August 1, 2021

GOP Judiciary committee member Rep. Greg Steube pledges to refuse donations from big tech companies

Rep. Greg Steube (R-FL) just announced that he is ending his policy of accepting donations from America’s tech giants as the battle over media censorship heats up. 

Steube spoke to Breitbart News Daily about the trend of GOP legislators accepting donations from big tech companies in light of the recent congressional testimony from large tech CEOs. Fox Host Tucker Carlson went after prominent GOP congressman Jim Jordan (R-OH) on Wednesday, questioning why Jordan allows Google to be his second-largest campaign donor.

Steube told Breitbart that after watching Carlson confront Jordan, “I texted my chief and I said, ‘Hey, have we ever taken money from any of these companies because I don’t know if you watched Tucker Carlson last night, but he kind of went after Jim Jordan, he kind of went after Sensenbrenner for taking money from Google.'”

Steube continued, “and he said, ‘No, we’ve only taken $1,000 from Google.’ And I told him, ‘No more, we’re not accepting any more money from any of these companies’ … after what I saw and after obviously what is truly going on, I told my campaign staff we’re not accepting any more campaign donations from any of these companies.”

Steube’s public announcement that he will no longer be influenced by big tech companies puts pressure on his GOP colleagues that are still accepting cash from companies engaging in censorship.

Media giants Google, Youtube, Twitter, and Facebook — among others — have gotten bolder in the attempts to censor speech that doesn’t align with their far-left goals, and though GOP legislators have acknowledged the problem, few have taken definitive action.

Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) called out his GOP colleagues during a Wednesday appearance on “Hannity,” saying that “Congress will not do anything on big tech because Congress is bought off by big tech.”

Breitbart has identified a slew of GOP legislators that have accepted cash from major tech companies that engage in blatant censorship of conservative voices, including Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH), Rep. Ken Buck (R-CO), Rep. Kelly Armstrong (R-ND) and Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) — all members of the House Judiciary subcommittee on antitrust.

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45 Responses

  1. I do not understand why We the People are not allowed to give huge donations and individuals like George Soros can donate millions into campaigns. Lobbyists should also not be allowed to write any legislation to be voted on i.e. ACA aka Obamacare. When will Congress do the job they were elected to do rather than being so truly un-American?

    1. Amen Lynn! It is about time that the Republicans awakened to the fact that they are being fed by Satan when they accept these funds from the Big Tech companies. George Soros only buys DemoCommunist legislators and candidates and not Conservatives, ie. True Republicans. We all know George Soros is the middle man for someone or someones my powerful and with the power to sink him if they want. However, George Soros has been a traitor to all, Hungarians, Europeans, Baltic Countries and The UNITED STATES of AMERICA. In his youth, he was a traitor to his Jewish brethren when he sided with the Nazis doing their work to strip the Jews in Hungary of their wealth and property, while leading the Nazis to believe he wasn’t Jewish. WHAT a SCUMBAG! If you don’t believe it, check him out on the internet before his history is erased.

      1. In the 2016 election, George Soros gave donations to Marco Rubio, Lindsey Graham, and John McCain!!! So he does give donations to Conservatives when it could help him!!

      2. You are absolutely correct about Sorros. My question is why hasn’t he and his money been banned from the U.S.? Why is he allowed to contribute so much money to local as well as national elections? Why has he been able to back local politicians such as city mayors? Wherever you see Marxism in the cities such as Portland and Seattle, bet your bottom dollar that Soros backed the politicians in office. That is why police are told to stand down. They are out to destroy the U.S. My greatest fear is that Marxism will expand to other cities then the rural areas. We are in grave danger. And Congress will not work with Trump to change anything. We need term limits and younger conservatives. Congress was never meant to be a career. Vote all of them out.

    2. Good question Lynn Stevens. Not only does Soros give mega huge donations but he uses our tax dollars from his Open Society Foundation to do it. AND the House continues to fund it! I have been trying to get an answer for that! Forget the fact that Congress will not do the job they were elected to do. The most of the House members are Marxists. I also agree with Ron Brandon. We need to get rid of the Lobbyists. Any Member of Congress that takes money from any PAC, should automatically forfeit hi/her seat and to never again have a political position anyplace in America.

    3. I thought there was a limit anyone could donate to politicians. Perhaps I am wrong though as it sure seems like it.

  2. Good for Rep. Greg Steube, we have one noncorrupt Politician, are there any more, please stand up.

    1. Lobbying and lobbiests aren’t bad. They inform congress and legislatures of their industry’s issues and concern
      Labor represents huge lobbying activity but are not held to the same standards as other lobbiests.
      Its not cash and bribery, but Democrats would have you believe that.
      Teachers unions are major lobbiests and are mainly Democrat influencers.

      1. Don’t lobbyists give money to government officials? campaigns? If so, they are swaying politicians for their company’s purposes. And being influenced by money is wrong. Human nature will take bribes when the carrot of money is dangled in front of them, You cannot convince me lobbyists have no influence via money.

    2. Yes the lobbyists are good for nothing. But the way I was being said it needed to be corrected me and grammar by saying that they are not good for anything because obviously when you say they are not good for nothing that would mean therefore that they are good for Which in my opinion is the crooked side of the coin.

  3. More importantly, How much is Dr. Fauchi getting to keep America Afraid of socializing an/or working safely?

    His NIH testing and now promoting wearing both dust masks and goggles which don’t protect against a virus properly are the proof.

    I am a retired Navy vet and was qualified as a respirator fit tester. We used Mk5 masks, respirators and OBA’s for Personal Protection Equipment against chemical/biological attacks and fires. With my experience I don’t believe the doc is being upfront in his media statements. I believe he’s using Political Views in his statements for Political Gains.

    1. I fully agree. The Doctor is a died in the wool democrat and is taking orders from them. He has not been in a lab for years. He constantly tells us one thing and then the next day changes it..

    2. Fauci is in bed with the Bill And Melinda Gates Foundation. Big Tech and so much way worse stuff. The Gates are evil incarnate and if we dont stop these big over weight evil foundations we will all be dead or in chains.

    3. And to wear masks like that, you must be fit properly with the correct size for your face. You are instructed how to seal it around your face, then put a hood over you and through a port, they spray an pungent aerosol like licorice scent. If you can smell anything, you’re not wearing it properly. This mask mandate is a joke. These masks will NOT block virus not to mention your eyes are totally exposed and in all honesty, the eyes will be exposed first anyway.

    4. I totally agree with you! The problem I have with masks, we were not meant to breathe carbon dioxide! When you have masks over your nose and mouth, no matter if it is cloth or not, you are breathing in extra carbon dioxide!

    5. Amen, I believe the same thing about Dr. Fauci! I wish his records of money received could be posted!!

  4. Lobbyists have always been a problem for all sides Democrats, Republicans, Indipendents, etc.
    Probably why you seldom hear any of them say anything about lobbyist one way or the other.
    They don’t want to bite the hand that feeds them.
    They really should be outlawed. It’s not just the money they throw at politicians. There are very special favors given along the way as well. Vacations, island trips, club memberships, stock options, the list is endless.

  5. The late great Robin Williams said it perfectly in the movie (Man of the year) when he said politicians should wear suits like the drivers in NASCAR with all the patches so you know who really supports them.

    1. You are so correct Vince. The fing lobbyists are nothing but bs people and a lot of them are xlegistators who found a pot of gold for them selves and spreads others money to the right places for them.

  6. George Soros ought to be censored and fined for promoting insurrection.
    Check out the U.S. Code (Federal Law) Title 18 S 2381/2383.
    He’s got more money than he obviously needs.
    Just an undercover dictator.
    The problem here is OUR CONGRESS is blinded by Strictly Political Discrimination.

  7. Agree 100% with the post above.My daily mail is almost filled with $$$ request.Not just politicians but every charity known to mankind.How they got the idea I have money to burn( are they selling names of those who do donate to some charities?)

  8. Trump was all for term limits for this very reason among others. The politicians fought him all the way.

  9. Put in “Term Limits”, chop out the PAC laws, impose reasonable limits on political election donations from corporations, individuals and lobbyist and we dry up the amount of funds needed to run for any National elective office. This intern, puts the Senate and Congressional Rep members, back to primarily doing the Country’s critical business of addressing real issues, which they are supposed to be doing, as elected members for the Nation, rather than spending all of their time collecting enormous amounts of funds for their next election. The ridiculous and irresponsible amounts of funds being donated, collected and spent, on all political elections today, are so erroneous, that it is has developed into a continual daily “Donor Robbery” industry, causing critical shortages in funds being made available for legitimate donor supported and needy charities. It is all out of control!

  10. So proud of my Rep Steube for taking this stand and implore him to actually refund that donation to Google so he can go after them with ferver and good conscience.

  11. Why is it Soros does not come to Texas, and he will find out just how much he is disliked and he will get out as soon as he can, he is a coward just like all Democrats

  12. Amen to a lot of the comments people have made above. The power of lobbyists is a serious problem, but that is due to the campaign contributions so large that can be made. Corporations should be limited to the same $2800 that citizens are limited to. And political action committees should be abolished. But lobbyists also help to educate the government, as they especially would if all senators and reps were limited to two terms. Govt already is often the blind being led by the better informed people (with an agenda).

  13. Good for him. ANY politician that takes money from anyone but regular donors can not be trusted. Someone owns them.

  14. I like Jim Jorden and sure would like to hear from him on this before I make any judgements on what’s going on.

  15. It’s time to get rid of these liars stirring up lies in our country like Obama Biden I’m sitting here listening to Obama now he’s actually say a white America is made up of racist this Has to stop if you want to live in a free country we will have to stand up and fight for our freedom again otherwise it’ll be your families your sons and daughters they will pay a heavy price for letting this country Fall into the hands of Pelosi Schumer Adam shift and a bunch other politicians I just remembered do you remember President Ronald Reagan the Democrats painted him as the President that’s going to mash the button to start a nuclear war Remember how well he improved this country for everyone Every four years every two years the Democrats start calling Republicans racist now they’re saying all the police are racist now honestly thank about what would happen if there was not a police force keeping the wolves from the door God bless the USA God bless the Trump administrationAnd God bless our patriots

  16. Tucker Carlson ripped into Jim Jordan. The aim of all these Tech Companies and Soros is ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT ABD ONE WORLD CURRENCY!! Google will not allow the ordinary citizen do any research…. I do not use google as my search engine I go into Bing or Yahoo!!! Fauci is a FRAUD… he is a puppet for the Gates and the Chinese … vital information regarding Fauci’s involvement with Wuhan Lab, which was in Wikipedia in January was removed in March!!!!! Bill Gates was a friend of Epstein!!!! Also his aim like the other techies is to depopulate the world!!! WHO refuses to give food aid to needy countries as their population is ever increasing…. this is yesterday’s news!!!! IMF annual meeting in Davos is a platform for all this wickedness…. it is a known fact that the World Bank gave India 17+3 Billion dollars to stay shut since March….and friends, the CHINA VIRUS is man made!!! No natural virus can work with same strength in every country with different weather system!!! Amazon’s Bezos imported this to every country from Chinese shipments of manufactured goods…. cheap and never lasting made by slave labor!!! Do we as citizens of the last and only bastion of Democracy want to be led by these monsters…. I don’t believe so… let our generation leave a legacy for others who come after us by refusing the puppets of this monstrous movement … the Democratic Party our votes … let us stand up for America and make certain that they don’t get our votes…

  17. In 2009, Google had an article where Obama and Hillary allowed American companies to help Russia, build a Hyper Sonic Weapon!

    Of course this article was pulled by Google, when Hillary started running for President!

    When Demon-Rats were prosecuting Trump with their Russia Russia Russia Investigation, the investigation should have been directed against Obama and Hillary, for committing Treason by helping Russia!
    But as usual, Hillary and Bill can commit numerous crimes, and break numerous laws, to line their pockets, and never answer for anything!

  18. So simple really the government just taxes each donor the amount they donated before,put it in one pool and dole it out equally ,if funds are exhausted then make rules about debates and campaign info where a candidate gets X amount of time. period. per day per week on media broadcasting…this might benefit incumbents.perhaps no …so no political campaign messaging during the last week for anyone the president would still be the president with his duties ,but an appointee makes all government public service messaging for those last seven days with a disclaimer the incumbent is not avoiding duties ,but all campaigning is in violation of election laws by anyone…so no public announcements for 7 days by incumbent so no conflating the job with the campaign,a week off from the political ire would serve the public well….perhaps,and all pax have to surrender existing cash to pool,it definitely remove big money donations

  19. Fauci is making Millions from Chinese and from Dems read it and forgot the amount, he is a fraud. He and Dems unleashed this virus. Reason Piglosi held impeachment results
    She was waiting Panedemic to hit. Yes she, Schumer and couple of others had their pictures taken with Chinese doctors and Fauci all together before this Panedemic was released.

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