October 3, 2022

GOP House candidate says he won’t ‘back down’ after ‘cowards’ vandalize home

As small business owners and government workers in cities across the country board up the windows and doors in preparation for potential acts of violent civil unrest following the upcoming election, some Americans are already experiencing a sneak preview of the left’s outrage.

According to the Washington Examiner, Republican Pennsylvania congressional candidate Sean Parnell tweeted images of his home this weekend, which was reportedly damaged by “cowards under the cover of darkness,” before saying that such tactics wouldn’t scare him from continuing his campaign.

The GOP candidate didn’t seem shaken, even a little, over the defacing of his property. He provided several statements on the unfortunate incident, with one to Townhall in which he called for peace and dignity.

“Hopefully, we all can respect our system of choosing our representatives in a peaceful and dignified way and no matter who we support and oppose, we do it with our vote, and not through destruction of property and violence to our fellow Americans,” Parnell wrote.

Parnell tweeted another update on Sunday, providing a picture of the campaign office for Rep. Mike Doyle (R-PA), which had also been vandalized with the same graffiti message.

Parnell, who happens to be a combat war veteran, having served as a member of the elite U.S. Army Rangers and recipient of the Purple Heart, is running a fierce race against Rep. Conor Lamb (D-PA) in Pennsylvania’s 17th Congressional District, where tensions are running high in the lead up to the General election.

The candidate picked up huge support earlier this year after President Donald Trump endorsed him in a May tweet, saying at the time that Parnell “has my Complete and Total Endorsement!”

Hopefully, Parnell won’t have to deal with any further vandalism or violence after the election is over, but something tells me that this hardened combat veteran always keeps his head on a swivel and is ready for anything that might come his way.


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