February 26, 2021

GOP politicians publicly rebuke Trump’s allegations of election fraud

The presidential election has yet to be officially called — and the fight could drag on for weeks, but several prominent Republicans have openly stabbed President Trump in the back over his claims of voter interference and fraud.

President Trump — and a large number of his supporters — are concerned about the handling of ballots in several key battleground states, but Sen. Pat Toomey (R-PA) undermined Trump publically by declaring that Trump’s concern about voter fraud is “very disturbing.”

“There’s simply no evidence anyone has shown me of any widespread corruption or fraud,” Toomey told NBC’s “Today” on Friday. “I’m not aware of any significant wrongdoing here. Look, there are irregularities in every election. They tend to typically be very small and involve just a handful of ballots.”

Toomey’s statement came before the Supreme Court announced on Friday evening that the ballots in Pennsylvania after Election Day must be segregated from the rest of the ballots and secured. Those ballots must be counted separately, if at all.

President Trump mounted a major lead in Pennsylvania on election day, only to watch that lead mysteriously evaporate as Joe Biden racked up an astonishing — or as Trump believes, suspicious — number of votes to ultimately take the lead in the Keystone state.

Toomey isn’t the only Republican that is already waving the white flag as Democrats declare victory.

Republican Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan, issued a statement blasting Trump’s claims that there could be voter fraud and manipulation in Pennsylvania: “There is no defense for the President’s comments tonight undermining our Democratic process. America is counting the votes, and we must respect the results as we always have before.”

“No election or person is more important than our Democracy,” said Hogan, who is thought to be a potential GOP contender in the 2024 election.

Some Republicans have tripped all over themselves in their rush to attack Trump’s concerns about the outcome of this election, proving once again that the deep state is indeed alive and well.

Even Chris Christie, one of Trump’s heretofore most vocal allies, rebuked Trump for challenging Biden’s lead, saying during an ABC appearance on Thursday that Trump needs to “show us the evidence” that Democrats are trying to steal the election, and that “this kind of thing, all it does is inflame without informing. We cannot permit inflammation without information.”

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66 Responses

  1. When in doubt, recount!!!!!!!! Better safe than sorry!!!! Anyone in their right mind, knows something is not correct, with this whole process. ALL voters, should go to the Polls (unless feeble, disabled, elderly or overseas); for a more secure count of votes. Plus, early voting in most states was up to two weeks before election day. No excuse, with the Mask, Social Distance; to go in person to vote at the Polls. This process this 2020 year has been a Sham!!!!! We had “warnings” ahead of time!! God help us!!!!!!!

    1. Amen to that!! As far as I’m concerned, this entire election results should be scraped for “ballot harvesting” for the Demorats, and have a re-do with only voter registration mail-in-ballots and voter ID at the polls. Of course, I’m also being realistic, THIS IDEA WON’T HAPPEN!!!!!

    2. Everyone will soon find out how misinformed they were and then the light will go on that Trump was right. The 7 year tribulation is close.

    3. Disgusting Not To Back Our President ! RINO’s With No Balls Caving To The #LiberalRadicalLeft MSM Marxists ! There Was Fraud ! We Knew It Before The Election.

    4. You are so right!! There’s no reason to not go to the polls.
      Absentee ballot would be the only other way.

    5. I’m so sick of ppl saying Pres. TRUMP should not ask for a recount. He is not like so many other chicken sh×× Senators THAT DONT stick up for the AMERICAN VOTERS.

  2. We will remember these names. They got in office riding Trumps coat tails.
    Shame on them. This is what’s wrong with our government. Hanging on to power by any means necessary. This is why the people want term limits.
    Their desperate attempts at hanging on to the office has to be taken away.

    1. Yes!!! I am so disappointed in Pat Toomey’s remarks in saying that every election has fraud. Why should that be acceptable??? We want zero fraud!!! This election was open to fraud from those mail ins….everyone knew it…and the Dems took advantage of it….along with their software “intentional glitches.” That is NEVER acceptable. He will find himself without a job next election…many will not forget how he went against this President. Shame on him!

    2. I agree 110%. Shame on all them for not standing with out POTUS, but nooooo they want to try and get in good with the most blatantly corrupt bidens!! It’s disgusting and God help us all with this feeble corrupt idiot in charge. IF he is the next potus hopefully the Republicans stick together and get a special council involved in this corruption and get him OUT, but that leaves Harris 🤦🏻‍♀️ NOTHING good is going to come from this, absolutely nothing. I also just can’t believe how they are stealing this election right in front of our eyes. I’m all for a legitimate election but this smells of fraud smh 😡🤬

      1. There is voter fraud. The system that is processing the ballots has a glitch in it. The vote that were supposed to go to Trump went to Biden. The is a law that poll watchers can be in the room when they are counting the votes. Philadelphia wouldn’t let them in. In Nevada dead people are voting and people who have lived there for a long time are voting.

    3. Trump take em out. They don’t stand united w you n divided get them out immediately. This is Trump’s house the next 4 years. They’re in it along w the democrats n know their jobs are at stake. Bye bye to all you corrupt jerks.

  3. Republicans are either a weak, wimpy, cowardly bunch or RINO’s. Go leave and join the democrats. We need another party. We’ll never get anywhere with this bunch. Of course there’s no proof….how can you get proof…they won’t let anyone in to watch the count, there were dumps in the night, ballots found in mail trucks, sharpie markers, dead people on the voter rosters… the list goes on and it’s all over. People have SEEN IT. Listen, our President has been right about EVERYTHING since he was elected….from the spying to the “phone call’ to Hunter’s China fiasco. Why wouldn’t we believe him now? What the h-e-double toothpicks is wrong with you people?

    1. I agree. Trump will be providing exposure to all the corruption that’s been going on. This is why they’ve flipped on him. They got a lot to hide so that’s why they’re saying this crap. Satan’s working overtime in this deception but it won’t be long we’ll see it all come crashing down on them. We’ll know all them by name n they will be charged n go to prison. Trust in God he’s the highest judge seated.

  4. Shame on the Republicans who disagreed with the President Trump on Voting fraud and interference. They should be ashamed of themselves. Mail-in ballots as result of the pandemic have provided a mechanism for voting fraud because there were no real strict rules and regulations. States failed to follow their own rules and regulations regarding voting as well. This invited vote fraud.

  5. Sleepy Joe was is on the computer saying he and Obama know how to due voter fraud!

    Joe Biden bragging how to fraud the people!

  6. Sad to say but if you can’t support the man who has done everything President Trump has done for you are a sorry bunch of nothings. I will stand up and say it for you you lack luster dweebs! Thank you President Trump! Keep fighting the good fight there is definitely fraud going on. Any fool can see it. It isn’t over until the fat lady sings, whoever she is!

  7. It is really disheartening when you see one of these “republican” senators or mayors undermining our President, who has worked so hard for the ordinary American people. They, obviously, are part of the deep state, swampy creatures Trump was elected to clean up. They show their true colors. Sorry, but I wish them everything bad they deserve. They put themselves first! They are elected to serve us. They obviously forgot.

  8. Feed the spineless Rino’s to BLM and let whatever happens happens Cristi and other trash need to be punished

  9. The Republican Party, the party of Abraham Lincoln-the great emancipator, should not be cowering before their lying counterpart.
    I, for 1, will NOT get rid of my MAGA, red TRUMP hat; I shall wear it proudly and for the entire 4 years that Harris/Biden (you call em as you see em) administration is in place.
    I, for 1, hope the other party elect suffers the immediate wrath of the American real voter.

  10. Anyone from any party that can’t see this is corrupt has their head up. Their a👀 so far they can see nothing but 💩💩💩💩

  11. If Mushbrain Biden totally succeeds in becoming president, I fear the consequences. Mushbrain has been in the pockets of the Chinese, for years! What’s the possibility of having the Chinese patrolling our streets? It could come to that with his running mate at the tiller. Considering the Commie that she is.
    Do you think it could actually come to that point?

    1. Well, evidently look forward to jobs being done away with because of the higher taxes that will be imposed. More small businesses going out of business. Probably the automobile manufacturing Trump brought back will go back to China. You hear me Michigan and Pennsylvania.? You jerks are stopping my right to express my opinion!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have not said any worse then those that are being published!!!!!!!!!!!!Crappy Demorats!!!!!!!

  12. How can Mitt Romney call himself a Republican? At the very least he is the very definition of a RINO! How can he congratulate China Joe Biden when all the votes haven’t been counted yet ? Hey Mitt, wake up & realize you are a closet Democrat. You are a discrace to your party! Trump 2020!

  13. Where did you loose your balls ?If you dont let me see what is legal .you doing something to me .EXPLAIN.

  14. It just shows you their is no rule of law for working people. Just like hillary you take me down and I’ll take the rest with me. GOP has no balls most just goes with the flow and just like spend years in office and have done nothing just like joe. It’s funny you go in office with moderate income and two to four years you are a million dollar man and doing nothing. You get a man that works for the people and the regular politican can’t stand it. You deserve what you voted fo.

  15. the sad thing is we voted these spineless SOB,s into office and thy do not have the guts to support the leader of their party and the people they are supposed to represent. It would be almost better to have a DEM in their position, at least they have the guts to say they are back stabbers.
    The election was a third world election including a full cast of Commies, Marxist’s , thieves, dishonest news, outlets,
    traitors. and many more.

    The thing that riles me the most is now we do not have anyone is Washington we can trust, our great orange hope was screwed by the swamp and we are next!

  16. This election was a sham if the Dumocrats have nothing to hide let’s do it all over no mail ins
    God bless America as we know it cause we will not recognize it sooner than you think
    Pictures harris as ores and the piglosi as vice hows that for a picture

  17. When Toomey comes up for reelection, I will remember his decision to undermind our President. Toomey lives in a State that is well noted for it’s election corruption, but he has the gall to say “Sen. Pat Toomey (R-PA) undermined Trump publically by declaring that Trump’s concern about voter fraud is “very disturbing.” Mr. Toomey can eat my shorts and if Trump loses, Toomey loses because he’ll be nothing more than a weak loser Republican! When Trump needed strength, Toomey showed he had no cajones.

  18. If I were The President I’d just say screw you and the horse you ride in on. It appears the deep state is more widespread than thought especially Toomey, and Pa how can you stop counting one night The President way ahead roughly 300,000 votes open up
    the next day and its flipped in bidens favor no additional counts something stinks in Denmark.



  20. How can do they say that when there is obvious fraud. In Michigan dead people are voting. In Wisconsin at least 6000 votes were changed from Trump to Biden. There is video evidence of counters changing votes. How can these silk called republicans sleep at night

  21. Everybody with half of a brain, can see something is not right with this picture. Just by looking at the crowd at both candidate’s rallies, you could see a lot more people at Trump’s rallies than Biden’s. Not one person I talk to was for Biden. This is just some more disgusting democrat mongering.

  22. There’s a bigger problem here which is that these clowns believe that the important thing is to present the system as perfect because they and other federal trough feeders benefit from that image. In fact, as in many other things involving the government, it isn’t a flaw of the system but extremely flawed individuals in the system that cause the problems. The flawed/ corrupt individuals need to be identified and pulled out so that the system can work. Our system was designed for and can only work with moral people… which most politicians (heavily invested in “factions” (political parties)) are not. They, especially those such as Toomey and Hogan don’t want us to recognize or acknowledge this.

  23. If you added up all the kickbacks these AO politicians receive weather their Rinos or Rats, no one would vote for any of the corrupt parasites living off our tax dollars. I new when I was in Central America watching the CIA fly off with tons on cocaine we had seized and was about to burn that I would never trust the government and damn sure wouldn’t trust the spooks at Langley.

  24. Those Republicans that have rebuked President Trumps’ allegations of voter fraud, need to get the hell out of the Republican Party and join the corrupt Democrat slime that you’re helping to destroy our country! I’m not a politician and I only have an average education but, I am a Loyal American Patriot. Even I, can see the Election Fraud and the conspiracy against President Trump orchestrated by George Soros, his bought and paid for Democrat traitors, Antifa and BLM! I will never accept a lying, cheating, thief and traitor and his jezebel as the leaders of my country, in my eyes, he’s a lowlife criminal and she’s worse. I ask, right here and now, every Loyal American Citizen and Patriot, to take up arms against the worst enemies our country has ever had to deal with! Further, I ask our “so called Militias” to do their part to save our country and stop talking and start doing!

    1. No one has any balls anymore and their to damn polite. The first order of action would be a hit team to take out Soros, Clinton band wagon and “Chim Chim”…You wipe that clean, the rest of them will fall right in line like the sewer creatures they are.

  25. The “justice system” moves too slow. If the Dems can make a hit list of Republicans that voted for Trump, then why can’t we (Republicans for Trump) get a copy of all of the registered voters in each of the questionable state (and add in NY, CA, WI and MI), and split it up between one of the groups like Women for Trump and each check a couple of hundred to see, if, how and who they voted for, as President. We could then compare the lists and see how many “fake” or “missing votes” we actually have. We can’t wait until we are in court, we need to act now, in the name of democracy and to preserve our freedom.

    1. Great idea Christine Martin. Send it to OUR PRESIDENT TRUMP, HE WILL WORK IT OUT.
      IM WITH YOU 👧

  26. In the future my family and I will work to stop any of these turncoats from ever to being elected to any office ever again.

  27. Mr. Toomey, you belong with the Dems if you can say that out loud!! Of course, you said it on NBC because you would not say it on Fox where people of the country will watch!! We will dis-seat you and your RINO friends like Susan Collins, thank God we already took Jeff Flake out and replaced him!

  28. The fix was in long before the election date. With Joe Biden acting out his.puppet role as “President elect” from basement to scheduled.places, he didn’t have much to worry about because his handlers were busy taking care of “business as usual” for him (perpetuating his own corruption via the “mail-in fraudulent votes) Isn’t it funny how “Ole Sleepy Joe has suddenly become “Awoke Joe” because he believes his own lies and those of his disgustingly distorted handlers? IMHO Joe was unattractive as candidate for President from the first.instance. How then is it possible to have gained such “instant popularity” with all the corrupt revelations coming forward every day since it was released by the New York Post? Unbelievable BS plus Media complicit hacks. The big crackdown must be the purging of Communist agitators embedded within the media. That is the American problem. Deal with these liberal hacks first. Watching from a distance. Observer Daniel

  29. Well if GOD does not pull this out it means it is getting close to JESUS coming back. BUT GOD gives us the ability to fight, Ever America has arms What are you going to do if you do not want to be a third world sewer-pool. Either way you will have to fight to live.

  30. Democrats like fake news are totally crooked. There is not a little but a lot of fraud in this election and it is going to be exposed and I hope all these people are put in jail where they belong. Once all this corruption is exposed we will know that President Trump will get 4 more years. Can’t wait.

  31. Let us be clear about one thing!!! The President made a statement on Nov. 7, 2020 to say not a single state has signed to say who won the state yet!! There are two things in play here… legal ballots and illegal ballots…. all legal ballots even if that means every state, so be it, will be counted and illegal ballots will not be counted. Senator Mitch McConnell said the same thing!!! There will be turncoats everywhere in USA who are ready to take the handouts but stab you in the back with the first chance they get…. let’s leave these Republican politicians be labelled as just that…. turncoats, betrayers and ‘Benedict Arnolds’!!! We are the supporters of POTUS and we support him 100% to the Supreme Court if that’s what it takes to see who is the next legal President of the USA…. President Donald Trump or former VP Joe Biden…. we are American Citizens, with legal documents and our voices must be heard…. it is not over till it’s over! God is still on His Throne

  32. If we had people who would do their jobs, and stand up for our country, or go to jail, just think how differently our country would be?
    Comey and the FBI protecting Corrupt Traiterous Hillary, while altering paperwork to bring fake charges against 3 Star General Flynn, who spent 33 years of his life, protecting this country!
    Even though it was proven that Flynn was set up by Obama, Biden, and Corrupt FBI Officials, Flynn still can’t get the false charges against him dropped, because of the Sorry Dirty Paid Off Demon-Rat Judge, who was appointed by the Biggest and Best Liar of all, Hussein Obama, to protect the guilty, and hang the innocent!
    If we had a non Corrupt FBI, and CIA, in this country, Obama, Biden, and Hillary would be in jail, instead of buying multi million dollar properties!

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