May 20, 2022

GOP governors push back against potential national COVID-19 lockdown

Public health advisers to Democrat nominee Joe Biden have openly floated a four to six-week national lockdown if Biden is ultimately declared the winner of the 2020 election.

However, Biden is already facing pushback from Republican governors that have declared they will not comply. Both South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem and Mississippi Gov. Tate Reeves have declared in recent days that they will not enforce a new COVID-19 lockdown regardless of Biden’s desires.

Noem — who never fully locked down her state even at the height of the pandemic — said on Friday that enforcement of a national lockdown or federal mask mandate is out of the question in her freedom-loving state.

A statement from Noem’s office provided to the Sioux Falls Argus Leader reads:

It’s a good day for freedom. Joe Biden realizes that the president doesn’t have the authority to institute a mask mandate. For that matter, neither does Governor Noem, which is why she has provided her citizens with the full scope of the science and trusted them to make the best decisions for themselves and their loved-ones.

Gov. Reeves issued a similar statement on Thursday, declaring that he won’t enforce any federally-mandated lockdowns in an effort to preserve his state’s economy.

“The people of Mississippi can’t just go home, shut down their small business, shut down their restaurants, shut down their gyms,” Reeves said. “And just think that you can come back six weeks from now, flip a switch, and everything’s gonna be fine. That’s not the way the economy works.”

Michael Osterholm, a University of Minnesota expert on infectious diseases and one of Biden’s potential coronavirus task force members, said last week that a strict four to six-week lockdown could control the spread of the virus and protect the economy.

Osterholm postulated that the federal government could bail out businesses forced to shut down yet again, pointing out Australia and New Zealand as the model for an ideal COVID-19 response.

Biden himself has spoken positively about national mask mandates and extended lockdowns to control the spread of COVID-19, putting much of the US on edge as the winner of last week’s election is decided.

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J. F. (@guest_1074327)
1 year ago

Biden can go fly a,ite for all I care. He’s a joke or puppet or both.

Mary (@guest_1074334)
1 year ago

A lockdown again will only further harm our economy . It will do nothing to stop this virus and wearing masks has proven to be ineffective . A vaccine is the only way . People cannot continue to be shutdown .

Kathy (@guest_1074395)
Reply to  Mary
1 year ago

Your comment is EXACTLY THE REASON THE LEFTOIDS ARE FORCING THE LOCKDOWN: TO HARM HONEST AMERICANS AND THEIR NATION. THE LEFT DESPISES OUR NATION AND OUR GOVERNMENT. I would LOVE for them to move to another nation….I want no part of them, neither today nor next year nor ever more.

Christiann (@guest_1074338)
1 year ago

Biden was bought and paid for by the Communist Chinese Party! We won’t see Chinese troops on American soil as long as President Trump is acclaimed and certified the winner for a 2nd term!!

William Trace (@guest_1074496)
Reply to  Christiann
1 year ago

If Chinese Troops come to America to start some crap, they’ll be carried out under a Chinese Flag, tourism is fine. Joe and his ex boss might let other nations push them around, but, “We the people” WILL NOT !!!!!!!

Dave Pokorny (@guest_1074339)
1 year ago

I’ll bet California is the only state that listens to Slow Poke Joe. Man do I hate this state. If I was still young and had the money I would move the hell out of here.

Carmelita Hughes (@guest_1074360)
Reply to  Dave Pokorny
1 year ago

Why can’t you move out of California? So many people have moved here in TN from other states including CA and NY. It’s so much cheaper to live here and people are friendlier and majority believe in God.

jjofaz (@guest_1074352)
1 year ago

When will they add the K to Jo e’s name? This is just so un-American. I hope they count those ballots quickly and see the REA results. MAGA 2020-2024 !!!!!

Darlene Brown (@guest_1074353)
1 year ago

Biden and Harris are both crazy idiots. He.she will NEVER be my president. They are delusional morons with a Marxist complex. (Put me on your hit list).

Kathy (@guest_1074397)
Reply to  Darlene Brown
1 year ago

You are as right as right can possibly be. Leftists cannot reason, cannot be rational, cannot live amongst normal humans….or they SHOULD NOT BE LIVING AMONG US.

Fran (@guest_1074365)
1 year ago

I totally agree with all of the above! No to a shutdown!!!!!

James (@guest_1074375)
1 year ago

Brain dead Biden what do you expect

James (@guest_1074377)
1 year ago

Demorats cheated we all no that, they will rot in hell

Alberto Rodriguez (@guest_1074385)
1 year ago

They vote by mail-in-ballot and vote again in person at the polls and the morons running the polls are allowing it! There needs to be re-vote across the entire country.

Kathy (@guest_1074403)
Reply to  Alberto Rodriguez
1 year ago

I totally AGREE!!!

Thomas Herbert Bray (@guest_1074449)
1 year ago

Just so all you out there know..if masks are not effective against wildfire smoke in CA as the CDC stated how in THE WORK CAN IT BE EFFECTIVE AGAINST a virus..oh yes it is called Covid. Sent a letter to Pres. Trump. Revoke all broadcasting licenses of any who were involved in Declaring Biden as President. Fine them $500,000 hail time min. 10 years no bail no reduced term. Might no happen again. Send the Ceos to Gitmo for treason. Execute or Harris and Biden and any co-conspirators… Oh yes Fauci, Clinton’s, Comey, Soros, Gates etc. Start with a clean slate. Permanetly behead all pedophiles… The little head first..wait a week or two then finish the kid. Just can’t rehabilitate these pervs. Do I hear an AMEN?

Deb Mull (@guest_1074535)
Reply to  Thomas Herbert Bray
1 year ago

AMEN!!! Totally agree!

Carl Mac (@guest_1074488)
1 year ago

WHY ARE WE EVEN ASKING BIDEN ANYTHING ? he hasn’t been elected yet TO ANYTHING ………. all he’s doing is flapping his jaws and showing the world what kind of misery he want’s to install on America, I don’t know about you but when I see that biden and harris behind a podium flapping their jaws I see a bleak future for America behind their false smiles I read their eyes well harris’s at least her eyes are open biden’s are slits can’t see them but I see a bleak future from them while on the other hand I see a bright future and a sense of accomplishment seeing president Trump behind the podium he and mike Pence have an aura of hope and a future a bright future and that is what I believe we will get a four year Trump future for America.

Jimbo (@guest_1074580)
1 year ago

Too bad the Supreme Court can’t step in and declare this election to be null and void. Then, make sure the only way to vote is in person or LEGAL ABSENTEE ballots. NO MAIL IN ballots other than legal absentee (which are REQUESTED) and NOT MAILED out to every registered voter.

Matt (@guest_1075596)
1 year ago

The worthless Republican governor of Iowa just declared new draconian measures. The GOP is weak and cowardly. Anyone who thinks the Republicans are going to protect them are living in a fantasyland.

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