October 4, 2022

GOP Congressman petitions AG Barr to open investigation into Hunter Biden’s laptop

One of the biggest political scandals that never was — at least in the lead-up to the November 3 election — was one involving Hunter Biden and the explosive information obtained from one of his laptops that suggested he and his father, former Vice President Joe Biden, were involved in lucrative “pay-to-play” influence-peddling operation abroad.

According to Fox News, while the Biden family was probably relieved that the story was suppressed by the mainstream media at the time, they might soon have to worry again as Republican Rep. Ken Buck (R-CO) urged U.S. Attorney General Bill Barr in a letter to appoint a special counsel to investigate the Biden scandal.

Buck asked Barr in the letter to “appoint a Special Counsel to investigate Mr. Hunter Biden’s conduct and the contents of his laptop that is currently in the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s possession.”

The Colorado lawmaker argued that Americans deserve a conclusion to the investigation, especially as Joe Biden prepares to assume his position in the White House as there were many allegations that Biden is beyond compromised by China, America’s greatest adversary.

“This investigation is critical to defending the integrity of our republic and ensuring a potential Biden Administration will not be the subject of undue foreign interference,” Buck wrote.

Buck also argued that appointing a special counsel to investigate the case will allow the investigation to proceed, unimpeded, if Joe Biden and his administration take over the White House come January 20.

“Similar to when the DOJ appointed Special Counsel Robert S. Mueller III, it is critical that this investigation continue free from political interference, no matter who is in the White House,” Buck wrote.

As the Daily Caller reported, the last America heard about the bombshell scandal was when Tony Bobulinski — a former business partner of the Bidens — came forward in a shocking interview with Fox News’ Tucker Carlson where he confirmed that “the big guy” in the emails from Hunter Biden’s laptop was a reference to the elder Biden.

Joe Biden and his campaign officials have repeatedly denied that anyone in his circle, including his son, were involved in any wrongdoing in foreign countries.

With any luck, Barr will do the right thing and appoint a special counsel to ensure that this matter doesn’t get swept even further under the run in a Biden White House.


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