September 26, 2022

GOP continues growth in Hispanic support, new poll shows

Republicans continue to increase Hispanic voter support according to a new report by Equis Research.

“By the middle of 2020, neither views on immigration [curbs] nor the role of Hispanic identity were showing a major effect on [Latino] vote choice,” the group said regarding its latest study.

“Among [Hispanic] independents and Democrats who voted for Trump, COVID was tops alongside economy: For Trump’s core Republican [Hispanic] following, economy was king,” it added.

The study from a left-leaning organization revealed that Trump’s border policies helped him win unexpected levels of Hispanic support in unlikely locations like Florida and South Texas.

“55% of Latinos favor more border spending, 51% favor limiting refugees/asylum, and 49% favor reducing *legal* immigration,” Nate Hochman tweeted.

“More than 40 percent of Latino voters across the country expressed concern that Democrats are embracing socialism and leftist policies,” according to the report, a number that may have Democrats rethinking strategies for the 2022 midterms.

Border security is an essential issue for Hispanic voters, and much more than Democrats had likely counted on, showing ways to perhaps turn the tide of the border crisis under President Joe Biden’s open border policies.




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