October 3, 2022

Good news about COVID-19 in the US

Listening to top epidemiologist Dr. Anthony Fauci and the mainstream media will convince anyone that the COVID-19 epidemic in the US could disrupt our lives indefinitely, but less biased sources are telling a startlingly different story about the current progress of the “China” virus in the US.

COVID-19 antibody testing in the US reveals that the number of coronavirus cases in the US is far greater than the “official” number of confirmed cases, and the CDC just revealed that it is even considering dropping COVID-19’s “epidemic” classification because of it. 

This is good news because a greater number of cases compared to the number of COVID deaths yields a much smaller death rate. The New York Times headline reporting on the good news read: “Actual Coronavirus Infections vastly Undercounted, C.D.C. Data Shows,” implying that the situation is direr than we thought, but it’s simply not true.

The mainstream media is not talking about the real facts because the facts do not support their fearmongering narrative. From all indicators, they believe that Americans should stay home, schools should remain closed, and by all means necessary, President Trump’s rallies should never happen.

Despite the picture that the Times attempts to paint, the CDC is almost ready to remove the “epidemic” label from COVID-19 in the US. According to the CDC, an “epidemic” is “an increase, often sudden, in the number of cases of a disease above what is normally expected in that population in that area.”

But the COVID-19 death rate has been falling in the US  for the last 10 weeks, even as cases increase in the population, and antibody test results reveal an even greater number of cases never diagnosed.

Even the increase in new confirmed cases reveals that the virus is sweeping through younger, less vulnerable Americans which explains the decreasing death rate while the number of cases increases.

All of these things are good news about COVID-19 in the US and should encourage people to get back to living. Schools should reopen, and people should be allowed to go back to work and reopen their businesses.

All of these things are bad news for Democrats and the MSM that need death and fear to control the American people. They will soon have to find some other way to terrify Americans.


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