July 4, 2022

GOP Rep. claims people are ‘losing their lives’ over Biden’s Regeneron rationing

North Carolina Republican Rep. Greg Murphy claimed during a Sunday interview that President Joe Biden’s administration’s handling of monoclonal antibody treatment for COVID-19 is leading to the loss of lives.

“I believe it’s tragic, I was on a call the other day … with our Doctors Caucus with those folks who are in charge of all of this, and we voiced very strong concerns about what was going on with this, because all of the Democrats love the word ‘equity.’ We’re talking about equity, and we’re talking about — literally — the loss of lives that is happening because they are trying to, in my opinion, punish some states,” Murphy told “Breitbart News Sunday.”

“If the reverse were in effect — and Massachusetts needed more, or California or New York — by all means, the portions would be changed, and this is costing people’s lives because there are literally lines for people and people can’t get in to get Regeneron, which is truly in so many cases a life-saving treatment,” he added.

Florida Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis tweeted on Monday that the addition of monoclonal antibody treatment sites has had a tremendous impact on COVID-19.

“Biden should not be cutting Florida’s treatments by more than 50%. We will fight to ensure Floridians get the treatment they need,” DeSantis added.

The biased distribution highlights that all may not be fair when it comes to COVID-19 treatment. States that “play along” with the Biden administration’s policies are reportedly receiving preference, while others are not, revealing the potentially deadly nature of the politics behind the pandemic.

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