May 17, 2022

GOP Idaho Gov. vows to reverse Lt. Gov’s ban on vaccine mandates

Idaho Republican Lt. Gov. Janice McGeachin signed an executive order Tuesday to extend the state’s ban on vaccine mandates while Gov. Brad Little was out of the state, with Little stating he will reverse the ban when he returns.

Little signed an executive order to ban vaccine passports in April. McGeachin’s order extended the ban to include K-12 schools and universities.

“Today, as Acting Governor, I fixed Gov. Little’s Executive Order on “vaccine passports” to make sure that K-12 schools and universities cannot require vaccinations OR require mandatory testing. I will continue to fight for your individual Liberty!” McGeachin tweeted.

Little responded with a tweet arguing he had not authorized the act and would reverse the order upon his return from Texas.

Some see McGeachin’s move as political. Both Little and McGeachin are running for governor of Idaho in 2022.

The conflict between the two state leaders may signal a larger battle in the days ahead as Little and McGeachin compete for the governor’s role over the next year. McGeachin has clearly positioned herself as the anti-vaccine conservative, standing out in an already conservative state.

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