October 5, 2022

GOP looking into Biden plans to use Amtrak to transport illegal immigrants

House Republicans are investigating whether President Joe Biden is preparing to use Amtrak to transport illegal immigrants from the southern border.

The group of GOP leaders on the House Transportation Committee is also looking to the White House for answers to the border crisis.

“Such a situation would cause disruptions for Amtrak customers as well as interrupt freight traffic that could further exacerbate the supply chain crisis,” the letter read.

It “would also constitute an unconscionable use of significant amounts of taxpayer funds and resources to aid in the vast movement of illegal migrants into American communities,” it added.

The potential use of Amtrak trains would add even more concerns as the Biden administration plans to end Title 42, which would allow even more migrants to remain in the country.

The problems continue to grow at the border, but the answers are still nowhere to be found in Washington as the surge worsens.


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