October 3, 2022

GOP Overturns Democrat Governor’s Prohibition To Churches

The democrat governor of Kansas recently issued an executive order that specifically included church gatherings and funerals in the prohibition of gatherings of more than 10 people.

But, thanks to state republicans, the rule didn’t last for long. Kansas republicans took action on the basis that Gov. Laura Kelly’s executive order was an unconstitutional overreach.

GOP members of the state’s Legislative Coordinating Council, composed of House and Senate leaders blocked the order in a 5-2 vote along party lines, according to Fox News.

“The Governor should not use this crisis, or any other crisis, as a basis to restrict our constitutional rights,” said Susan Wagle, a Republican from Wichita. “This is the people’s government, always will be, and I will carry their voices when the call is clear. This is still America.”

Kansas Attorney General Derek Schmidt also told law enforcement officers to not enforce the governor’s order.

“Because no Kansan should be threatened with fine or imprisonment, arrested or prosecuted for performing or attending church or other religious services, law enforcement officers are advised to … avoid engaging in criminal enforcement of its limitations on religious facilities, services or activities,” Schmidt said via an official memo.

“I am confident Kansans of faith can be trusted to follow that important advice without their government threatening criminal sanctions for disobedience,” Schmidt added.


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