August 1, 2021

GOP clinches critical win in NH special election

Republican Bill Boyd won a New Hampshire House special election Tuesday in Merrimack, a small town carried by President Joe Biden during the 2020 election.

Town Councilor Bill Boyd defeated former Democrat state Rep. Wendy Thomas in the state’s first election since the 2020 cycle. The win adds to the Republican majority, now at 213-186.

The vacancy arose after the death of state Rep. Dick Hinch in December. He passed away at the age of 71 and was a veteran in the U.S. Navy.

Local outlet WMUR stated the race was “believed to be the most expensive special election in state history.” They reported an estimated $100,000 spent on the election.

2020 Congressional candidate Matt Mowers noted in the statement that he had hosted fundraisers with former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR), raising more than $15,000 for the New Hampshire GOP’s special election efforts.

State Republican Party Chair Stephen Stepanek congratulated Boyd on his victory.

“I want to thank Bill Boyd for stepping up to run to represent the citizens of Merrimack,” Stepanek said. “I want to thank Gov. Chris Sununu, the House Republican PAC and all of the New Hampshire groups who helped us.”

Boyd’s early victory stands as an encouragement to other Republicans considering a run in the state. The Republican victory also stands in contrast with President Joe Biden’s win in New Hampshire in 2020.


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51 Responses

    1. SUCK ON THAT DEMS. This is just an example of how even Liberals are starting too wake up and see just how bad the Democratic Party has become. The Dems know that they will be wiped out come 2022 and that is why they are trying to do all they can before then.

      1. And hopefully much of the damage the demon-crats have done to harm America and Americans can be repealed and/or dumped in the trash along with ALL of them in the very near future.! What a cast of delinquents they are!

    2. The demos haven’t learned one fundamental fact in any endeavor…..but then of course, they don’t think beyond their noses anyway. In politics, as in sports, TWO CAN PLAY THAT GAME !!!! The Republican Party will have to abandon their morals for a bit and learn how to cheat also. It shouldn’t be too hard after all they are politicians too.

    3. Why do you think they are all UOPSET over GA Law??? ……….. cheating is OUT OF THE WINDOW with those BUCKETS of HUMAN WASTE>>>> On to 2020 and 24 !!!!

    4. Absolutely True!! They are the crookedest group of unamerican politicians that have ever held office, and I personally am SICK of their CHEATING, LYING, and HURTING the country that has made them rich!! Look at what they did to try to ruin Justice Kavanaugh, with their crooked setup and lying “Dr.” who is NOT a doctor at all. She is a SOROS PUPPET, and an example of just how far the DUMBOCRAPS will go to,to LOAD UP THE GOVERNING COURT of our wonderful country, and TOTALLY RUIN THE SYSTEM THAT WAS BUILT TO PROTECT FROM THIS VERY ABORTION, and MUST BE STOPPED, NOW!!!!

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      The potential with this is endless…>>>>>>

    6. Unfortunately, so very true – I’d say this was a good indication of how the citizens really voted. This was too small an election for the dems to bother cheating with.

    7. I just told the same thing to my husband. Unless they cheat at voting and there are some stupid people that believe in what they are doing to our country, They are also illegals that are being paid to vote for them. By 2024 though there could be millions of them. They take us as neanderthal’s (per Joe) (I’m not sure if I spelled that right, so I guess I’m stupid)

  1. Good reporting on a specific election, and on how NH voted in 2020. The national voting public needs to see these details. Keep up the good work. Lynn

  2. Hoping Republicans make a major sweep after the current administration hurts everyone’s wallet, freedoms, among other things.

  3. How about we just dump ALL political parties and make all temporary contract job applicants apply, interview, and stand for selection as 100% independent job candidates – forcing them to run on their individual knowledge, skills, and abilities and not based on what political parties owned by dark outside interests need to insure their amoral control over OUR temporary contract employees.

  4. I just hope this person that won the seat os a true Republican/Conservative and not a turn coat like some others! We need more like Ted Cruz with BIG CAHONAS! Stand for what is rite!

  5. Need to stop the corupt Pelosi,s in trying to change voter rules .make it Stand .. no voter I’d. Then u cant vote.

  6. People are sick of the Democrat hypocrisy, lies, and cheating.
    We’ll be extremely lucky to make it to 2022 with all of our constitutional rights intact. Democrats are determined to destroy the Constitution of the United States, and America. Diluting our votes with illegal aliens, and killing off senior citizens with COVID-19, they may succeed.
    Democrats have China to thank for that; and something stinks to high heaven…I have a terrible feeling that they were colluding with China to infect as many Americans as possible. Thank God Trump did the travel ban when he did…think how many more would have died.


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