May 20, 2022

GOP Analyst: Biden’s promises of bipartisan legislation were ‘never going to work out’

Throughout the 2020 presidential campaign, Joe Biden was touted as a seasoned political dealmaker with a knack for reaching across the aisle in the spirit of bipartisan cooperation, and even after his election, he promised to “be a President for all Americans – whether [they] voted for me or not.”

However, just weeks into his first term, it has become apparent that substantive cooperation with Republicans was never really a serious priority for Biden and his team, as GOP strategist Ford O’Connell told the Washington Examiner.

Biden began his first term in what outwardly appeared to be a spirit of collaboration with colleagues on the other side of the political spectrum, meeting with a group of 10 Republican senators about the prospect of paring down the massive coronavirus relief package the president made a key priority upon taking office.

It did not take long, however, for it to become apparent that GOP support for the bloated “American Rescue Plan” would not materialize and that Biden was not particularly bothered by the fact, maintaining, “Look, the American people strongly support the bill. That’s the key.”

In an attempt to justify the lack of compromise on COVID-19 aid, White House press secretary Jen Psaki offered her own twist on the concept of bipartisanship, arguing that “it is not determined by a single zip code in Washington, D.C. It’s about where American people sit and stand, and a vast majority of the American people support the Rescue plan,” as the Examiner noted.

O’Connell goes on to explain that only a fraction of the coronavirus relief plan was designed to provide cash payments to strapped Americans and assist with public health needs, with much of the remainder going toward helping fiscally mismanaged blue states.

As such, he claims, the bill “never was intended to get bipartisan support,” and that Biden’s stated interest in consensus was illusory from the start.

Further evidence of Biden’s apparent disinterest in achieving legislative compromise and collaboration can be found in his embrace of the controversial “For the People Act,” a sweeping electoral overhaul measure also known as H.R. 1. Republicans have assailed the bill as “fundamentally rewriting the rules of American politics and campaign finance laws” to ensure that they can “control Congress and the White House for years to come.”

With increasing numbers of Democrats now pushing to end the legislative filibuster in the Senate to circumvent the otherwise inevitable defeat of H.R. 1 in the upper chamber, there can be little doubt that any prior pretense about consensus or unity on the part of Biden and his allies on the left was just that.

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Stephen Russell (@guest_1167904)
1 year ago

Dump the RINOs & Never Trumpers can Help
Purge RINOs from party alone
Reform rebrand RNC or lose 2022

George Harding (@guest_1167918)
Reply to  Stephen Russell
1 year ago

EXACTLY….but can we survive until we get it all done?

Redtaile (@guest_1167932)
Reply to  Stephen Russell
1 year ago

To begin with, never trust what dem/ or rino politician says. Always trust what that person does, which is usually to screw the taxpayer.

JIM (@guest_1167974)
Reply to  Stephen Russell
1 year ago

The democrats are not really the problem, they are too stupid to worry about. But the filthy rich traitors are buying everything they need to win. When you can steal an election that you lost by millions of votes with everybody watching, that is money power.

Richard Manfredi (@guest_1168028)
Reply to  Stephen Russell
1 year ago

Same committee , House and Senate , Repukes have to learn to talk to each other. There is no coordination . For 2016- 2018 ,they did nothing, and now we are all paying for it.
If we have the Presidency , there ought to be some order in what is done , just like a project around the house .
RINOS HAVE TO GO ! The Repukes have been stopped on the 99 yard line too DAMN OFTEN BY A RINO .

Gary Von Neida (@guest_1168250)
Reply to  Stephen Russell
1 year ago

This should have been done four Years ago—closing the barn door once the cows are gone, so to speak.

Connie (@guest_1170511)
Reply to  Stephen Russell
1 year ago

In other words we should all be scumbag Demnorats. I say no!

Ray Valentine (@guest_1167905)
1 year ago

BIDUM as well as HR1, both need to go into the Trash Heap of Oblivion!

Dan F. (@guest_1167906)
1 year ago

So……….what’s new !!!!!!! How can you tell if a politician is lying ? Are their lips moving !!!!

BigAlt (@guest_1167910)
Reply to  Dan F.
1 year ago

What a bunch of crap from the UnAmerican Digest.

Andrew Casler (@guest_1167921)
Reply to  BigAlt
1 year ago

LOL. Loser.

DD (@guest_1167916)
1 year ago

OH GOD, WHAT A TRAIN WRECK IN THE FIRST 100 DAYS!!! Can it get any WORSE, ANSWER……”YES”. We goin down the TOILET DRAIN with the DEMWITTS!!!

RC (@guest_1168415)
Reply to  DD
1 year ago

It can get a LOT worse. Invoke the 25th Amendment, Kamala Harris becomes president with Nancy Pelosi as vice president. Biden is an absolute moron who probably has trouble remembering his own name and he’s a communist. But Harris and Pelosi? I’ve heard people say, “God will look out for us.” God is probably standing with his hands in his pockets looking down on us and saying, “You idiots got yourselves into that mess so get yourselves out. I’m busy elsewhere.”

MICHAEL (@guest_1167917)
1 year ago

For over 4 years we would hear how President Trump was a lier 24 hours a day 7 days a week yet this dumbnut Bitme has not spoken the truth once, yet as always, the media says nothing. I really hope that very soon Bitme will meet his maker which I am sure is Satan. BYRN IN HELL!!!

Wanda S Gregory (@guest_1168152)
Reply to  MICHAEL
1 year ago

The media is owned by Nazi’s like George Soros who has been banned from several countries for trying to push a communist regime. Soros’ Foundation has paid for the education of teachers who are indoctrinating our children to their attitudes. Soros paid for the education of district attorneys as well, hence the double standards used to press charges the last few years. He owns large share in different media outlets. Soros’ is related by marriage to some top Democrats. Research Soros.

Roy Fredrichsen (@guest_1168182)
Reply to  Wanda S Gregory
1 year ago

Unfortunately it appears that the only recourse we have is a second revolution to throw the illegal rascals out of Washington D.C. and re-install the Constitutional government we used to have.

George Harding (@guest_1167922)
1 year ago

When does the REVOLUTION begin?!

Ron padilla (@guest_1167997)
Reply to  George Harding
1 year ago

Soon I hope

Patriot 101 (@guest_1167923)
1 year ago

Donald Trump is driving out any Republicans with a sense of morality and the courage to do the right thing.

Trump’s Republican Party is not the “Republican Party” and will lose big in 2022.

clemmei rourk (@guest_1167930)
Reply to  Patriot 101
1 year ago

If Donald Trump is keeping you from being a republican, we are better off without you. Biden is a doosh and anyone with a right mind can see it . I am sorry for you.

VICTORIA CHICK (@guest_1168026)
Reply to  clemmei rourk
1 year ago


David (@guest_1168061)
Reply to  clemmei rourk
1 year ago

I Don’t feel sorry for people who voted for biden, I feel sorry that those who didn’t. Those biden voters who believed him that you would get all kinds of free stuff should feel as stupid as he is. In 47 years he did nothing but collect a paycheck and steal what he could and you thought he would do anything but rip us off with his cronies. Congratulations you got what you voted for, now I hope you all chock on it. MORONS

William Flynn (@guest_1167970)
Reply to  Patriot 101
1 year ago

President Trump has been telling the truth since day 1. All of the lies that’s been told has come from the left. Anybody that’s been paying attention knows this. The one thats been telling the truth is the one that exemplifies good morals since you brought morals up. The Republican Party has an extremely popular future presidential candidate named President Trump and they better stick with him.

RB (@guest_1168214)
Reply to  William Flynn
1 year ago

Morals ,Trump is only about Trump.Remember Trump once and done

patti miller (@guest_1168067)
Reply to  Patriot 101
1 year ago

You are no Patriot!

Mike (@guest_1168231)
Reply to  Patriot 101
1 year ago

You suck!!

ted (@guest_1168233)
Reply to  Patriot 101
1 year ago

Are you hanging a wet DREAM?

graceythecat (@guest_1167926)
1 year ago

Never believe a communist controlled democRAT!

Buff (@guest_1167927)
1 year ago

If HR1 goes through it sure seems like taxation without representation if they expect Americans to fund their asinine campaigns. In fact we haven’t been represented in any of the crazy bills and executive orders that pinhead joe has signed.

Karole Conaway (@guest_1167938)
1 year ago

Today, 3/9/2021, Cheating, lying biden has stated he is going to take American citizen’s homes and give them to illegal aliens. President Trump won another term and the fake in our White House has undone all of the good President Trump did in his first term.

Mike (@guest_1168236)
Reply to  Karole Conaway
1 year ago

With any luck he won’t be around long on this earth and we’ll have to tolerate an inexperienced lackey until 2022 then start our comeback which if done right will never allow a Dem president for 20 years.

Jamie (@guest_1167941)
1 year ago

We do not have an elected official. Our freedom of elections was taken away. Ballots thrown in the dich, computer software corruption, ballots at the postoffice destroyed. We must take back our country. This Joey dude can not take power unless we grant it. Just like Nazi Germany could not have doen the horrific things that they did without the concensus of the people. Resist this terrible un elected president, do not follow his rules. We the peopple must stand up to the corruption. I am an AMerican Navy veteran and will not lay down and let this corruption run over me. Deport the illegals. Do what is right, not what the leftist want. Do not give paayments to the illegals. Stop doing this shlkdflknij094859ujt. Do NOT follow this misrepresentation of Government resist and help over throw them. JOey must go to start with.

Mike (@guest_1168238)
Reply to  Jamie
1 year ago

Right on!!!!!!!!

Billy (@guest_1167943)
1 year ago

TERM LIMITS NOW—Have new elections for all of house and senate NOW and start fresh–Then get rid of them from time to time by limits. NO more career politicians to get rich off our backs. WE will pay for all the useless things the DemocRATS just voted in. Get rid of them now–all of them!!!

Roger Yaste (@guest_1167949)
1 year ago

When Democrats talk bipartisanship and compromise they mean “you will do it our way or you can go on down the road”. They have operated this way for the past eighty years when they have the majority.

SALLY (@guest_1167957)
1 year ago

It’s unfortunate that the rioters didn’t burn the Capitol to the ground. It’s too good for the people we have in our government.

MICHAEL (@guest_1167958)
1 year ago

PATRIOT 101? Lol, what a joke. It should be LIBERAL LOSER 101.

Roy Miller (@guest_1167959)
1 year ago

Sleepy was a liar before, during, and will be afterwards. But Revelations 21 says there is a place in hell for all liars. AMEN.

Robert Glade (@guest_1167961)
1 year ago

Surprise, Surprise – Biden lied.
He is a counterfeit resident of the White House.
Bi partisan has always meant “My way or the Highway” to Democrats.
Biden hates America and Americans.
Biden is not nor will ever be my President.
Biden needs to be abotrted.

Gary m (@guest_1167966)
1 year ago

How would Psaki know what the people would want, did she ask anyone? Did Biden ask anyone? Did any Democrat ask anyone? Democrat idea of bipartisanship is a consensus, of who, who did they ask? It was not the people. Just who are these idiots trying to fool. There is no consensus here, just the Democrats trying to ram through a bunch of trash on the people. Trash that we will be paying for, for the next 2 or 3 generations. This is not right and needs to be stopped.

horntex (@guest_1168202)
Reply to  Gary m
1 year ago

How can you go around telling people you have a mandate when everyone knows the vote was supposedly 50-50. If you believe that you have a mandate, you’re living a lie.

Marie (@guest_1167977)
1 year ago

Biden and Harris need to be impeached and any Democrat that can not stand for America and our Constitution need to go to. Call, write and email you Representatives Senators daily until we get results. Write to the supreme Court about the treason committed in the election. Urge them to rethink there decision to not look into the election fraud before our country goes down in flames.
US Supreme Court, 1 First Street NE, Washington, DC 20543
You cannot call or email — you must write a letter!!!
Members of the House
Members of the Senate

horntex (@guest_1168207)
Reply to  Marie
1 year ago

Only a self-serving power-hungry thief would violate or attempt to change the Constitution.

RB (@guest_1168459)
Reply to  horntex
1 year ago

Your can only be talking about Trump

Beverly Padjune (@guest_1168587)
Reply to  Marie
1 year ago

How do I email my senator???

tom matt (@guest_1167986)
1 year ago

The GOP keeps promoting the view that they are the opposition and that may well be the case if the “first count of the $ money ” is the issue .>They were in the majority in 2016 and go back and look what their actions were .>>Congress is a CLUB and both Parties share in major benefits for it’s members . A President can remain in office for 2 -4 year terms . They ,like the Supreme Court can stay a life-time . There are few circumstances where there is any real differences in “how they operate ” as real opposition . Look at All the tax returns & financial information related to them and their families and one can see “what the real deal is ” ? The “sheep ” need to wake up and determine where this Nation is headed ! Term Limits for Congress & the Supreme Court OR remove the TERM LIMITS on the POTUS !!! It is getting LATE !!>><<

judith (@guest_1167987)
1 year ago


Zorro (@guest_1168252)
Reply to  judith
1 year ago

You need to chill out why are you shouting? How do you know what God is thinking? Go back on your meds.

Billy (@guest_1168035)
1 year ago

J. Biden and his helpers started on day to reverse all of Trump’s achievements . Now they want to basicly say that only Democrat’s can hold offices with Pelosi’s HR1 bill. This seems to me to be a try a communism with them in charge; first they have to take or outlaw all guns they do not control, while they have security with guns against us. When will this be reversed?

harry crowell (@guest_1168206)
1 year ago

How can any bright person not understand that for many years there is no difference between any democrat’s when it comes to voting in Congress. There is never any Democrat voting with the Republicans. there are several Republicans that do vote with the Democrats but they are really RINOS.
Biden just gets along very well with his lies and the media never notices he is lying.

Lou Myers (@guest_1168310)
1 year ago


Jono (@guest_1168394)
1 year ago

I think many of the dem reps and Sens are a bunch of cowards.. I can’t believe that in their hearts and minds they agree with half the awful policies that are being forced down the throats of the citizens of this country!! It seems they won’t be happy until we look like Venezuela, Los Angeles and all the other third world places around the globe….

Ron Moore (@guest_1168621)
1 year ago

Realize that what we are experiencing is not the real Biden…sorry to say, it is a man with (at the least) Dementia Precox, (0r worse) advancing stage of Dementia. Even though I have always disliked his politics during his younger days…he was far more to being a centrist and working across the isle to be more fair-minded. Now he is a shell of his former self…loss of mental capacity and a puppet of the radical left ajenda. God help us when Kamela takes complete control of the Presidency and instigates her complete radical adgenda. Think its bad now…JUST WAIT AND SEE WHAT’S SOON TO COME!!!

Ron Moore (@guest_1168622)
1 year ago

I meant advancing stage of Alzheimer!

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