April 13, 2021

GOP Rep. Collins introduces resolution to remove Pelosi from leadership

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) is under heavy fire for her poor leadership of the House over the last several months, and House Republicans are finally taking real measures to oust her from the seat.

Rep. Doug Collins (R-GA) confirmed rumors that Republicans are attempting to remove Pelosi on the basis of her mental health, announcing on Monday that she lacks the “mental fitness” to hold the job.

Collins officially introduced a resolution on Monday to remove Pelosi from the line of presidential succession, arguing that her recent actions call her cognitive abilities into question.

“It’s clear that Nancy Pelosi does not have the mental fitness to serve as Speaker of the House of Representatives. I’m introducing a resolution to push for her removal,” Collins announced on Sunday.

“Nancy Pelosi’s unwillingness to abide by the Constitution, combined with her recent actions, call into question her own mental fitness,” Collins wrote on Twitter. “It’s critical that the House of Representatives demand her removal from the line of succession.”

According to the wording of the resolution, Pelosi is “unable to adequately serve as Speaker of the House of Representatives and should therefore be removed from her position.” The resolution claims that “over her tenure of her speakership, Speaker Nancy Pelosi has started to demonstrate a decline in mental fitness, calling into question her ability to adequately serve the House of Representatives and the American people.”

The resolution cites Pelosi’s aggressive behavior including the spectacle of ripping up a copy of Donald Trump’s State of the Union speech in February and violating her city’s COVID-19 rules to get her hair done in August and then attempting to blame the salon owner.

The resolution also cited a recent episode of “confused and bizarre behavior by “blurting out randomly ‘Good Morning, Sunday morning'” during a televised appearance on ABC News.

White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany floated a similar idea last week after Pelosi indicated she may be attempting to oust President Trump via the 25th amendment due to concerns about his COVID-19 diagnosis and treatment.

McEnany told Fox News that “maybe she’s projecting” because there is “no reason” for the 25th amendment “to be considered with the president of the United States but maybe for Nancy Pelosi herself.”

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71 Responses

    1. She needs to go! The actual decider was her ripping the speech in front of all to see. So disrespectful! I know the free speech thing, but really, a time and a place for that, if you have any smarts at all!

      1. My mom has dimentia, she exhibited very similar traits as piglosi in the early stages. Anger, frustration, blurts, and so on.
        This last episode when she denied the stimulus is another clue.
        She is Speaker of the House, as such she is supposed to speak for the house as the house speaks. In other words the majority of the house is voiced through her. Unfortunately, she deems herself “Ruler” of the house, and what she says goes. On top of this she has allowed her personal feelings, not beliefs as she is a communist-they go by feelings not beliefs. They ran her will. She has all but destroyed this wonderful God Blessed Country.

      2. Actually that was against the Law for her to do so. She should have been charged. But like most things some people are untouchable. Like Obama spying on Trump since before he announced he would be running and continuing to spy on him and his family. All illegal but yet he and his wife are not charged as of yet. Then there is Ms Clinton and we all know what she did plus allow men die.

        1. I agree 100%!! She and Biden both have some pretty bad mental problems and the dems just aren’t paying attention to what is really going on. If they and Harris is the best they have they are in real trouble!!

      3. Ms Pelosi exhibits signs of cognitive actions. Speaker of the House is a very important job and that person needs to be grounded in the Constitution snd act like a lady. I would suggest she be removed immediately. Our America doesn’t deserve behavior like she has exhibited to the American people. Her health has failed for a good while. She has constantly made derogatory remarks about out President that need to be addressed.
        She did say early on that she would see that he would not be elected again. Very poor behavior for a supposedly leader.

    2. although ole dING BAT Pelosi goes out of her cRAZY way to prove that she is crazier than a bED BUG nothing will be done by the ,a,bers of that TOILET called Cingress nay more than Hunter, Obama, Lyich. Clinton or Comey will ever be Prosecuted, Indicted nad sent to PRISON …. the TOILET of PIMPS nad HORES called CONGRESS is Immune to the LAWS which WE Mortals are SUBJECT TO ….

      1. Agreed! They all need to be flushed down the toilet!
        Peter Rooter! And flush your troubles down the drain!!

  1. She should be ousted from Congress altogether for her career organized crime , many counts each of sedition , perjury , coup attempts , & high treason & the theft of taxpayer funds to do it all !

    1. It would be nice if this could be done retroactively, undoing all the crazy things she’s done since Trump announced!

  2. Pelosi should be removed she has charged government fin of money for her foolish acts to get rid of Trump because he isn’t crooked or getting paid off

  3. GET HER OUT!!!! She is a deplorable person…cannot even think straight…she certainly has a problem and needs to be removed…immediately! She is so power hungry but cannot perform what is required to be effective. Pray her out!!!!!

  4. Do something about her already. All we hear is talk about her but nothing is ever done. Give the people what they want, impeach her or put her in prison. She is the one with the mental issues not Trump….

  5. she does not present herself as a public servant, rather self-serving, acting higher and above the law while collecting taxpayer’s money for a living. it is a bad example for all public workers.

  6. Nancy should have been gone awhile ago! Her mental health has been gone for along time. She does crazy things all the time. I don’t know who is worse? Sleepy creepy Biden or crazy Nancy! Thank God for President Trump! 🇺🇸TRUMP 2020 🇺🇸🙏

  7. Believe she forgot she works for the people. Holding out on stimulus for the people for her own selfishness. (Wishlist). Her constant fighting with President Trump. That’s she’s not even close to being near as smart as. 4 years she’s tried to show she’s smarter than him . She’s not surrender and retire. It’s over Nancy just go home.

  8. She has dug a hole so deep, there is no way she can be effective any longer! I believe most Dems and others are sick of her actions and evil words!

  9. Nancy your time is past due in your position Senator Schuman is not much better,but he has,nt gone over the hill yet

  10. May God deliver us from the malignant influence of Nancy Pelosi, Joe Biden, Kamala Harris and their cohorts who are infected with a self-deluded sense of superiority and obvious disdain for the American public they were elected to serve (NOT destroy). The blatantly false statements they manufacture are designed to misguide the public into trusting them as they rush at a hair-on-fire pace toward the goal of destroying the country our forefathers fought and died for.

  11. Nancy Pelosi needs to be removed ASAP! She is ruining our country and splitting our country in half. Her main goal is to oust the President of the USA out of office from day one. She’s for herself and no one else.

  12. She should be ousted not only for her mental decline, but also for not doing her job as Speaker! Congress has not done anything for the people who elected them to their position; except spending the last 3 1/2 years trying to get President Trump out of the White House!! They are upset about the fact that they rigged the election and couldn’t even win that way!!!

  13. Yes! She needs to go! She is angry all the time and doesn’t try to work with the president. She is causing to many problems.

  14. Pelosi most definitely needs to be replaced . When she talks, her words are all twisted up. Most of the time I can’t even figure out what her subject is. She usually acts drunk. I’ve heard that she usually is. Seams like she’s really lost it, maby from being so obsessed with hating President Trump.

  15. We need age limits in Congress as well as term limits. Then people like her would have been gone already. It is a know fact as we age our mental capabilities start to fail. Especially when they have been in that office for 30 yrs or more. Our fore fathers did not have in mind that people should have their elected positions for life. You need new blood and fresh minds to move forward. For the Supreme Court back then the job for life was around 40 years old, that is how high our life expectancy was, not like now we have people living to be 100. A Job for life is 40 yrs or more with living to be a 100 or a little less. Big difference then what was happening in the late 1800’s. Ms Nancy needs to go. I hope most of House can get behind Mr Collins and do it for the greater good . Trump 2020 God Bless America.

    1. Not only does Piglneed to GO, how about Maxipad Waters.This witch lives in a six million dollar mansion and NOBODY knows what she does.

  16. She does need to go because she and many others think WE work for them when it is just the opposite. These politicians work for the American People! She has been in politics too long and forgot where she has come from. We the people need to vote her out!!! CA people are too stupid to see the false promises this vile human being has failed to deliver.

  17. Pelosi has stated that she will not stop trying to get Trump out of office. That should be a red flag to all other democrats. She has no plans to work for the people of the country. She plans to show how much she hates this country by defying the will of the people. The 25 amendment is used when an illegal act has been done against the country. They have no proof of anything illegal so you know they will do what they always do, invent something. This is why everyone needs to vote red so we can stop all this. If we vote red our neighborhoods will become safe again.

  18. I believe from her actions that she is a heavy drinker that inbibes before she goes to the office as well as being totally unbalanced mentally (probably from the drinking) and needs to be removed from office. It’s frightening to think that she would take over running the USA if something happens to the President and Vice President! (If She has her way she could very well see that “something” happens to them in order to gain power. This is alarming as hell!!!!!

  19. I believe from her actions that she is a heavy drinker that inbibes before she goes to the office as well as being totally unbalanced mentally (probably from the drinking) and needs to be removed from office. It’s frightening to think that she would take over running the USA if something happens to the President and Vice President! (If She has her way she could very well see that “something” happens to them in order to gain power. This is alarming as hell!!!!!

  20. Okay a resolution was made, but what is the process to go forward. Does the Resolution put her on the side lines for a period of time to discuss and to vote on it?

  21. At this point in time she is hurting people from getting money that is truly needed businesses that need it if she is not removed then she will end up destroying this country her hate Donald Trump has overtaken her ability to lead the house she needs to be removed quickly.

  22. I thought she was f up when she announced Obama care that was a long time ago, she needs to go off the face of the earth. Why is it taking so long to get rid of her ? Maybe the American people should be allowed to vote her out, it would happen in less than 24 hours. It’s our country and I am tired of her being protected. This is bull s t. She had done NOTHING for the people. Time for her to GO.

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