September 29, 2022

GOP lawmakers work to stop rumored $450k payments to families separated at border

Justifiable outrage ensued earlier this year when it was reported that the Biden administration was considering making payments of roughly $450,000 per person to members of immigrant families separated at the border during the Trump administration, but now, a group of Republicans in the Senate is taking steps to help prevent implementation of such a plan.

The controversy began when the Wall Street Journal published a report detailing negotiations between the Biden administration and representatives for affected immigrant families to compensate them for alleged psychological trauma inflicted on them by the federal government when Trump-era zero-tolerance policies were in place.

Response from the GOP to such a prospect was swift and severe at the time, with House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) declaring the idea “pure insanity” and a “slap in the face to our law-abiding citizens who wake up, go to work, and pay their taxes.”

Though President Joe Biden himself quickly attempted to assure angry Americans that such payouts were “not going to happen,” administration officials later clarified to indicate that compensation for separated immigrant families remained very much on the table.

Fortunately, a number of Republican lawmakers, including Sens. Tom Cotton (R-AR), Thom Tillis (R-NC), John Cornyn (R-TX), and Mitch McConnell (R-KY), are introducing legislation that purports to stop the federal government from entering into any legal settlements with illegal immigrants that require taxpayer dollars to fund, as Breitbart reports.

Touting what is being called the “Protect American Taxpayer Dollars from Illegal Immigration Act,” Cotton argued, “It would be unthinkable to pay damages to a burglar who broke into your home for the ‘psychological trauma’ they endured during the crime.”

“The Biden administration’s promises of citizenship and entitlement programs have already caused the worst border crisis in history – a huge cash reward will make it even worse,” Cotton added.

Senate Minority Leader McConnell concurred with those sentiments, stating, “While American families are struggling anxiously just to keep pace with President Biden’s inflation, the President now wants to make millionaires out of people who crossed the border illegally. It’s beyond parody.”

With voter opinion on the question very unfavorably for Biden, it remains to be seen whether his administration will rethink the concept of paying people large sums for breaking our nation’s laws, or if the President will hold firmly to his “America Last” mindset and barrel ahead regardless.




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