unwary, Murphy explained, “You’re now reading story after story after story of somebody that’s taking one pill, thinking it’s that, but it’s laced with fentanyl and they’re dead.”

The president, according to Murphy, is essentially allowing massive amounts of fentanyl and other illicit drugs into the country by failing to strengthen the border, and as such, “the Biden administration should be charged with murder – flat out – their policies have resulted in record numbers of individuals dying in this country.”

Those policies, Murphy asserted, include an effective surrender of control at the country’s southern border to cartels from Mexico that are trafficking in both people as well as drugs, stating, “The fentanyl is largely made in Afghanistan, but comes through our southern border, and we don’t have control of our border because of the policies that they’ve done, [leading] to record numbers of Americans dying. I believe that’s murder.”

Recounting his personal experiences losing members of his own community to overdoses, Murphy declared, “It is horrible. It is crippling. The family never recovers. Businesses, churches, communities never recover from this, and the fact that they are causing it angers me to the greatest extent, and I’m sure you can hear it in my voice. So it is murder. It is murder.”

Murphy is not alone in calling for action in the wake of Biden administration neglect of this growing problem, with Sen. Rob Portman (R-OH) this week shining a light on what he described as the Biden administration’s failure to take control of the southern border and the manner in which that neglect has bolstered the efficiency with which organized crime cartels from Mexico can operate in this realm.

Notably, it was announced this week that that Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee (R) plans to deploy members of the National Guard from that state to the nation’s southern border with Mexico early next year in order to “address drug trafficking,” as the Tennessean reported, joining his GOP counterparts from Florida and South Dakota in pledging to dispatch similar assistance.

Though to some, Murphy’s suggestion that Biden and members of his administration deserve murder charges may sound rather hyperbolic, the pace at which drug overdose tragedies have skyrocketed during their tenure lends credence to the notion that drastic action of one form or another is indeed warranted.




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