June 12, 2021

GOP-led Texas House approves election integrity overhaul bill

The Texas House of Representatives has passed an election integrity bill that Gov. Greg Abbott (R) is expected to sign into law, according to Breitbart News

The bill, SB 7, which has been through several revisions, passed on Friday in a 78 to 64 vote after making its way through the Texas State Senate in an 18 to 13 vote just days ago.

SB 7 still has a few hurdles to pass, however, as it’s going into committee to try and merge the versions that were passed by the House and Senate into one bill that is accepted by all.

KHOU reported that “The first vote on a pared down version [of SB 7] came early Friday after a long day of debate. . . Republicans amended the bill to nix a provision that would’ve required people assisting voters to disclose the reason a voter might need help — even if for medical reasons.

“That measure raised concerns among advocates for people with disabilities that it could violate the federal Americans with Disabilities Act.”

The debate over election integrity bills has been rampant among both Republicans and Democrats following the suspicion shrouding the 2020 election results. Republicans have been pushing stricter security measures, which has prompted Democrats to cry “racism” in response.

While Texas’ bill still includes some controversial topics, it’s a step toward the kind of integrity that would allow conservatives to once again regain confidence in the election system, if done correctly.

Rep. Chip Roy (R-TX-21) sent a letter on Wednesday, “to Texas House Speaker Dade Phelan, Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick, and two influential state legislators encouraging them to pass election integrity legislation currently under consideration in the Texas State Legislature that includes several specific safeguards.”

 Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) weighed in writing a Facebook post on Friday that said, “Today, the Texas House passed SB 7 on second reading, a bill to safeguard our elections in Texas, despite immense pressure from woke corporations and the liberal media,”.

Cruz concluded by saying, “The bill protects the voting rights of 29 million Texans and would make our elections in Texas more accessible and more secure. When Texans go to cast a vote, that vote should count. I am grateful for the Republicans and the Leadership in the Texas House and Senate who have been leading the fight to protect the integrity of our elections in Texas, and I hope that this bill becomes law.”

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54 Responses

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    1. GA, TEXAS, Florida>>>> C;mon RED STATES follow the trend and dRIVE the TERRORISTS FROM THE (D) COMMIE PARTY OF CHINA AKA (D) FASCISTS TOTALLY NUTS…..Oo Rahh !!

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  2. Lead the way Texas with Florida!!!! All hero leaders in all States keep taking our FREE USA back from the Commie freaks that cheated their way into the white house.

    1. It was the Godless Democratic Party of Treason that cheated on the 2020 elections, and keep in mind that the Electoral College is not immune from corruption once the Democrats get a foot-hold into the system. How do you supposed the senile Joseph R. Biden, Jr. and his communist gang wormed his way into the White House? Now I understand why Nathaniel Gribsby who died in 1890 had his inscription engraved on his tombstone which read…. “Through this inscription I wish to enter my dying protest against what is called the Democratic party. I have watched it closely since the days of Jackson and know that all the misfortunes of our nation has come to it through this so called party therefore beware of this party of treason.”

      Democrats don’t solve problems; they subsidizes them.

      USAF (RET)

      1. msgt john correa.thank you for your service.our country is going down thedrain with biden and his cheaters.we must all stand up and fight these lousy demorats. get them out of congress and senate. vote them out.we need president donald j trump now. start impeaching these demorats.start with pelosi,maxine waters,shumer,shiff,nadler james clyburn thereall no good.only want power.wake up americabefor its too late.

    2. i agree as i live in florida!we just did the same thing here!remember people most people don’t vote in the mid terms so if we want to take back the house get everyone you know to get out and vote to rid us of the cancerous dems!

  3. The Dems are stunned that we have had enough of their cheating ways and have said NO MORE! They can’t believe that Republicans are finally standing up and saying we won’t take your crap anymore! You went WAY too far with 2020 and now we are going to put a stop to it no matter if you like it or not!

    1. I wrote to Donald J. Trump and said; “we American patriots cannot wait until 2024 for your re-election! You must claim your rightful place at the White House NOW!! Before the senile Joseph R. Biden, Jr. and his communist comrades destroy the sovereign Republic of the United States of America!”

      USAF (RET)

      1. Agree with every thing you have said. I have a real hard time believing that they can not recheck the ballots faster then they are. This is America we can do anything if we want it bad enough. It has been 6 months since the election and it has not been figured out yet. Why????????? With everything going on so fast with the things Biden/Obama have put through we don’t have TIME. Thousands and thousands of illegals have entered out country illegally and there are thousand that have come here to destroy America. “WE THE PEOPLE” have to stand up to these traitors from Biden/Obama, sooner the better.

        1. Why? Because the Supreme Court has refused to authorize the recount of the election votes, and the democratic party keeps fighting to stop any possible recount when the opportunity arises.

          1. The liberals including some of those in the states have done everything possible to keep from giving access for a recount, it makes you wonder how much of any evidence has been destroyed before allowing auditors access.. They have had more than enough time to get rid of a lot of ballots.

          2. dems/ what in the royal hell are you afraid of????????????THE TRUTH??????????????

      2. What a great idea. Plan on doing the same and send a letter. Hopefully more will follow your lead.

    1. OKAY for all of the “Wokies” out there; Our founding Fathers (and yes there were some great women behind their men – it is just that most dems and “Wokies” don’t read too well and do not read history much at all) created the first Ten amendments into the “Bill of Rights”. The 1st amendment was the most important because it spelled out that “We the People” had the right to express ourselves through FREEDOM of speech. Our founding fathers knew that the LORD gave us TWO EARS and ONE mouth for a damn good reason, to listen twice as much as we speak. This is something the Dems and elitists have FAILED to learn over the last 240 some years. One other item that was snuck underneath the 1st amendment in a very discrete way. We do have the FREEDOM to “IGNORE” someone else’s BS. Since most of us older folks have successfully attended school and actually learned something we have the ability to DETECT BS and the Clinton SNOW-JOBs, and the BIDEN pig manure. WE can and most of us DO ignore it. So to the “WOKE” lefties and elitists, go ahead and shout at the clouds, We will JUST ignore you all the more and “giggle” some as well.

  4. Excellent! Our representatives are fighting back to the elitist left control freaks and we must continue to support them so that we will have safe and fair elections without question. Voter ID should always be mandatory! There are countries in this world who require besides voter ID their fingerprint…and I think that should come next if we ever again encounter such a questionable election as the one on November 3, 2020.
    No one should be afraid to vote if they know that they fully and truly qualify.

    1. I’ve thought a fingerprint system would be a good idea this whole time. The mail in ballads can come with a kit to do the print and mail in. Not that complicated, everyone get fingerprinted and use it to vote!!

  5. Is this something a Golden Oldie (& I “mean” Oldie) can do? If I live any longer I will have to become a Begger!!
    Thank you!!

  6. Dems are even surprised? Naturally they’ll do the voter ID etc. and it isn’t racist nor disabled, just American.

  7. JOKE !! good news bad news….[ the good news is there is plenty of vaccine ] the bad news.. we are going to have to share needles !!! just kidding ! joke joke

  8. The 2022 election had better be the most up front, open and totally honest in American history or every Democrat in the USA will be a TARGET for EXECUTION !!!! We are fed up with all the liberal B.S. and the next election WILL be the FINAL chance for the Democrats, they are on notice, DO NOT CROOK THE NEXT ELECTION OR YOU WILL ALL DIE !!! There had better not even be the hint of ANYTHING crooked or every Democrat in this country will be hunted down and erased from existence permanently !!!!

    1. Randy, my boy, get ready to be visited by the Secret Service and grilled for a few hours on your “hate speech”. You should know by now that that type of speech is frowned upon by the SS. They do not regard what you wrote as a “joke” or something said in a temporary fit of anger. You have just threatened the “elite” politicians of this country and they don’t tolerate that type of attack.

  9. “While Texas’ bill still includes some controversial topics, it’s a step toward the kind of integrity that would allow conservatives to once again regain confidence in the election system, if done correctly.”
    The UnAmerican Digest means it would have helped Trump to steal the election. We Texans sure don’t want to make it too easy to vote. Just think of all those folks voting against our lying hero. I mean, who do we think we are, anyway – a real democracy? Naw. Better take the vote away from women, too, while we’re at it.

    1. There is nothing controversial about it. We want every legal voter to vote, in the simplest and easiest way possible. It has nothing to do with Trump. Put that hate somewhere where it doesn’t show so badly.

  10. It’s about time. We the people stand up for our rights. I hope all the Democratic people move to California with Nancy Pelosi and stay.

  11. Well done Texas……other states need to follow….Vote out the dem govenors so America can be free from lying, cheating, voter fraud and so many other crimes……dems and republicand take back you country.

  12. Any lawmaker who voted Against SB-7 must be against honest and fair elections with voter integrity.
    These people should be named, shamed, and looked at very closely in the next election cycles.
    Vote Responsibly!

  13. ALL STATES TO FOLLOW THE LEADERSHIP OF TEXAS! … WE NEED VOTER REFORM ACROSS THE NATION! … If you can get a ID to apply for WELFARE? Then you can use that same ID to VOTE With? RIGHT?

  14. I think VOTING REFORM is a NECESSITY!!! It is NOT RACIST!! If you can find your way to the welfare line, you can find your way to the voting line!! You need to have ID for welfare, you should already have it for voting!!!
    Any other excuses, now??

  15. Why are the Demon-RATS fighting this?? It’s for fair elections—this ought to tell people what these cheating trolls are up to and what they have already done!!

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