August 8, 2022

GOP lawmakers call for probe of Biden’s cancellation of border wall

A group of 40 Senate Republicans accused President Joe Biden on Wednesday of violating federal spending law when he ended funding for former President Donald Trump’s border wall.

Sen. Richard C. Shelby (R-AL), ranking member of the Senate Appropriations Committee, Sen. Shelley Moore Capito (R-WV), ranking member of that panel’s Homeland Security subcommittee, and 38 other GOP senators wrote to the Government Accountability Office (GAO). The president’s executive order to end construction of the border wall took place on the day of Biden’s inauguration.

“In the weeks that followed, operational control of our southern border was compromised and a humanitarian and national security crisis has ensued,” the senators wrote. “The President’s actions directly contributed to this unfortunate, yet entirely avoidable, scenario.”

The last Homeland Security spending bill, signed into law in December 2020, provided almost $1.4 billion for the border wall.

Republican Senators argue Biden’s order served as a “blatant violation of federal law and infringe(s) on Congress’s constitutional power of the purse.” Their letter requested the GAO’s legal response regarding the issue.

The letter comes as the number of illegal immigrants along the nation’s southern border continues to surge. Nearly 100,000 individuals were detained in February.

Multiple sources reported on Wednesday that Border Patrol now has approximately 13,000 migrant children in custody. More than 4,200 were in Border Patrol facilities unfit for housing.

Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas said on Tuesday, “We are on pace to encounter more individuals on the southwest border than we have in the last 20 years.”

Democrats argue a wall is not a solution, but something needs to happen. Biden’s growing border problems are quickly beginning to overshadow his plans to improve immigration reform.

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Pollty (@guest_1179039)
1 year ago

Great news

Sgt. Preston (@guest_1179297)
Reply to  Pollty
1 year ago

Definitely GREAT NEWS! Also, with Creepy, Sleepy, Uncle Joe’s dementia, this will stress his feeble brain even more. Only downside to that is that he may be forced to resign due to his health and that will leave us stuck with Kamel Toes Harris as Prez. and Nasty Nancy Pelosi as VP, both of which give me chills when I think what harm they could cause.

Paul (@guest_1179041)
1 year ago

This is the worst president in 50 years he is also a crooked political person this admin including Pelosi Schumer and others are out to destroy america not one dems has an ounce of moral decency God bless America we are going to need it

jaybird (@guest_1179078)
Reply to  Paul
1 year ago

Agree 100%! Also, every Dept. in our Government is corrupt. It is going to take forever with Republicans in majority to fix this and I am not sure it can be fixed. They are trying to make Washington, DC a State which is full of Demorat voters. This is a mess and when the Republicans were in the majority they did not put Law in place to protect the Repblic.

Joe from Georgia (@guest_1179165)
Reply to  jaybird
1 year ago

Feel that the people encouraging these children to come here and want to protect them need to figure how THEY are going to PAY for them out of their pockets. I raised my children without the government’s help. Let these people who are encouraging them to come here pay for them.

Mary (@guest_1179175)
Reply to  Joe from Georgia
1 year ago

Your absolutely right , the people that wanted them here should pay for them !!
Or let Biden and Pelosi pay for them out of their pocket !!

Sgt. Preston (@guest_1179302)
Reply to  Mary
1 year ago

I’m in complete agreement with that. Tax all these “open border” people and make them pay the cost of the invaders they seem to want so much, BUT, don’t allow these invaders to vote until they become full fledged citizens, after completing all the legal requirements for citizenship.

Alissa Gonzales (@guest_1179216)
Reply to  Joe from Georgia
1 year ago

You are absolutely right. Let all those people who want them here open up their pockets and their saving to support them. Starting with medical care, feeding them and housing. Then you can dress them and educate them. Then anything else that comes their way. I did it without government help.

Robert W (@guest_1179195)
Reply to  Paul
1 year ago


Phillip P Cartwright (@guest_1179237)
Reply to  Paul
1 year ago

Concur, but I feel Obama was the worse by far. But Biden is a dang close second.

Carol T (@guest_1179053)
1 year ago

All of those illegals should be put on planes and sent back south to wherever they came from. They should NOT be sent further into our country. When they arrive back home, others would realize that there is no point in trekking to the USA. Where do the illegals get the thousands of dollars they pay the coyotes, etc to bring them north? They could live very nicely on that much money in their own countries.

Rev4God (@guest_1179055)
1 year ago

This is what you get when the people making the rules, don’t have a clue. Is this better than my 1st comment? LOL

scorpion (@guest_1179059)
1 year ago


Terri Mikula (@guest_1179196)
Reply to  scorpion
1 year ago

I agree!

jean monfort (@guest_1179733)
Reply to  scorpion
1 year ago

i agree

Stephen Russell (@guest_1179066)
1 year ago

Probe all allies on border wall issue

June Garris (@guest_1179067)
1 year ago

President or not he did not have the right to destroy our border security. The wall is almost done and should be completed. Bring in the National Guard and move the illegals out and return the kids to the parents IN MEXICO. WE DONT WANT THEM. WE HAVE OUR OWN KIDS IN AMERICA LIVING ON THE STREETS AND HUNGRY. TAKE CARE OF OUR OWN PEOPLE 1ST. I hope you all that did this burns in hell.

John (@guest_1179072)
1 year ago

How about someone let the stupid Democrats know that ignoring the problem at the border is no solution either. If you just close your eyes the problem does not go away. Flapping your gums doesn’t fix it either.

Jeffery Hindsley (@guest_1179087)
1 year ago

What Biden has done is commit treason. He halted the new wall and invited millions of illegals to come into the United States. They’re allowed to go anywhere even though thousands have covid while he implements travel bans on US citizens. His “open border policy is allowing drug cartels, convicted pedophiles, even terrorists an easy way into the country. Harris and Pelosi are committing treason as they’re ignoring the majority of the people by putting their own special interests and pet projects first and the needs of the United States last.

Betty Rickmond (@guest_1179102)
1 year ago

All of this chaos in our country because
of illegal voting systems in at least 6 states.

jjofaz (@guest_1179104)
1 year ago

Biden and the dems have made an f’n mess of the boarder. It was all as neat and organized as could possibly be with cooperation from Mexico and POOF with a stroke of a pen and a gap of his mouth he & his cohorts made it CHAOS! Typical of the democrat party. Now they are going to take the vaccine and bribe Mexico w/it and deprive the American citizens of what is rightfully theirs. Robbing Peter to pay Paulo. Now didn’t Trump have this set up w/o the vaccine? Biden you are the epitome of your symbol…the donkey, but I’d shorten it to 3 letters starting with A and ending with S.

Jim (@guest_1179108)
1 year ago


WE THE PEOPLE (aka SILENT MAJORITY) had countless opportunities to have stopped this nightmare, but we chose to give the DEMOCRATS what they expected of us, to REMAIN SILENT! Thus, making us equally complicit in the fraud perpetrated against United States Americans!

Isn’t it time you actually did something, took action? How much more damage needs to be done?


BIDEN is completely UNFIT FOR OFFICE! Can you continue to tolerate gasoline prices, product prices all going up, the WH being run by Harris, Pelosi and Schumer?

Literally destroying our country, allowing thousand upon thousands of illegals into our country bringing in God knows what diseases?

Then copy and paste this information into an E-Mail and send to friends and family asking them to make the calls, then forward on to their friends asking them to make the calls and forward on! WE NEED TO MAKE THIS GO VIRAL!

Members of the House

Members of the Senate



Alex (@guest_1179114)
1 year ago

What might speak loudest to someone of Biden’s caliber is to put a good number of those illegals on chartered buses and send them to Washington DC, dump them, and leave the DEMONcraps with the mess to clean up.
Maybe they would wake up.

Randy Justice (@guest_1179136)
1 year ago

When are you fools going to learn that it doesn’t matter what we want, it’s what the liberal politicians want, and they know that the more wetbacks that are in our country, the better for them, they will very soon make it legal for them all to vote as long as they vote Democrat just like they rigged the elections to elect democrats into office in 2202. THESE PEOPLE THAT ARE IN “CHARGE” ARE CRIMINALS, PURE AND SIMPLE, THE SOONER WE GET USED TO IT, THE BETTER OFF WE ALL WILL BE !! UNTIL THERE ARE TERM LIMITS FOR ALL ELECTED OFFICES, THIS WILL CONTINUE AND THERE IS NOTHING ANYBODY CAN DO ABOUT IT, THEY HAVE HAD CENTURIES TO RIGG THE ENTIRE SYSTEM AND THEY KNOW IT !!!

Gary (@guest_1179138)
1 year ago

The Democrats argue that a wall is not the solution. I agree somewhat but it is the only safeguard in place until a fair solution is found. And based on the ignorance of those in DC, that solution make take decades if not longer. The proof is in the pudding. We now see more illegals coming to the border than in the past 20 years. That wasn’t happening under Trump and while the border wall was being built. So what went wrong? Biden went wrong. By stopping the wall from being built he gave everyone an opportunity to illegally enter this country. This mess is on the Democrats. Plain and simple.

rb (@guest_1179212)
Reply to  Gary
1 year ago

Spring of 2019 had 980,000 people cross into America illegally was that under Trumps watch,oh yea he was playing golf

Randy Justice (@guest_1179139)
1 year ago

When are you fools going to learn that it doesn’t matter what we want, it’s what the liberal politicians want, and they know that the more wetbacks that are in our country, the better for them, they will very soon make it legal for them all to vote as long as they vote Democrat just like they rigged the elections to elect democrats into office in 2020. THESE PEOPLE THAT ARE IN “CHARGE” ARE CRIMINALS, PURE AND SIMPLE, THE SOONER WE GET USED TO IT, THE BETTER OFF WE ALL WILL BE !! UNTIL THERE ARE TERM LIMITS FOR ALL ELECTED OFFICES, THIS WILL CONTINUE AND THERE IS NOTHING ANYBODY CAN DO ABOUT IT, THEY HAVE HAD CENTURIES TO RIGG THE ENTIRE SYSTEM AND THEY KNOW IT !!! TERM LIMITS, THE ONLY SOLUTION !!!!

Richard Myers (@guest_1179141)
1 year ago

Just showed you how uneducated the Democrats are they don’t even know the meaning of illegal

Joe from Georgia (@guest_1179174)
1 year ago

The people who let all of these illegal aliens into the USA need to pay for their upkeep out of their pockets. I paid to take care of my children without government help. It’s not the taxpayer’s responsibility. It’s who ever is responsible for letting these aliens in.

juliet konieczny (@guest_1179304)
1 year ago

the wall on our southern border is not a solution?……yes it is and it proved it while President Trump and Mexico worked together to stop the illegal invasions….also if walls aren’t the solution….why does this administration have a wall that was put up after the election overnight…..around the white house, etc…such hypocrisy…

Polly Mitchell (@guest_1179474)
1 year ago

I am so glad I reregistered Republican. It is a disgrace what Biden, Kamala and pilosi have given us in two short months. How much more do we have to put up with? I am 91 years old and I have seen a lot but nothing that compares to how our great nation is being destroyed. Please get these criminals out of power.

jean monfort (@guest_1179738)
1 year ago

i agree w/all the comments except one

Kay (@guest_1180041)
1 year ago

Biden & Pelosi both have big houses-maybe they should house them, since they opened up the border to let them come here. They could provide them with shelter & food. Finish the wall

Billy (@guest_1180105)
1 year ago

Biden/Harris taking us straight into a Dictatorship or Communist state . Which is it going to be?

Robert Snider (@guest_1180156)
1 year ago

Sadly we are losing our country because of the Democrats and their irrational policies and we can only blame ourselves for allowing the creation of an uneducated, ignorant electorate which has been promoted by looney college professors who do not live in the real world. Equally sad is the fact that we no longer have integrity or faith in our election system as that has been destroyed by the Democrats in congress.



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